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Success Stories

Read success stories and case studies about customers that happily use Raklet, our all-in-one management software for all your needs. Our long list of customers are from various associations, communities, alumni organizations and corporate companies.

Get inspired by how they are leveraging our platform to manage their online presence, engage their audience and increase their sales. Discover how we can help your membership, event, payment, and data management needs. See our extensive tools, robust CRM, and powerful integrations at play by reading our blog posts.

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Success Stories

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Membership Management Platform

The Key Benefits of Restaurant Subscriptions and Memberships

Membership subscriptions are beneficial for both restaurants and customers. Find out how membership subscriptions are helping restaurants survive, especially during pandemic days! Today, many restaurants are faced with the danger of loss or even closing due to various reasons, particularly

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How CYDD Created a Strong Alumni Network With Raklet
Alumni Engagement Platform

How CYDD Created a Strong Alumni Network With Raklet

Association for the Support of Contemporary Living (Turkish: Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği) -abbreviated CYDD- is currently using Raklet to create an alumni network to reach their alumni and collect donations.  Raklet offers you an easy and safe way to collect

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