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what is monetization

What is Monetization: A Detailed Guide for Creators

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In the digital era we are living in, people can earn money online. The beauty of this ability is you can monetize what you create. Online creators are able to convert their contents into cash, and this process is named “monetization”. Do you have creative and quality contents that you want to share with the world, and do not know how to convert them into money? Well, this article can help you to monetize your most valuable assets:your ideas! In this article, we will explain what monetization is, what the monetization process is like, and 5 ways to monetize your website. 

Monetızatıon 101: What is Monetization?

Depending on the context, the definition of monetization can vary. But, generally speaking, monetization is referring to the process or action of converting non-revenue items into cash. In other words, it is the conversion of an aspect of any asset into revenue-generating items and activities. 

For a better understanding of “monetizing”, let’s illustrate. The most frequent example is advertisements. Radio broadcasts or the free version of Spotify have been funded by advertising. Spotify could generate cash from “free” users who do not pay for the music stream offered by Spotify. Instead, they compensate the free users with the cash coming from the ads. Premium members pay the fee for uninterrupted music joy. Either way, Spotify is able to monetize its service. A more nostalgic version of monetization can be found in printed newspapers with advertisements. 

Monetizing your website can be a good additional income!

Can I Monetize My Website? Why Should I Do it?

Yes, you can earn money from your website! Websites are in fact a great source of income for successful bloggers and content creators. Rooting from the general definition, website monetization is basically earning money from a website. Most of the monetization efforts are based on online advertising but it is not the only way to do it. 

Why should you monetize your website? 

  • First and foremost, it can be a great source of income, even as an additional one!
  • You can build an audience and reach out to more and more people.
  • It will boost your business, especially if you are offering a service or selling a product. If you do not sell anything but want to share your ideas on your blog, monetizing could help you grow and encourage you as a creator. 
  • It is always joyful to do what you like to do and earn money from it. 

Though some people might think that now earning money online is easy, in fact, most bloggers quit before they even make an income from it. The key is the combination of dedication and a good strategy. First, you need to build your audience. So, you should be consistent in publishing your content. It is also a good idea to have a good social media integration and strategy.It is essential to be realized by the target audience. To do that, your website should contain good content, have an optimized SEO and engage with the target audience on a regular basis. In the end, you can finally earn money online. Let’s see how you can do it!

5 Easy Ways to Monetize Your Website

You launched your website, have a big audience, have plenty of ideas and you are ready to go. Now the question is how to earn money from your website. When it comes to monetizing your website, there are several ways to do it. Let’s explore together:

1. Selling Digital Products/Services

Most people rely on websites for sales. If you are to sell your products or offer services such as consulting and tutoring, websites are a great way to do it. Particularly, demand for online courses fairly increased with the pandemic. 

As digital products, you can sell:

  • Online Courses and webinars: If you are an expert on a subject, you can share your knowledge with the world! It can be anything related to musical skills, painting, philosophy, history, cooking… Options are endless. 
  • Digital downloads: Digital downloads can be ebooks, audiobooks, templates, digital art, audio files, and printables like journal prompts. These digital products can be a passive income without depending on ads and sponsors. For example, you want to guide people on how to bullet journal, which is popular these days. You can create your printable calendars, checklists, customizable templates, etc. and sell them online.
  • Premium Content: As Spotify does, you can offer free and premium content. 
There are countless digital products you can find online.
Photo by Caio from Pexels

2. Affiliate Marketing

This digital marketing model is based on performance and commissions. It is a widespread monetization type and affiliate marketing spending in the USA is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2022. Affiliates, also known as publishers, are reviewing products, making comparisons or tutorials in their YouTube channels, Instagram posts and blog pages so that the product is promoted and attracts customers. 

Brands are getting more and more affiliate programs as it is effective as a marketing strategy. It is also easy to do it when you gain the trust of your audience. After joining an affiliate program, all you need to do is link the product and collect a commission from a purchase done through that link. 

Even though it is a great way of making extra money, it is always good to not rely on one source as the terms of the affiliate program might change. You can consider other ways of earning money online.

Sponsored Posts: 

Sponsored posts can be a good source of income, too. To explain simply, you collaborate with a brand or business to publish a review, tutorial, or comparison. You can recall it as ‘influencer marketing’ as well. It is a very popular way of monetizing a website. 

You can do it by publishing the content or creating content on it by yourself on your blog.

3. Selling Ad Space

You can sell space for ads on your webpage if you are not interested in affiliate marketing or just want to create content independent from sales.

You can decide on the layout. Don’t forget to make it clean and simple so that visitors would not get irritated by the ads! One of the perks of selling ad space is that allows you to earn money from ads without promoting or selling any products. 

A tidy layout will make it easier to follow the content and promote the ads.
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4. PPC

In this model, a monetization platform or ad network finds the advertisers that will publish their ads on your website. Simply, the ad network displays relevant ads on your website, and with each click on the ad by a visitor, you are paid a small fee. The most popular ad network is Google Ads. Similarly, Microsoft Advertising is also widely chosen. 

It is a beneficial way of monetization as your ad will be displayed on the first results page when someone searches for a related term, so it provides instant traffic. Overall, it is a great digital marketing and monetization strategy. 

PPC can drive traffic to your website!
Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

5. Memberships

You can set up a paid membership. Through creating a paid gated community the members can engage in forums, workshops and discussions. It is a great way of offering exclusive and unique content to your audience. Membership site monetization allows members to access the content through payment.  

It is crucial to give members consistent content updates if you want to keep them as members. You can do it by offering:

  • Create content and updates that are unique and attract people. Netflix, for instance, do it by offering not only movies and series but also a user-friendly, ad-free interface. Moreover, a new update like “TeleParty” allows you to watch a movie with your friends simultaneously and chat at the same time and users love it.
  • Do what you do the best. Do not force yourself to do what other successful content creators do. It is good to follow your own ideas rather than others, even it is popular. It is important to be sincere, people appreciate that.
  • Don’t forget to engage with your community. You can do it monthly or weekly. You can reply to the comments, create discussion rooms, Q&A sessions and so on.
  • Track your performance. It is a good idea to review your performance, feedback from the community and brainstorm how you can improve yourself. It is useful to care about what your audience thinks about your content and wishes to see more. 

Do you know Raklet is offering user-friendly all-in-one membership opportunities? Raklet guarantees the best experience for your digital journey with your members and monetizing your website.  

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