Developer Tools Integrations

Raklet integrates with thousands of apps and Developer Tools is one of top focused areas. You can find Raklet integrations for Developer Tools below.


Ably provides APIs to simplify and overcome the complex aspects of the most demanding real-time engineering. You can simply plug it in and start publishing or subscribing to realtime messages or build and manage realtime APIs for your own data streams.


Airbrake collects errors generated by other applications, and aggregates the results for review.


Apify is a serverless computing platform built for web automation. Turn any website into an API in a few minutes.

App Status by Zapier

Get notifications when Apps with Zapier integrations experience downtime or other incidents. is a hosted search stack for building ElasticSearch apps.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is where teams manage, develop, and deliver software in the cloud. Azure DevOps provides free, private Git project hosting for up to 5 users, project and test management tools, build and CI, and team collaboration. Connect using the development tools of your choice, including Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode, and more.


A fast and secure way to handle a team's code, Beanstalk supports SVN and Git.


BigML is a Machine Learning platform to solve and automate Classification, Regression, Time Series Forecasting, Cluster Analysis, Anomaly Detection, and Topic Modeling tasks. BigML seamlessly transforms data into actionable models that are used as remote services or, locally, embedded into applications to make predictions.


Bitbucket is a popular hosted source control system that uses both mercurial and git behind the scenes.

Boost Note

Boost Note is a knowledge sharing tool for your dev team.

Botium Box

Botium, also known as "the Selenium for Chatbots", is the industry standard for testing of conversational A.I. (chatbots).


BrowserStack is a reliable cross-browser and device testing platform helping you test across 2000+ combinations.


Bugfender is a cloud storage for application logs. Get fast remote access to your applications’ log files on users’ devices.


A visual feedback tool for websites. It's like using sticky-notes to pin client feedback and track bugs directly on a page.


Cerb is a fast and flexible web-based platform for business collaboration and automation. Remember anything about anyone, collaborate from anywhere, deftly reply to a flood of email, automate, stay informed, capture feedback, track time, flag opportunities, manage tasks, share expert knowledge, and otherwise execute efficiently.


Cflow is a cloud-based workflow software that provides a way to create business applications that help increase productivity and reduce costs.


Manage all your tasks, procedures, assets, schedules and timelines in one easy-to-use app. Create comprehensive checklists, perform tasks confidently and complete projects with absolute accuracy and efficiency.

Cloud 66

Cloud 66 is a DevOps as a Service, built for application developers.

Cloud BOT

Cloud BOT is a new web browser automation tool born in Japan. Create and run your own robots easily and safely without any installation.


CloudBoost is a serverless platform that helps you build your apps & allows users to have real-time implementation in their app.


Cloudinary makes it easy to upload, store, manage, manipulate and deliver images and videos efficiently and effectively.


Cloudsmith is the preferred software platform for securely storing and sharing packages and containers.


Coderbyte is the #1 coding assessment platform for qualifying engineering talent in your pipeline.


10 minutes trainable feature flag and configuration management service with unlimited team size, awesome support and no surprises.


Cotter is a Passwordless Authentication Service that helps you build Login Forms using Magic Links, Verification Codes, and Social Login in just a few minutes.


Crittercism provides mobile app performance management. Keep tabs on all crashes and service issues that affect mobile app performance. Use Crittercism to get a real-time global view of app diagnostics and app errors across iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Hybrid and HTML5 apps.

Data Soap

Data Soap is a data cleansing tool used to validate mobile phone numbers (Worldwide), email addresses, TPS & CTPS register & landline numbers (UK Only).


DPLYR is a tool that helps developers deploy websites more easily on the cloud.

Elfsquad Product Configurator

Integrate your existing workflow with the Elfsquad Product Configurator.

Cloud logging for .NET web applications using ELMAH. Powerful search, custom rules, integration with issue trackers, API and much more.

Evolphin Zoom

Evolphin Zoom is a media management platform that powers the work-in-progress creative pipelines of companies around the globe. is a customer experience platform that lets you collect, analyse, and act on customer feedback automatically at every meaningful moment in the customer journey. Our enterprise grade platform helps engage people and power businesses everywhere.


Flotiq is an API-first CMS that takes care of hosting, securing and scaling to guarantee your content is always on.


FogBugz is powerful hosted bug tracking software used to make great software by great teams.


FraudSentinel Bot & Fraud Detection allows you to evaluate the risk level of users IP addresses in order to monitor and prevent Fraud.


GatherContent is a Content Operations Platform that brings people, process & content together—to save businesses time & improve content quality.


GeoScreenshot is a developer tool that lets you capture a screenshot of your website from many geo-locations around the world.


GitHub is the perfect place to share code and work collaboratively on private and open source software.


GitLab is an open source code collaboration tool with a rich feature set including management of repositories, reviewing tools, issue tracking, activity feeds and much more.


Gather feedback from your users in one place and analyze the next thing to build. Listen not only to your guts but also to your user voices.

HTML/CSS to Image

HTML/CSS to Image is a tool for converting code into an image (jpg, png or webp). Images render exactly like they do in Google Chrome.


image4io is a SaaS solution which optimizes the images of web sites and mobile applications, delivers the images with multi-CDN and manages the images’ storage to improve the web performance. Bounce rate of web sites decreases after integration of image4io. is an app that allows you to automate the web without code. We re-imagined web automation to return your time and set a new pace for work.


IP2Location is a non-intrusive geo IP solution to help you to identify a visitor's geographical location.


Build location and threat aware applications with the most reliable IP Geolocation and threat data service.


jenkins is a continuous integration server that monitors executions of repeated jobs, such as building a software project or jobs run by cron.


Juxt is the simplest way to compare structured data. Use cases include account reconciliations, day-over-day data comparisons and more.

Kentico Kontent

Kentico Kontent is a Content-as-a-Service platform that gives you all the headless CMS benefits while empowering marketers at the same time.


Lighthouse is a beautifully simple issue tracker changing the way thousands manage their issues.


LoginRadius is a Customer Identity Management (cIAM) platform that allows you to easily manage your customer data.


Lokalise is a translation management tool that lets you structure and automate workflows while encouraging collaboration among all involved.


Lucidchart is your solution for visual communication and cross-platform collaboration.


MAGOWARE is an opensource OTT/IPTV Middleware platform.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Cloud

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a ITIL® compliant comprehensive help desk software with integrated asset and project management capabilities.

Nanonets OCR

Nanonets OCR provides intelligent information extraction on any document or image


Passbase enables developers to integrate bank level identity verification into their App or website. You can easily capture identity documents, liveness detection and facial biometrics with a few lines of code.


Create digital Wallet passes using our visual editor. Distribute store cards, coupons, event tickets and membership cards to your customers.


Phrase is a collaborative translation management and automation platform.

Pipeless Recommendations

Power real-time personalized recommendations and activity feeds using a simple API.


PractiTest QA and test management solution helps users to manage the development and testing process, with an end-to-end approach starting from requirements, creating and running tests, tracking bugs and reporting them to all relevant stakeholders. PractiTest integrates with all leading testing tools such bug tracking (JIRA and others), CI/CD , automation and collaboration tools .


Quboo is a gamification platform to have fun while you improve productivity in your organization.

Reward Sciences

Reward Sciences is a loyalty system that lets you incentivize and reward your end users as they engage on one or more activities of your choice.


Robolytix is the key robot analytic tool for automated processes, providing all data you need for monitoring and managing software robots.


RocketApps allows Roblox groups, teams, and game developers to collect applications on the Roblox platform.


RoundClicks is a landing page and website builder.


ServiceNow specializes in IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM) and IT business management (ITBM).


Sifter is a simple hosted bug and issue tracker.


Skyler360 is a conversational AI platform

Tech Tracker

Tech Tracker enable companies to receive live alerts when a company add or drop a technology in real time.

Terraform Cloud

Terraform Cloud is an application that helps teams use Terraform together. It manages Terraform runs in a consistent and reliable environment.


TestMonitor is a test management application that allows you to design, plan, and run user acceptance tests.


TRIGGERcmd allows you to run commands on your computers remotely.


Uiza is a Streaming OS that allows you to build a video platform with everything that you need.


UpdaterCloud is a fast and flexible way to integrate web updates support with optional license key authorization to your free or premium web applications.


Xooa is a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform that helps users store, retrieve and share data in an immutable blockchain ledger using simple APIs.


Ybug is a visual feedback and bug tracking tool for your website. Collect detailed feedback with screenshots from your testers/clients.

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