4 Tips for Association Membership Renewal Letter in Challenging Times

4 Tips for Association Membership Renewal Letter in Challenging Times

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Membership associations encourage interaction, and collaboration, and often promote purpose. This is possible with sustaining members. What better way than drafting a perfect membership renewal letter for your members. The most common purpose of each member association is to connect people together around a particular profession, activity, interest, or location.

Association membership renewal letters

The purpose of membership renewal letter is to alert or remind members when their membership renewal date is fast approaching. A renewal letter should not only talk about a member’s payment.

membership renewal letter for easy membership renewal

It should also highlight the benefits and values they receive from your association. Each renewal email should be drafted with care to ensure that you provide a chance for your members to continue their membership.

However, during a pandemic is it essentially tough to ensure your members continue with their membership. So, how do you do it? Check out our top 4 tips for drafting association membership renewal letters, especially during these tough times.

4 tips for association membership renewal letter

Every membership is set to expire from the moment your member joins your association. At the end of each membership plan, a member decides if they want to stay or leave by analyzing all the benefits your association offers.

So, make sure you provide the best member experience from day one. Welcome message to year-round engagement must be a part of your membership renewal efforts. With the strategy in place, it is important to employ specific efforts to increase renewal rates.

1. Plan your membership renewal campaign strategy.

Plan all the required details before starting your membership renewal campaign. Two or three email messages should be included in your campaign. Your campaign must also ideally start before 100 days of the membership expiration date.

Be certain to leave a few weeks gap between each email that you send your member. Here we mentioned three emails you can consider including in your campaign.

2. Include a ‘Thank you’ note in your email

Thank your members for their membership. Acknowledge their journey as a member including their contribution to your association. This will ass more value to their membership experience.

So, in all your renewal emails, make sure you include a simple thank you note. Even a simple expression of gratitude will impress your member and will want them to continue with their membership.

3. Include value reminders in your emails.

While alerting your members about the renewal date, don’t forget to include the values and benefits they receive from your association. Here’s a quick checklist to help you with value reminders for your members.

  • Remind them about the benefits that have not been used by your members and tell them how it is available till the end of their membership.
  • Also, remind them of the benefits they used such as event discounts, learning opportunities, and other advantages to reinforce the value of their membership term with your association.
  • Let your members know about future events or opportunities. Remind them that they will miss out if they do not renew.
  • Share relevant industry information regarding current events. Let them access the content by linking to pages on your website.

All these points will help your mcembers understand the value you bring to their life on a daily basis. After all, associations that continue to talk about value in their renewal efforts are more likely to maintain renewal rates above 80%

4. Dues reminder

Your member might forget about the renewal due date. Be sure to send a due reminder email at least one month before the renewal due date.

Due reminders for excellent membership renewal letter

To make it even more simple, offer an automatic renewal membership option to a member. Association membership software such as Raklet lets you set this up easily for your members. You can set up automated renewal emails as well as accept online payments easily.

Create more chances for your member to continue their membership with excellent membership renewal letters.

Make sure to include these features in your email to get your members’ attention. Create compelling chances for your members to renew. Sometimes simple steps such as asking for their feedback and personalizing your emails will add the human touch.

Know more about your members and determine what factors make them renew their membership. And continuously work on creating more such opportunities so that when the time comes, it will be difficult for the members to walk away.

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