Analytics Integrations

Raklet integrates with thousands of apps and Analytics is one of top focused areas. You can find Raklet integrations for Analytics below.


Auryc allows you to surface real-time insights with powerful visual context across all of your digital eCommerce journeys.


Fleetilla provides a way to connect to our real-time GPS tracking and management solutions like FleetFACTZ and FleetOrb9.

Foqum Read

Foqum Read is a tool to organize and extract information from text sources using Artificial Intelligence (in particular Natural Language Processing).


FullStory is a digital experience analytics platform that uses session replay and other tools to give you valuable insights into your user's experiences.


Happierleads is a B2B Web Analytics platform, which turns your website visitors to hot sales leads by revealing important information about them.

Hey, Skip!

Hey, Skip! is an advanced URL short-link service for individuals and collaborative teams.


Traditional web analytics tools help you analyze traffic data. But numbers alone can’t tell you what users really do on your site — Hotjar will.


Howuku is a UX testing tool to help business collects feedback and records user behavior.

I Done This

I Done This makes it easy to track and celebrate the progress that you and your colleagues make at work every day. We email you at day's end and ask, "What'd you get done today?" Just reply. The next morning, you'll get a digest that shows your team's accomplishments from yesterday. Start a conversation and share your thanks.


MonkeyLearn is a Text Analysis platform that allows you to classify and extract actionable data from raw texts like emails, chats, webpages, documents, tweets and more! You can classify texts with custom tags like sentiment or topic, and extract any particular data like organizations or keywords.


Octoboard builds real-time office TV dashboards, online client portals, automated reports and AI data analytics platform for sharing cloud data with team members, management and clients.

OMG Sales Assessments

Objective Management Group's (OMG) Sales Candidate Assessment is a sales-specific screening tool that provides an analysis of a candidate's skills, strengths and capabilities, and recommends whether to move forward with an interview.


Pendo is an extension of your product that captures user behavior, gathers feedback, and guides users.


PostHog is robust, open-source product analytics letting you keep your data at bay.


Prodsight helps teams manage customer feedback by automatically analyzing it for topics and sentiment.

Quora Lead Gen Forms

Quora Lead Gen Forms help businesses and Quora users exchange valuable information with each other through pre-filled forms.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools helps your fowl SEO skills.


ReportGarden helps online ad agencies create performance reports, invoices, manage campaign budgets and site audits.


Rylee is a platform that helps sellers to grow their business.


Data exploration and reporting tool to create pivot tables, charts, tabular reports.


SegMetrics gives you clarity on where your leads come from, how they act, and how much your marketing is really worth.


SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals.


Tenzo is a data management platform for restaurant and retail. We aggregate all forms of data, and then help you turn it into value

TruConversion Connect

Integrate TruConversion and get results in your favorite App. You get access to all the best conversion optimization and analytics tools including Heatmaps, Visitor Session Recordings, Conversion funnels, MicroSurvey, Customer Surveys and Form Analytics.


Weekdone weekly progress reports for managers and internal communication for teams.


Quickly see the progress your team is making. Connect a chat integration to get real-time status updates from your team. Each morning we send an email with what was done the previous day. Easily customize what time your email digest is sent and work seamlessly across timezones.

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