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In order to create a digital shop to sell products directly to customers and expand their reach, many businesses nowadays need to connect to an eCommerce platform like BigCommerce. You can automate your procedures and link two applications easily with the integration of BigCommerce and Raklet. 


As a provider of B2C and B2B commerce solutions, BigCommerce is one of the most reputable.
As a provider of B2C and B2B commerce solutions, BigCommerce is one of the most reputable.

BigCommerce is eCommerce software used by companies all over the world. It is the foundational online shop builder that underpins hundreds of digital stores. BigCommerce offers a full collection of eCommerce capabilities out of the box, allowing you to scale your digital sales strategy and expand your business.

BigCommerce is built for businesses of all sizes, and its clients include some of the world’s top corporations. Customers in a variety of businesses include Toyota, Rand McNally, Ben & Jerry’s, Whataburger, and PayPal Here.

With BigCommerce, you can:

  • Experience adaptable, future-proof technology that is designed to operate with your present tools.
  • Improve the B2B eCommerce experience by using automatic customer and pricing segmentation.
  • Create and customize multiple storefronts with the simple drag-and-drop visual editor.

Let’s explore some of the features of BigCommerce which allows you to build and grow online shops: 

Single-Page Checkout

A simple checkout process is critical for conversions. Every step a buyer takes toward the final purchase is a chance for a diversion or a change of heart.

BigCommerce has designed a straightforward, single-page checkout that eliminates distractions and enhances the probability that customers will finish the transaction.

Coupons & Gift Certificates

All BigCommerce plans come with a great range of tools that store owners can utilize to drive sales and build customer loyalty. A versatile discount system enables you to provide customized purchasing incentives based on predefined criteria. Coupons are included in all BigCommerce plans. A promo code can be used to entice people to join a newsletter or create a member account.

Ratings & Reviews

BigCommerce features a simple way of collecting client feedback and ratings. This system may be activated and made available on any product page with a simple click. You may configure reviews for human or automated approval, and you can configure management to assist prevent spam.

Raklet’s BigCommerce Integration 

Raklet is mainly focused on building a platform for association management where your members may connect with one another. We assist you in running your membership-based organization by providing robust CRM and engagement-promoting tools such as event management and email marketing. There are, however, excellent solutions for selling real or digital things on your site. We can absolutely interface with eCommerce apps, however, if you want a native solution, BigCommerce is a good option.

You can easily automate tasks with Zapier. Zapier seamlessly transfers data across your online apps, allowing you to focus on your most critical tasks.

You can integrate Raklet and BigCommerce by following these steps: 

  1. Authenticate BigCommerce and Zapier.
  2. Then select one of the applications as a trigger, which will start your automation.
  3. Select a resulting action from the other app.
  4. Finally, choose whatever data you wish to send from one app to the other.

That’s all. With Raklet integration, you can now enjoy BigCommerce’s intuitive interface and automated operations.


Raklet offers a variety of features for customizing and improving community management.
Raklet offers a variety of features for customizing and improving community management.

Raklet is an easy-to-use membership management solution. You may use Raklet to build your own all-in-one membership management platform to engage with your community in a meaningful way online. In addition to Zoom, Raklet has over 3,000 connectors to help with community management. Raklet features like free CRM, event management, and customizations enable you to:

  • Keep track of your members,
  • Gather necessary member information,
  • Import and export member profiles,
  • Update member profiles.

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