Devices Integrations

Raklet integrates with thousands of apps and Devices is one of top focused areas. You can find Raklet integrations for Devices below.

Adafruit IO

Adafruit IO is a cloud service used primarily for storing and retrieving data but does much more.


Addigy provides a simple, yet powerful way to manage all your Apple IT infrastructure.


Bttn is a stand-alone physical push button that connects to the internet.


Fingbox is network detection technology that plugs into your WiFi router to alert you of network threats, identify poor connectivity, control screentime, and more.


Flic is a smart button that acts like a shortcut for your everyday life.


Lono lets you control your sprinkler system anywhere, anytime with your smart phone.


Luxafor Flag and Luxafor Bluetooth - productivity tools that make it easy to stay focused on tasks at hand.Connect, customize and automate.

Minut Smart Home Sensor

Protect your home, your neighbors' peace and quiet and your guests' privacy with Minut. Get real-time home analytics on noise, motion, temperature, humidity in your property, from anywhere in the world.


Nexkey, enabling industry leading and cost effective access control.

Philips Hue

Philips Hue is your personal wireless lighting system that lets you easily control your light and create the right ambiance for every moment.


Qblinks Qmote is a smart remote button which works with your phone, providing an intuitive way to perform actions when your phone is out of reach or when you want to control it from a distance. Qmote makes smart home automation easy.


Samsara is a cloud-connected sensor data platform for connected operations.

TAP NFC Management

TAP NFC Management is the modern answer to RFID. Stick a TAP NFC Tag to anything to track your people, places and products.

Teletrac Navman 360

Teletrac Navman is a fleet and asset management platform.

The Receptionist

The Receptionist helps streamline office entrance areas and automates the job of connecting visitors to the people they are there to see.


Ubiqod is a traceability platform for tracking field activities with IoT, static and dynamic QR codes.

XY Find It

XY Find It connects BLE beacons (finders) to your phone, allowing you to find lost items.

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