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Gym Management Platform

Raklet is an all-in-one gym management platform that caters to gyms, fitness and health clubs, yoga studios, and more. Our powerful CRM can help keep your gym members content while also growing your business. Easily import member information from different data sources easily, and create extensive membership profiles. You can also export these and analyze the real-time member data of your gym. Customize and publish digital gym membership cards to reflect your branding. Track member activity and payments, and send targeted messages to members from a single platform. Create a custom membership form and accept online membership applications –either automatically or manually. Form different tiered membership plans and collect one-time or annual membership payments. With our website integrations and branded mobile application for both the members and the admins of the gym; it is easy to stay connected on the move.

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Gym Management Platform

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software for small yoga studios
Gym Management Platform

Software for Small Yoga Studios 

If you are running a yoga studio, you are well aware of the tasks you have to deal with on a regular basis. You have to arrange appointments, organize events, register new clients, collect payments, and more. It can be

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