CRM Integrations

Raklet integrates with thousands of apps and CRM is one of top focused areas. You can find Raklet integrations for CRM below.


10xCRM can replace your office phone system and add the functionality of Text and Emails. All communication by your team is automatically logged for future reference and compliance.


17hats is a premiere business platform that provides you with a suite of business solutions to help organize, systemize, and grow your business.


1CRM allows you to organize a large part of your business within a single web application, and access that information at any time or place.


3Sigma is a CRM application and one stop solution to manage your leads in realtime from different resources.


4Degrees is a relationship development tool that helps professionals build stronger, more rewarding networks.

90-Day Sales

90-Day Sales is an easy-to-use CRM that features gamification through a Scoreboard that tracks your sales activities.


AccuLynx is a cloud based roofing software application designed to help contractors manage and grow their business.


Collaborate with your team to stay up-to-date on the latest contacts and automate best practice sales processes.


Actionstep is a Legal Practice Management Solution for Law firms.


ActivRDV is a tool to manage your meetings with new prospects


Affinity is a collective intelligence CRM, helping you keep track of the people and organizations in your network.


AFRUS means Acquisition, First Donation, Recruitment, Upgrade, Socializing. We help you to receive donations and process with all the information of your leads


AgencyZoom is a sales and automation software specifically made for P&C insurance agents.


Agendize is a customer engagement platform that offers easy appointment booking, contact management, live chat and call-tracking.


Agendor is a sales improvement platform with web and mobile version designed for Brazilian companies with long sales cycles.

Agent 3000

Agent 3000 provides a Website, IDX, CRM and all the necessary marketing tools a REALTOR needs.

Agent Legend

Agent Legend is an automated, multi-channel marketing tool.


AgentBright is a relationship marketing platform for real estate agents.


Agentcis is a business management application for Education and Migration Agencies that goes beyond currently available CRM platforms.


AgentLocator connects agents with buyers and sellers.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM offers contact management, marketing automation, telephony, analytics, web engagement, real-time alerts and social suite. Track, nurture, and sell like a pro.

Alert Communications

Alert Communications is a call center specializing in customized legal intakes.


Alfred is an automation software & CRM for Linkedin and Gmail.

Ally Hub

Ally Hub is a tool that simplifies the administration process of companies dealing with international travel education around the world.

Alore CRM

Alore CRM is an AI-powered CRM that works 24x7 behind the scenes to do all your trivial work, so you can focus on what really matters.


Ambassador gives any company the tools to turbo-charge their referral program, turning their customers into brand Ambassadors. Use Ambassador to easily create, track & manage custom incentives that drive referrals and evangelize your users. It's as simple as pasting a javascript snippet or can be seamlessly integrated via API.

Send real personalized greeting cards and gifts in seconds.


amoCRM is a messaging-powered CRM that helps you engage with your customers on a whole new level. It's a versatile, cloud-based sales automation tool that enables you to manage leads and monitor your sales pipeline in only a few clicks.

amoCRM (Legacy)

AmoCRM is a simple, easy-to-use Lead Management Software designed to save you time and money. It helps you manage leads and monitor your sales pipeline in only a few clicks.


Amped is an intelligent sales automation tool that enhances productivity, streamlines process, and empowers your sales teams to close more and increase retention.


andcards is a member-first coworking space software to organize bookings, services and communication.


Angaza is a business solution designed for last-mile distributors of products and services in emerging markets. Angaza allows you to unlock new markets and sell more products — from solar lighting systems to clean cookstoves.


AntEater helps teams on Gmail, Outlook and Slack keep track of activity with prospects, customers, vendors & partners with AI.

AppsForOps Timeline

AppsForOps Timeline is a game changing Customer Success software platform. Customer Success - powered by being in the know. It provides next level visibility on customer activity spanning your organisation's people, processes and systems. It allows you to easily see the whole picture and act on what matters most.

Arthur Online

Arthur Online is a property management solution like no other. It brings together in one place property managers, tenants, contractors, agents and owners. Available on your phone, tablet, and computer, Arthur Online is accessible anywhere at any time giving you freedom and flexibility in how you manage your properties.


Attach is a sales engagement tool that lets you manage, track and control the sales collateral you share.


Attio is a CRM platform designed to be a collaborative space for teams' workflows and relationships.


The Sales and Marketing platform - featuring fully integrated CRM, Email Marketing, and Marketing Automation - 100% tailored for small businesses.


Autotask provides an IT business management solution that combines service desk, CRM, projects, time and expense, billing and more.


Axelor is a service provider that manage online accounting and product sale.


Axonaut is a CRM and more: follow your customer from before the first contact, beginning at the marketing campaign, though negotiations, billing, bank reconciliation.


Real Estate Software for individual and enterprise level realtors which will help you to provide real estate services in more efficiently and effectively than ever before

BackNine Insurance

BackNine is a tech enabled general agency geared towards selling life insurance that enables its users with a free to use CRM and online quoting software.

Badger Maps

Badger Maps is a sales productivity and planning app for outside salespeople.


Bappo is a cloud platform that enables normal people to create integrated business applications quickly.


Bark is a world-leading services marketplace with over 5m customers in 6 countries across the globe.


Batchbook is a social CRM. It has all the standard features of a CRM plus it can take in Twitter streams, Facebook updates, RSS feeds and more.


BatchDialer is a predictve dialing software for sales teams


Beacon is the modern CRM for charities. It's easy to use, cloud-based, and flexible enough for anything.


A free real estate CRM for Loan Officers and Realtors that organizes, categorizes and communicates to your database for more referrals.


Keep tabs on your contacts, automatically follow up on them, and track your marketing with smart insights in BenchmarkONE's simple CRM.

Bigin by Zoho CRM

Bigin is a sales pipeline management software that lets you manage deals, track activities and keep all the interactions with your contacts at one place.


birdsnest is a performance management and relationship growth tool for agencies.


HR Software for all your Human Capital Management needs employee records, onboarding, PTO & attendance, performance reviews, applicant tracking system.

Block Party

Block Party is an open house iPad/tablet app for Real Estate agents that enables agents to capture potential buyers' contact info.


Bloobirds is a Lead Management System that helps Sales team to apply an effective sales methodology.


The all-encompassing business solution. See how Bloom's marketing CRM + project management software makes managing your business 10x easier.


Bmby is an all-inclusive system for managing all the marketing, sales, customer relations, and customer service.


BoomTown is a software platform designed to help real estate professionals generate leads, manage contacts, and run their business better.


BoondManager is an ERP made for Consultancy and Services company. It helps you manage your recruitment, HR, CRM, Projects, Timesheets, Expenses, Leaves Balance and Billing!


Booqable is a rental software platform that helps you manage rentals, keep track of inventory, and optimize your customer experience.


Boostapp is a leading all-in-one stop platform for manage memberships, sales and marketing.


Brivity is a cloud-based CRM platform for real estate professionals & brokerages.


Broadly helps your business get great reviews and grow word-of-mouth.


Unsere Softwarelösungen vereinen das Beste von CRM und Marketing Automation und überzeugen als intelligente und benutzerfreundliche Helfer.

Building Stack

Building Stack is an all-in-one property management software that helps you; manage tenants, collect rent payments and resolve work orders.


Bulbul is a CRM that helps you organize and track your deals. Everything is stored in a tidy timeline so that you don’t miss anything about a deal.

Bullhorn CRM

Bullhorn provides cloud-based CRM solutions for companies in service-based industries. Its data capture and customer insight technology puts the most up-to-date and powerful information at users' fingertips to give them everything they need to win customers and keep them happy.

Capsule CRM

Capsule is an online CRM for managing contacts, tasks and sales opportunities. Add tasks, track communication logs, and close deals in your pipeline faster with Capsule.

Captisa Forms

Captisa Forms is an online form builder with cloud database storage.


CareTree is used by both professionals and families to create a central healthcare record for a patient and have one place for everyone to communicate about that patient’s care needs.


CATS is an applicant tracking system. Manage the entire tracking process from posting jobs to leading job boards and social networks to generating customized reports. Collect applications with the hosted career portal and find the right candidates with searching capabilities.


Channeltivity is a user-friendly Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution that includes everything for a successful channel program.


Chekkit is a review management and messaging tool for local business.


Chime is a product of the technology company Chime Technologies, which offers a complete tech solution for real estate agents. is an app which allows you to easily manage text message, pre-recorded, and live phone calls from your browser.


CINC is a CRM for top-producing real estate brokers and agents, providing an integrated buyer lead generation and management solution.


A modern community platform for creators.


Cleanetto is the smart software for the modern cleaning company.

Clevertim CRM

Clevertim is an online contact manager and simple, easy to use CRM for small businesses.


Clicfans brinda un servicio de automatización (CRM) y además te permite crear páginas. is a powerful crm that helps you grow your business

Client Dispute Manager

Client Dispute Manager is an online Credit Repair Business Software.


Clientify is a marketing and sales automation platform to easily grow your business. It includes all the marketing tools, in just one place


Clientjoy is Client Life-Cycle Management Software for Modern Agencies that helps you manage Leads, Proposals, Clients, Invoicing and Revenues under a single roof.


ClientSuccess is customer success platform that helps retain and grow existing customer bases.


ClinchPad is a modern sales CRM built for small teams.


Clio is a practice management platform that helps lawyers work more efficiently by making it easy to do tasks like tracking time, managing matters, and generating invoices.


Close is a sales productivity platform built to help you close more deals. With built-in calling, SMS, and email—your team can communicate with prospects and customers all in one place. It’s an "all-in-one" platform which you can use standalone without needing any other sales emails tools or calling products.

Cloud Attract

Cloud Attract is a lead capture tool to attract buyers and sellers with beautiful landing pages that automatically respond with a home valuation, CMA, or listing alerts.


Cloudi-Fi enhance your Guest experience while accessing your Wifi networks.


Cloze is like a personal assistant for your professional relationships that is always prompting you at the right moment, and remembering what you don’t. It’s the no-work way to see everything about your contacts in one place. Email, phone calls, meetings, notes, follow-ups and social.

Club Management 4 U

Club Management 4 U is a Club Management Application to help you manage the full customer journey of all of your leads and customers no matter what type of sports club you run.

Club OS

The gym and studio management software you need to sell more memberships and keep more members.


Clubworx is a gym management application.

Coaching Loft

Coaching Loft is a platform that helps coaches manage and organize their practices to deliver a fluent coaching experience to their clients.

College Aid Pro

College Aid Pro is a college planning software for financial advisors to assist college-bound families.


Commissionly is the cloud based sales commission software focused solely on the small to medium business sector.


CompanyHub is a highly customizable CRM that you can customize, write custom logic, and create automated alerts for and more without a single line of code.

ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage is a business management platform designed to successfully run and grow your technology business.

Consent Kit

Consent Kit is an all-in-one research governance platform.


Grow your most important asset, relationships, and enhance your real estate work with Contactually’s CRM that brings together your email and contacts, helps you know when to reach out to individuals, and maintain your relationships with direct and automated messages.

Contractors Cloud

Contractors Cloud is an innovative, well-rounded and full-featured specialty trade software.


ConvergeHub is a new-age converged CRM software that functions as a comprehensive Business Management solution. It manages Sales, Marketing, Support and Billing from within its full-featured and easy-to-use platform. It is ideally suited for fast-growing small to medium businesses, in need for a single broad application rather than multiple standalone systems.


Copper is a new kind of productivity CRM that's designed to do all your busywork, so you can focus on building long-lasting business relationships


Corymbus is a CRM platform devoted to small businesses and freelances. It focuses on an extremely straightforward user experience. It covers the needs of both sales and marketing.

Credit Letters Software

Cloud-based Software and CRM for the Credit Repair Industry. Designed for credit consultants and starting a credit repair business.

Credit Repair Cloud

Cloud-based Credit Repair Software and CRM. For mortgage brokers and entrepreneurs. Help your clients or start a credit repair business.

CRM Connector

CRM Connector is a cloud based CRM and marketing automation platform offering robust automation and sales tools for small to medium sized businesses worldwide.

The World's First Cloud Based CRM Platform Powered by Gamification.


Feed your Trello Crmble Cards on your boards!


CRMgrow is a CRM platform with various tracking abilities such as video, screen, and user activity tracking.


CustomerGauge is a SaaS platform that helps clients improve retention, using Customer Success and Net Promoter® methodologies.

CustomerTrax Handle

Handle 2.0™ is a configurable CRM that shrinks the complexity of your processes


CustomerX is a customer success platform that helps you manage engagement and relationships with your customers

DailyAI Mortgage

Daily AI Mortgage helps loan officers convert more leads and manage transactions.

Darwin CX

DarwinCX is an end-to-end SaaS customer data platform for magazine publishers and membership organizations.


Datalyse is the all-in-one Cloud-based CRM, VoIP and Marketing solution your modern Engagement Contact Centre needs.


Daylite is a business productivity app that helps you focus more on doing what you love. Manage your contacts, schedules, projects, tasks, sales opportunities, and more – in one place. Share with your team across your Macs, iPhones, and iPads.


DealMachine intelligently automates your REI marketing process. Simply take a picture of a property with your smartphone and DealMachine looks up the owner and sends highly personalized mail.

DeltaNet CRM

DeltaNET CRM App is CRM and leads management tool for real estate agents.

Demand IQ

Stella by Demand IQ is a lead generation tool that helps solar companies convert clicks into sales opportunities.


Digs provides branded financial products for real estate professionals that help capture, qualify and retain prospects.

Disparo PRO

Disparo PRO is a tool for sending SMS messages through intelligent integration.


RETS/IDX plugin with built-in lead capture that inserts real estate listings, statistics, maps, and quick searches into Wordpress pages & widget-ready sidebars.


DisputeBee is a professional credit repair software platform.


DisputeFox was designed from the ground up to be the World's Most Advanced All-in-One Credit Dispute Software.

Doctastic Leads

Make your practice look fantastic! Websites, marketing, helpful articles and more! Setup your brand today and take control of your digital online presence. We are here as your digital partner allowing you more time to focus on your patients!


DonorDock is a CRM designed for small nonprofits that helps you raise more money in less time.


Dotloop is the complete real estate transaction management solution that empowers agents and brokers to get deals done.


DreamApply is a next generation digital admissions and marketing solution used by hundreds of universities and other education institutions worldwide.


DriverReach is a Recruiting Management System for hiring CDL drivers. Use the DriverReach Action to send driver lead info to DriverReach.


Drove provides simple and powerful marketing tools for everyone.


Dubb is a video communication platform that lets you create and share trackable screen and camera videos to help you streamline your communication and grow your organization.


​Dubsado is a business management suite for the creative industry professionals. Sign contracts, manage tasks, and get paid.


DueDil provides instant access to intelligence on UK and Ireland companies, helping to empower decision making and accelerate growth.


EASI’R is a sales acceleration platform that enables bundling and processing automotive leads under one single roof. Collect all online and offline leads in a convenient way, organize tasks the easier way, save time with automated contact sequences, and get sales reports by one click.

Eoovi Consult

Consultation service for professionals with long term video storage for legality and indemnity.


Escala is the all-in-one marketing and automation platform to accelerate your sales

Eva Gifting Assistant (EvaBot)

Eva helps you easily send personalized client gifts for closings, birthdays, house-anniversaries. Connect with a CRM to automate client gifting today.


Software for law firms. Helps in simple and well-arranged managing of law cases without redundant administration. Free license for small law firms.


eWay-CRM is a CRM software embedded right into Microsoft Outlook. It helps companies all around the world efficiently manage contacts, customers, deals, projects, and marketing campaigns.


eWorkOrders is a Computer Maintenance Management Software used to manage work orders, assets, preventive maintenance and more.


EZLynx provides innovative insurance software that helps streamline your agency’s workflow.


Fastbase is software that allows you to generate leads directly via Google Analytics.


FindThatLead is a tool to automate your lead generation and increase your sales


Finmo manages the end to end mortgage process.


FireHawkCRM is great for small business. We help you look after your customers, so they’ll tell the world how good you are! Quotes, Invoices, Email and File sharing all in one neat little package.

Flexie CRM

Flexie CRM solution is built to help sales teams stay organized, nurture leads, close more deals, and improve overall productivity.


A complete CRM platform focused on automated workflow to manage leads & control processes - nothing missed, no opportunity left behind.


Flyte helps businesses attract, retain and communicate with their customers all from one platform.

Follow Up Boss

Simple lead management software for real estate agents and brokers. Follow Up Boss takes all your leads and puts them in one simple system automatically. Helps you to respond fast and convert more leads into closings.

Followup CRM

Followup CRM allows construction contractors to keep track of leads, jobs, and bids, upload photos and documents from anywhere with our cloud-based software.


ForceManager is a mobile CRM that allows you to measure, analyse and improve your sales team’s performance.

FreeAgent CRM

FreeAgent CRM is a sales, marketing and customer service platform for businesses big-and-small who care about their customers.


FreedomSoft is an all-in-one lead generation and real-estate automation system.


Freshsales is an online, cloud-based CRM with Integrated phone and email, User behavior tracking, Lead scoring and more.

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM is an online, cloud-based CRM with Integrated phone and email, User behavior tracking, Lead scoring and more.

Funil de Vendas

Funil de Vendas helps to manage the whole sales process, from the search for opportunities to the closing of the deals.


FunnelFLARE is a sales process automation platform that helps sales people sell faster by automating the common tasks that sap away profitable selling time.


Fusioo is a customizable CRM and project management platform for modern digital agencies. Teams can build their custom workspace without writing a single line of code.


GoDial is a CRM and Auto Dialer for your phone.


Gong has helped thousands of sales pros have better sales conversations every day.


Text and email appointment reminders for your customers.


GorillaDesk is a field service management system combining scheduling, invoicing, and many more features in one application.


Small business marketing software providing powerful and easy to use CRM, email marketing, and social media integration.


Gro CRM is the Mac CRM small business platform that will accelerate growth. Built exclusively for the Apple small business market.


Groundwork is a virtual sales tool for contractors so they can stop wasting time on bad leads.

Growative Social

Growative Social is Social Media Manager tools, that allows to post on more than 20 Social Networks.


Growbots is an all-in-one AI tool for automated outbound sales, combining scalable prospecting and targeted email outreach.


GTR manages, connects and automates leads to your CRM.


GymMaster is an advanced membership management system helping simplify business for thousands of fitness clubs around the world.


HelloAlex is a platform for real estate agents to trigger omni-channel lead qualification to increase conversions.


HiCustomer is a customer success management platform.


Highline is a cloud-based mobile app for retailers small or large. It takes everything a retailer does--from Mobile POS on iPads and iPods, to inventory management, supply, CRM, realtime reports, and multiple location management--and puts it on the cloud, accessible from any browser or mobile device.


Highrise CRM helps you manage your contacts, keep track of who said what when, schedule follow-ups, set reminders, and convert leads into done deals.

HireTrack NX

HireTrack NX is a Windows application that organizes, schedules and tracks financials for live events equipment rental and production businesses.


HoneyBook is a proactive platform for creative small businesses to create, review, and manage their business - all in one place.

Hot Prospector

Hot Prospector is ideal for anyone who has an existing database of past customers or is looking to bring in a rush of brand new prospects.


HotProfile is a tool for converting business card data, automatically assigning corporate attributes, and managing business negotiations and reports. From the results of WEB tracking and mail delivery it is also possible to uncover customers leading to sales.


Extract data of your hotspot users, using the cloud based hotspot management service of


Import your leads directly into HouseVize

Hover Lead

Hover Leads is a professional leads capture and management system for digital marketers.

IDX Company Leads

IDX Company leads allows users to send their real estate leads from their IDX Company account to a variety of different platforms for use with CRMs, Email Platforms and more!

IDX Leads

IDX Leads is a system for real estate lead capture. Leverage your MLS/IDX listings to collect qualified leads from high quality traffic.


IHomefinder is a leading national provider of real estate search technology and websites. Using the Internet Data eXchange (IDX) standard, iHomefinder powers thousands of real estate websites. We partner with a wide array of web designers to integrate our technology into real estate websites.

iNCOM Canada

iNCOM is a real estate website and marketing solution including all the tools you need - Lead Generation, Cultivation, IDX Website, CRM, and marketing services.


iNCOM is a real estate website and marketing solution including all the tools you need - Lead Generation, Cultivation, IDX Website, CRM, and marketing services.

incwo is a CRM and invoicing platform for SMEs


InfiniteCRM is a CRM platform designed to meet the needs of different business areas, from sales force to marketing, customer care to call centre. InfiniteCRM boosts your business by creating winning, enduring relationships with leads, prospects, customers and partners.


Insightly is a CRM and project management app that helps small to medium businesses manage contacts, track relationships, monitor sales pipeline, organize projects and more. It keeps all your critical business info on all your devices, so your company sells more and satisfies customers better.

Investment Dominator

Investment Dominator CRM is a complete real estate investment deal management and automation system for land, home, and note investors.


IXACT Contact is a real estate CRM that helps agents stay organized and build relationships with clients, prospects and referral sources.

Jarja Media

Jarja Media is a CRM that was built for today’s real estate professional.


JivoChat offers live chats on your website, chats with clients on Facebook, Emails, and calls in any country.


JobAdder is a global recruitment platform built for agency and in-house recruiters. JobAdder creates a massive competitive advantage for recruiters by allowing them to spend less time using technology, and more time building face-to-face relationships.


JobNimbus CRM + Project Management for the service industry.


JobProgress is a business productivity platform for all home improvement contractors

Join It

Join It provides simple membership management for growing organizations


Kapta is a CRM that is the tool your Account Management team needs to drive growth and retention with your existing clients.


KarmaCRM is a simple CRM that helps you nurture personalized relationships at scale by connecting your email, calendar and team to bring all your data into a single place.

KatLeads CRM

KatLeads is a marketing automation CRM software


Kaydoh provides instant notification when leads are captured on Kaydoh pages


Keap is your all-in-one CRM, sales and marketing automation software that helps organize leads, land the job, get paid, and keep growing.

Keep In Touch

Keep In Touch is a cloud based CRM system for Builders looking to improve their sales process and follow up enquiries automatically using software that can be learnt in under 60 minutes… guaranteed.

Keller Williams Command

Keller Williams Command is a dashboard that allows you to optimize, manage, and run your business with simplicity and insight.

Keystone Academic Solutions

Keystone Academic Solutions is a platform for higher education marketing and student enrollment.


Kizen is a sales and marketing tool to collect, organize, and gain actionable insights on data.


Knowork is a coworking space management and community engagement platform.


Konnektive CRM is a customer transaction and campaign management platform that helps marketers dominate.


Kunversion+ is a full CRM suite of tools that helps generate and manage real estate leads.


LassoCRM is a CRM that empowers home selling teams by taking the guess work out of reporting, sales and the marketing process.


Lawcus is a practice management tool that enables lawyers to organize matters and automate consistent processes to help deliver more with transparency and less effort.

Lead Closer

Intellect Lead Closer is your AI powered CRM - your virtual sales assistant that helps you quickly convert leads to customers.


Leadberry is a lead generation platform that converts website visitors to sales leads.


LeadExec provides centralized lead distribution.


LeadExpress transforms your website visitors into quality leads!


Leadfeeder is a B2B sales tool that uncovers the companies visiting your website and what they do there. By simply inserting a snippet of code, Leadfeeder empowers sales and marketing teams to connect with the leads that matter most to their business.


LeadFlip is a lead generation platform for businesses. You can generate high quality leads using the power of chatbots.


LeadOwl is a smart phone & web app that allows you and your team to connect funnels, get reminders, and follow up with prospects instantly.


LeadSimple is the CRM that property management and real estate companies use to scale and grow.


LeadSquared is a marketing automation and CRM solution that helps small to medium-sized businesses drive revenue by aligning their marketing and sales activities. Some key features include: Lead Capture Automation, Landing Pages, Email and Drip Campaigns, Lead & List Management, Tasks & Reminders, API & Connectors and Marketing, Sales and Revenue Analytics.


Linkseller helps teams manage leads and accelerate closure simply and intelligently. A Linkseller é um CRM focado em simplicidade e versatilidade para se ajustar a sua empresa. Ajudamos equipes de vendas a gerenciar leads e acelerar o fechamento dos negócios. E acompanhar a produtividade da sua equipe.


LionDesk is the hub for Sales Professionals to help manage clients, transactions, automate marketing and more.

Listing Booster

Listing Booster is a fully automated property marketing system specialized in lead generation. The system is designed to be co-branded between an agent and loan officer so both receive the leads, and works with most US MLS systems.


Integrate with Listrak to collect, unify, and interpret customer data to deliver personalized marketing that engages your customers.

Little Green Light

Little Green Light helps nonprofits run campaigns, manage events, and maintain better constituent records, even from remote locations.


Livespace is a sales CRM to help organise your teams,ensuring everyone knows the next step to winning their deals.


Local IQ provides digital marketing solutions to help you grow your business.


Logisav is a powerful enterprise software that helps your team being more productive.


Lunni Device Management system is a tool to help you to keep track of your devices and device components and your other realty in one place.


Macanta allows you to create a CRM as unique as your business, without the risk, cost or need for custom development. Macanta does for CRM as WIX does for websites.


Magentrix provides advanced API connections to Salesforce CRM & Microsoft Dynamics which allow you to easily build custom, self-service webpages for customers or partners to access or change account or contact related data.


Customizable map for geo-analysis, routing, territory management with auto-assignment, and no-code automation with built-in geo-functions.


MarketSharp is a CRM program for contractors, remodelers, and home improvement professionals. It helps companies organize their leads, customers, and jobs, as well as automate their business processes.


MasterIN is a platform for postgraduate information and training.

Maximizer CRM

Maximizer has fully integrated sales, marketing and customer service modules making it easy to gain deep customer insight and drive retention and loyalty within a single, affordable CRM solution.


Membrain's software and services make it easy for sales teams to execute a sales strategy to consistently reach sales targets.

Mercury Connect

Mercury Connect is a CRM platform that lets you track people & opportunities, loan calculations, compare products, and manage compliance.

Method CRM

Method CRM™ is a QuickBooks CRM that streamlines your business from lead to repeat and everything in between.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics is built for any device, anywhere. Built for you. For Dynamics Version 9 and Dynamics 365.

Mirabel's Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager identifies who is visiting your website and who is most interested with marketing CRM software.


Premier CRM mobile développé spécifiquement pour les smartphones et intégré à votre SI.

Mobilo Card

The Smart Business Card. Share your contact details with a tap and turn your meetings into leads. The only digital business card with data analytics and link tracking.


MOCO (MObile COmpany) is a lean cloud software made for small medium-sized agency and service businesses. Including time tracking, billing, resource planning, sales-funnel and CRM.


Mojo is a Real Estate prospecting solution which includes an easy to use CRM, Power Dialer and Real Estate lead service.


Momentifi Integration with the Momentifi, Relationship Planner or CMPS applications

Morningstar AdviserLogic

Morningstar AdviserLogic is a financial planning and business management solution that positions advisers to engage and impress clients while efficiently running their business and helping them meet compliance obligations.

Mortgage iQ

Mortgage iQ is a system for providing Mortgage CRM, Lead Management and Marketing for Retail, Wholesale, Correspondent and Consumer Direct Lenders.


Moskit CRM works hard for our customers to achieve new goals and have impactful results with contact management, deals and opportunities. O Moskit CRM trabalha duro para que os clientes conquistem novos objetivos e tenham um resultado de impacto com a gestão de contatos, empresas e oportunidades.

MOSO Software

Moso is a CRM that provides Brokers and LOs with customized websites, online application generation, rate alerts, borrower portal, CRM and Cloud-based Document Management at an affordable price.

Mothernode CRM

Mothernode CRM - manage your sales pipeline, improve customer retention and automate your business processes.

Move With Pulse

An all-in-one martial arts membership management software system made for gyms and health clubs of all sizes.


Moverbase is moving company software that manages the entire operations of a moving company. It is 100% cloud-based and works on any computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Movinghub is an online SAAS platform that enables partners to access everything needed to offer utility connections, energy comparisons and a vast range of essential home service.


Muvi is a SaaS-based OTT Platform Provider that allows Content owners to launch Audio/Video Streaming Platforms (On Demand/Live) for Web/Mobile/TV.


MyGadgetRepairs gives you tracking, inventory management, invoicing, point of sale and much more. Trusted by hundreds of users across the globe.


myRealPage offers website solutions for agents, teams & brokers seeking superior online marketing.

MyWiFi Networks

MyWiFi Networks operates a Guest Wi-Fi Monetization Platform with social data capture, marketing automation & real-time analytics.


Nalpeiron is a tool that allows companies to manage their customers software subscriptions and licensing.


NationBuilder is designed to power your organizations, movements, and campaigns.


Neon is a CRM built by and for people who run nonprofits. Our nonprofit solutions grow communities, inspire audiences and scale your impact.

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM is a customer relationship management system for Gmail and Google Apps.


NextAgency is an insurance agency management software and CRM that helps producers save time, money and clients.


Social CRM Simplified. With Nimble’s social CRM, easily manage all your contacts, communications, activities and sales in one single place.


Njano is a cloud based management solution for workspaces. helps you to track and close deals without wasting time filling out forms. Boost productivity and manage your sales cycle from end-to-end


Nutshell is an affordable, easy-to-use CRM that helps small-business sales teams win more deals.

Odoo CRM

Odoo is a powerful open source platform with dozens of apps to help you grow your business. Available apps range from CRM to eCommerce, and from accounting to manufacturing and project management. This Odoo CRM integration allows users to connect Odoo's CRM product to other apps. This integration works with instances that are cloud hosted at ""

Odoo ERP Self Hosted

Odoo ERP Self Hosted (formerly known as OpenERP) is a powerful open source platform with dozens of apps to help you grow your business. Available apps range from CRM to eCommerce, and from accounting to manufacturing and project management. This Odoo ERP Self Hosted integration works with all of Odoo ERP's products. It works with instances that are self-hosted.


OfficeRnD is a workspace management platform helping Coworking Spaces and Business Centers automate operations and improve members experience. The platform acts like a central hub that connects to and manages all systems already in place, saving space operators time and allowing them to focus only on the highest leverage activities.


Omnicasa is a real estate software platform designed for real estate agents. Everything in one place: create/manage properties/projects, contacts, tasks, appointments, demand, and more.


Someone signed up to a trial. Now what? OnboardFlow helps you make sense of your SaaS trials so that you can convert more of them.

OneLocal LocalContacts

LocalContacts provides a simple and easy way to manage & connect with your customers through OneLocal. LocalContacts seamlessly connects with OneLocal's LocalReviews & LocalReferrals.

OneLocal LocalReferrals

LocalReferrals by OneLocal allows you to create a fully customized referral program so you can generate more business from your customers.


OnePageCRM converts the complexity of CRM into a simple to-do list. Built using GTD (Getting Things Done) productivity principles, its streamlined approach to sales helps you convert leads to customers, reach targets and grow your business fast. By focusing on that one Next Action, your sales team are organized and empowered to move a deal forward. OnePageCRM strives to offer a product that is as easy to use as email and helps your company achieve zero admin.


Onpipeline is a cloud based Sales CRM for small and medium businesses.


OpenCRM is a UK CRM system that helps you manage sales, customers, contacts, finances, projects, and more.


Grow your community and prove ROI with Orbit, the community experience platform for delivering stellar member experience.


Orderry Is End-To-End Software For Your Service Business Or Repair Shop


Outplay is a sales engagement tool which helps in adding a personalized touch to the Emails, Calls and Social Actions.


Outseta is a technology stack for early stage SaaS companies. The platform fully integrates CRM, subscription billing & management, and customer success tools (email, chat, help desk).

Paperless Pipeline

Paperless Pipeline is a real estate transaction and commission management system for agents & brokers.


PersistIQ is software for effective outbound sales that combines communication and workflow into one easy to use system.


Pico delivers best-in-class conversion rates for both free signups and payments. From newsletters and memberships to virtual events and donations, you can manage it all in one integrated platform.


The mobile-friendly Pike13 platform allows class-based businesses like strength and conditioning gyms, yoga studios, and pilates studios to manage everything from clients and schedules to billing and payroll.


Pipedrive is sales pipeline and CRM software for deal makers. Get super-organized. Close deals in less time. iOS and Android apps let you take your pipeline with you anywhere.


Simple and useful CRM software in the cloud. Sell more today with sales tracking software. Our CRM software will help organize, track, and manage your deals, leads, and contacts.

Pipeliner Cloud

Next generation sales CRM software designed to empower sales teams and grow profitable customer relationships.

Pipeliner Hybrid

Next generation sales CRM software designed to empower sales teams and grow profitable customer relationships.


Planfix is a platform for creating Enterprise Management Systems and allows you to configure various business processes of the company without programming.

Pobuca Connect

Pobuca Connect is an AI digital assistant that optimizes the way your business stores and communicates with business contacts.

Pobuca Sales

Pobuca Sales is a mobile Field Sales Automation Solution for sales representatives, van sales representatives and merchandising auditors.


Powrbot automates searching the web for company data.

PracticePanther Legal Software

PracticePanther is a practice management software used by numerous legal practitioners worldwide to automate their firms.


Practifi empowers financial advisors by providing a business management platform that connects all the tools and information they need to grow.


Pro Agent Solutions helps real estate agents and brokers manage their customer relationships, stay organized and generate leads so they can sell more homes. is an integrated Real Estate Website, CRM and Marketing Tools.


PropertyRadar is the property data and owner information platform for discovering new customers. is a Sales Automation Platform. We enable modern sales teams to capture prospect information and run cold email campaigns.


PulseM is a customer engagement tool for the home services market which helps you to stay connected with your customers.


Pupsai Platform allows you to provide Consistent 24/7 Customer Care, Marketing and Sales

Pure Leads

Pureleads helps capture, track, distribute and manage your leads with ease. Grow faster with our scalable lead generation software .


PushPress is a boutique fitness business management platform focused on saving our clients time, money, and headaches.


QuickDesk is a simplified CRM software optimised for sales teams and professionals. Convert leads and close prospects easier than ever.


Quickpage is a video follow-up tool that's increasing engagement by 200%. The quickest most effective closing tool used by sales reps and their clients.


With Quorum, turn anyone into an active supporter, drive actions digitally & on the field, capture data, make the most of it.

Radius Agent

Radius Agent qualifies leads using the assist program to help you close deals.

Real Estate Webmasters

Real Estate Webmasters is a real estate Software-as-a-Service CRM.

Real Geeks

Real Geeks is a real estate sales and marketing solution including all the tools you need - Lead Generation, Cultivation, IDX Website, CRM and marketing services.


Realeflow is a real estate investor CRM + marketing automation tools, all-in-one platform.

Really Simple Systems CRM

Really Simple Systems CRM provides everything that a small business needs to automate their sales, marketing and customer services.


RealScout is a collaborative listing alert platform that delivers automated, high-performing listing alerts to your clients based on their unique home search preferences.


The real estate CRM that works the way you do. Manage people, listings, transactions and activities with powerful workflows.

Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM is an All In One software for Recruitment Agencies.


Recruiterflow is a modern recruiting software that helps ambitious recruiting and staffing businesses to be productive.

Redtail CRM

Redtail CRM is cost-effective, easy to use, cloud based solution for today’s financial professional. Packed with powerful features for activity management, office automation, and more.

Refcome Teams

Refcome Teams is a recruiting and culture-building tool to the team.

Referral Rock

Referral Rock helps businesses to design, track and manage referral programs.

REI Pebble

Streamline & simplify your land Investing with REI Pebble.


REIPro is the All-In-One Real Estate Investor Software CRM, Lead Generation, Deal Analyzer and more.


Releventful is customer relationship management solution built for the event industry. Connect with your customers, automate your workflows, and have clear insight into your operations.


REMARKETER helps you manage your online marketing & daily business tasks under one, easy-to-use management console that's specifically designed for Real Estate Professionals!


RepairDesk is a point of sale and CRM software.


RepairShopr is a platform to manage a service or repair business with job tracking (ticketing) and an emphasis on great communication.


Repsly's retail execution platform provides data-driven merchandising, field sales, and promotion execution solutions to help CPG brands and merchandisers maximize the impact of their field teams. is a business messaging platform that connects contacts from any channel to every team.


Revaluate is an artificial intelligence platform for the real estate and mortgage industries that helps agents and loan officers know when they contacts are likely to move.

Revamp CRM

Revamp CRM is a Sales & Marketing CRM. Make more sales whether you are using multiple sales pipelines or an eCommerce store.


RevBoss is a simple tool to help sales teams to find prospects, build pipeline, and grow faster.


Thousands of agencies across Aus, NZ and UK are powered by Rex's cloud and mobile real estate platform.

Rocket Agents

RocketAgents is a CRM that automates brokerages from lead generation to closing. Send leads, notes, calls and other triggers in/out of your Rocket CRM


Salescamp app help to simplify your sales workflow and increase sales productivity. Salescamp is built to thrive your sales. Maximise your sales up to 2x.


Integration with the Mortgage CRM SalesEngine.SE


Salesflare is an intelligent CRM startups and small businesses love to use. It's a zero-input sales pipeline tool that thinks and works for its user, not the other way around.


Salesforce is a leading enterprise customer relationship manager (CRM) application.

Salesforce (Legacy)

Salesforce is a leading enterprise customer relationship manager (CRM) application.

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials allows you to manage every customer conversation from anywhere. It's the fastest and easiest way to get started with CRM.


SalesFort is your local, freelance, cloud-based telesales team. Hire local sales agents in your state or country instantly to conduct sales calls. Hire on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Salesmachine is a customer intelligence platform for sales teams and customer success.


Salesmate is an All-in-one Sales Management, Automation, and Acceleration Software for Teams of All Sizes & Shapes.


SalesNexus is lead generation, lead management plus sales process automation and full featured CRM, that's simple to set up and use.


Salespanel brings all your leads in a single screen when they engage with your emails, marketing newsletters, website page or webforms.


SalesRabbit is a sales enablement app that helps sales teams assign areas, track progress, and constantly get better at their craft.


SalesTarget is a leading Sales Acceleration Software application.


Salestown is the easy-to-use, 1st user-rated CRM tool. Get more qualified leads and grow your business


Salestrekker is CRM software for finance professionals.


SalesUp! is a platform to easy organize and create relationships with your customers, to better track leads and increase your sales.

Salpo CRM

This is an easy to use tool, used to manage CRM

SAM is a sales and marketing tool that lets you organize and manage your leads, opportunities, accounts & partners with efficient features.

Scarlett Network

Scarlett is a broker in a box software as a service solution tailored for mortgage brokers and lenders. Some its features include; point of sale, Compliance and Payroll

Seize the Market

Seize the Market is a All in One, Lead to Close Business Solution for Real Estate Agent, Team, Brokers.


Sellf is the Runkeeper for sales, a CRM software for deal makers. Manage prospects, customers and deals, organize your time and collaborate with your team.


Sellsy is a single tool that tracks all your customer cycles.


SeoToaster is a great CMS platform for SEO and Ecommerce


ServeManager provides process servers with the tools they need run their business, while giving their law firm clients a dashboard to track the status and activity associated with service of process.


ServiceTitan is a mobile, cloud-based software platform that helps home services companies streamline operations, improve customer service, and increase sales.


SetSchedule is a revolutionary real estate data platform that allows you to grow your business with leads and tools made for you.

Showcase IDX

Showcase IDX is a real estate search plugin for WordPress, optimized for lead generation.

Sierra Interactive

Sierra Interactive is an all-in-one real estate platform that helps you close more deals and grow your business.


SignUpGenius is an organizational tool that takes away the hassle of coordinating groups so your organization can focus on its impact on your community.


SigParser captures contact details from everyday email communication and match them to all your apps.

Simply Stakeholders

Simply Stakeholders is a simple and easy to use Stakeholder Management tool to manage your stakeholders and your interactions with them.


Sirena is a CRM integrated with WhatsApp to simplify communication between customers and companies by offering a completely communication-oriented system through the WhatsApp messaging service.

Skrumpt CRM

Skrumpt CRM is a CRM System for Deal Packagers, Property Sourcers, and Property Investors who are finding and negotiating deals from motivated sellers


SleekFlow is your centralised messaging platform with customers, enabling your sales, support and marketing teams to do their best work - so you can create an experience you customers will never forget.

Smart Alto

Smart Alto is a messaging platform that responds to your leads within 2 minutes and nurtures past clients monthly


SmartMatchApp is a matchmaking and membership CRM to organize and optimize the process of matching, introducing, and connecting people.

SmartTouch NexGen CRM

SmartTouch® NexGen is a CRM that allows for management of home buyer and broker engagement to sell more homes faster. is an easy and powerful CRM. Find leads, manage your database, and send converting automated emails.

Social WiFi

Social WiFi App is about data flow from Social WiFi system for your usage.

Solar CRM

Solar CRM is a CRM tool designed specifically for the Solar sales individual.


SolidNexus is a service that extracts contacts from email signatures.

Solve CRM

Solve is a productivity CRM for teams to manage customer workflows. Simplify all record keeping, scheduling, communication and information sharing - especially when mobile.


Sozo is a lead experience tool designed to help you automate, manage, and execute conversations with current and future customers.

Spark Membership

Spark Membership is an online CRM and marketing automation platform for Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Gyms and MMA studios.


Spiro is an AI-Powered CRM that learns your sales process to increase effectiveness and deliver more accurate business insights.

Spotio Legacy

Door to door sales tracking that's fast and easy to use, with maps and reports that keep you in the know. Available for iOS, Android, and mobile web, Spotio lets you keep track of the progress of your sales force on the ground.


Streak is a flexible CRM and process management system that lives inside your Gmail inbox.

Sugar Shack CRM

Sugar Shack CRM is a tool to help Bakers build, manage, and grow their custom cookie business.

SugarCRM 6.2-5

Manage your sales, marketing, and customer support better with SugarCRM's online CRM software.

SugarCRM 7+

SugarCRM is an online CRM platform that helps you manage your sales, marketing, and customer support better.


SupaPass is an all-in-one website and app creation platform.

SuperOffice CRM

SuperOffice CRM software helps businesses collaborate internally and improve their sales, marketing and service processes.

Surefire CRM

Surefire CRM is a multi-faceted mortgage industry CRM marketing platform that offers personalized database marketing with unique content.


SweepBright lets real estate professionals organize and promote listings, match them with leads, and close the deal—all from their phone.


SweetAssist is a complete real estate training centre relationship marketing software and mastermind community.


Swell helps your business generate new reviews and generate feedback from customers.


Syncro is a platform to manage your IT Consulting / Managed Services business with CRM, Ticketing, full-featured RMM (remote machine management) and an emphasis on great communication.


SyndicationPro is a robust and easy to use CRM, Investor Portal and Investment Management software.

Target CRM

Target CRM is a multipurpose business application. Whether you sell products, are only a service provider or run a company that does both, Target CRM enables you to manage all areas.


Táve is a studio management tool designed to organize and automate creative businesses.


Teamgate is an intelligent sales CRM with a great insights. Start from Lead capturing and move along to closing a Deal. Get top reports, which will become a necessity from day one.


TeamGram is a CRM and collaboration tool that helps businesses close more sales and get more done.


Teamleader incorporates CRM, project management and invoicing into one simple and intelligent tool that helps businesses work smarter.


TeamWave is an unified platform for project management, CRM, and HR software for small businesses.

Teamwork CRM

Teamwork CRM helps you to develop your sales process, plan and manage your company’s growth and bring clarity to a chaotic pipeline.


Thryv is an all-in-one management software built for small business. It integrates essential business functions like payments, marketing, and CRM.

Tint Wiz

Tint Wiz is an all-in-one CRM app for window tinters

Tokko Broker

Tokko Broker is a real estate app that lets you sync your listings on real estate portals and your website automatically. You can also receive and follow up on your leads.

Top Producer

Top Producer is a real estate CRM that simplifies the follow-up process so you can focus on what matters most—building lifelong relationships with your customers.


The only complete Real Estate Brokerage software solution from contact through closing.


Totango is a Customer Engagement Management platform.

Tradable Bits

Tradable Bits reinvents social media marketing by connecting brands with their fans through social media aggregation, engagement campaigns and social e-commerce integration.


Customer Folder is at the centre of our CRM solution. CRM developed for travel industry is a perfect solution to win new customers and better manage the operations, enhancing your company's productivity.


TRIBUS builds custom platforms to help Real Estate brokerages best engage with their clients, agents and staff.


Tubular is a simple sales pipeline software, built for teams, that lets you convert more leads, close more sales, and track your deal flow.

Send Twitter, Email, Click to Call, and Video messages to city/county councilors, state/federal legislators, department heads, and other decision-makers for U.S. and Canada. Track legislative bills and display them on your own website.


Umbrella gives you the tools, training and support, to build and grow a digital marketing agency in partnership with known tech-brands.


UPilot is a CRM with advanced features like role-based access and control, email tracking, revenue forecast, all on a single platform and easy to use interface, resulting in enthusiastic user adoption in fast-growing companies.


The revenue engine for fast-growing businesses. You need to move fast and sell more. You need a revenue engine with CRM and Marketing Automation that can handle it. Unite sales and marketing with one platform for the whole customer journey.


Uptics is a B2B Sales automation software that helps your team easily launch outbound prospecting campaigns, nurture leads, and stay insanely productive.


Userbot helps you to reply to all messages quickly, easily and in a personalized manner.


Platform for updating your CRM or marketing automation tool with real-time company information.


VanillaSoft is a CRM app that combines the best of CRM, Lead Management and Telemarketing applications into one of the most capable phone sales environments.


vCita is a client engagement solution for small businesses, including lead generation, online scheduling, document sharing, online payments and contact management. vCita is available on desktop, tablet and mobile, easily integrating with any website and online platform.


Verse’s trained concierge team will contact, engage, and convert your cold leads within 2 minutes, 24/7, so you can focus on closing deals.


Vincere is an out-of-the-box platform for the front/middle/back office operations of ambitious recruitment firms.

Virtuous CRM

Virtuous CRM is a nonprofit CRM & marketing automation platform helping build better donor relationships.

Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue is a B2B lead generation software that allows you to identify the businesses that have visited your website.

Visual Lease

Visual Lease is a comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use real estate and lease management software solution that makes it easy to know what your leases say, how much they cost, and when they need attention. It enables companies to control, report, track, and manage owned and leased real estate and make better decisions on leases and related information.


Vitally is a customer success platform for high-growth B2B SaaS teams.


vorText is an ecosystem of SMS Apps you can use to engage with your customers in new exciting ways.

Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM is more than just a CRM. At its heart, Vtiger CRM enables salespersons​ and support staff do more through an easy but powerful interface. With built-in solutions that range from email marketing to activity and project management and beyond, Vtiger CRM provides an integrated solution to drive business growth.

Vultus Recruit

Vultus Recruit is a Cloud CRM Software where you can automate and manage recruitment workflow with numerous integrations built into it.

Walcu CRM

Walcu CRM is a CRM specifically tailored for car dealerships.

Warm Welcome

Warm Welcome helps you improve your business relationships by leveraging video at every touchpoint. You can create video business cards, site bubbles and send video emails.


Wasi is a real estate platform for real estate professionals. It easily combines CRM, websites, reporting, automation, and sharing properties with your clients.

Wealthbox CRM

Wealthbox is a web-based CRM solution that allows financial advisors to manage their client relationships with ease.


webCRM helps your sales team with the daily workflow and overview.

Wemero Online Manage

Wemero Online Manage is a CRM that manages your your service, customers, products, gift-cards, and memberships whether you’re running a beauty salon or hair salon or massage parlour or tattoo salon or you are working as beauty hair stylist.


WhatConverts tracks what marketing channels generate conversions from phone calls, web forms, chat, and more.


WHMCS is a complete client management package, supporting billing & support solutions for any online business.

Wine Ambassador

Communicate with the Wine Ambassador Grapevine Marketing System

Wintouch 7

Wintouch 7 CRM is an all-in-one software solution that is designed to help businesses of all sizes improve productivity in marketing, sales, customer service, and administration.

Wise Agent CRM

Wise Agent CRM helps Realtor's become pros by automating their leads, responses, appointments, and transactions.


Wisible is a Sales Intelligence Platform that helps business increase win rates, shorten sales cycles and improve forecast accuracy.


Offer memberships for your local business.

Wix Automations

Wix Automations uses actions visitors do on your site, like submit a form, sign up, or purchase, to trigger actions like sending an email or a chat message & more.

Wodify Core

Wodify Core software helps athletes track performance while allowing box owners to manage memberships, sell gear, and build community in their affiliate box.


Yapla is a payment and an all-in-one management platform designed by and for non-profit organizations.


YouLi is a travel and online experience management platform to keep everything about your group pages and trips in one place.

Z Workforce

Mobile field service. With a single tool companies can improve their performance of teams in the field, fulfill checklists and generate indicators on sales, products, services, customers, quality of service and even monitor competitor actions


ZapFloorHQ really simplifies our billing process and allows us to easily generate all our monthly invoices and track the payments.


ZebraCRM is a CRM system.

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell (formerly Base) is a sales automation tool to enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams.

Zillow Tech Connect

The Zillow Tech Connect app allows agents to send leads to tools like CRMs and marketing automation software. It works for Zillow, Trulia, HotPads,, and StreetEasy. It is also known as Zillow Premier Agent.

zipForm Plus

For more than 20 years, zipForm® — zipLogix's real estate forms software and the exclusive and official forms software for NAR — has been the real estate industry's technology foundation. zipLogix offers products that support more than 640,000 users, and delivers innovative products and web applications that significantly improve the productivity and efficiency and address the specific needs of REALTORS®.


ZipperAgent is all-in-one Solution for Real Estate Professionals. It is a platform designed exclusively for Real Estate Offices, Brokers and Agents, to run their marketing, sales, and transactions easily from a single cloud based application and smartphones.

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