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HOA Platform

Our all-in-one HOA Platform lets you handle your tasks from one platform and streamlines the entire process of HOA management. We know how difficult management can be; hours are spent collecting data, fixing excel sheets, checking and re-checking payments. However, with Raklet’s great variety of features, it doesn’t need to be so difficult anymore!

With our discussion boards, you can improve communication between HOA members. From our easy-to-use platform, you can automate service requests and follow up on tasks easily. You can collect payments, fees and not worry about keeping track of them manually, as the platform will do it for you.

Launch your free Homeowners Association Platform today and find solutions to your HOA problems!

HOA Platform

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HOA Platform

HOA Accounting Software: Top 5 [Ranking]

What is an HOA Accounting Software? “HOA” stands for “Homeowner’s Association”, a type of association managing common or shared properties. Members of this association pay regular fees for services and quality living standards. So, HOA accounting comes with a lot

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hoa websites for easier management
HOA Platform

5 Best HOA Websites for Easier Management

A good HOA software is necessary to digitally run your homeowner’s association in a smooth way. This blog post will explore what qualities a good HOA website should have, and 5 of the best HOA website alternatives for you to

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