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Nonprofit Management Platform

Managing your nonprofit is now easy with Raklet’s all-in-one nonprofit management platform. Manage all aspects of nonprofit operations through one extensive platform. Our membership management software for nonprofits is easy to use. Therefore, it grows with the organization and adapts to your needs. Build an easily customizable nonprofit platform. Create events and collect ticket fees. You can also create fundraisers and collect donations with a few simple steps. Track and analyse all attendance and member data with our powerful CRM. Keep members updated with our email newsletter and SMS modules. Increase donor and supporter engagement with our private messaging and discussion board features. Encourage more help and volunteering through our job board feature anytime. Manage your subscription payments with automated payments, and send reminders whenever you want. With Raklet, promote a positive working environment for all your members, donors as well as your volunteers.

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Nonprofit Management Platform

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Fundraising Platform

7 Easy & Fun Christmas Fundraising Ideas

As a nonprofit that relies on donations to run your organization, using holidays as fundraising opportunities can be really beneficial for you. Set your community’s holiday spirit in motion and increase engagement with some simple Christmas fundraising ideas! If you

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nonprofit accounting software
Nonprofit Management Platform

Nonprofit Accounting Software in 2022: Top 7 [Ranked]

Nonprofit accounting software is one of the most helpful tools for nonprofit organizations. Keeping track of all the payments, offering safe transfer options, making calculations, and creating reports can all become overwhelming at times. Trusting nonprofit accounting software is not

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how to start a nonprofit
Nonprofit Management Platform

How to Start a Nonprofit: 8 Steps to Get Started

You want to change the world, but where do you start? Helping others in need, reversing climate change, protecting the environment and wildlife, empowering your community- there are a lot of ways to help, but you might not be sure

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