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Great platform for events driven membership

Raklet is a great platform for any organization or communities that rely on events (online or offline) to drive/upsell paid membership
We also like their different angle on community which is not focused on discussions, groups or channels.
Since most of communities’ discussions are now shifting to real time messaging apps like WhatsApp, we believe that platforms like Mighty Networks, Circle.so or Heartbeat (we have used all of them) will have a hard time keeping their community members engaged.
The support team is very quick in responding and solving issues and new features seem to be added regularly! 

Raklet: An "All in One" community solution that, "Just works"

Raklet continues to impress me. Two things Raklet does quite well that are key for an online community builder such as myself:

1) A solid mobile app platform that provides a users with the opportunity to engage and learn on the go!  

2) Responsiveness to suggestions and an openness to discuss them. In my case it was exploring the addition of LMS functionalities(I run an education community). Not only did Raklet get back to me, they discussed potential use cases and helped me brainstorm solutions.

Definitely happy to find them!


Efficient and User-Friendly Membership Management Software

Using Raklet has greatly streamlined our membership management process and improved our communication with members. 
We considered other alternatives before switching to Raklet including MemberClicks, Brilliant Directories and Wild Apricot. Raklet offers comprehensive features, excellent customer support, and a seamless user experience.

Yuri W.
Director, Event Services

Great Facebook Groups alternative

This is a great FB group alternative.

There are plenty of customization features, and it is very easy to set up. I LOVE the action logs, which shows who logged on, which emails have been opened, and other useful insights.

Overall this is a great tool that I hope will continue to improve with time.

Great membership solution for communities

I use Raklet to serve various groups of race horse owners that I communicate with on a regular basis. The platform fills the bill, free of Facebook regulations and clutter.


A great community solution

Raklet is by far one of the best Community Tool out there

What I love about Raklet is the custom features which allows you to own the experience your create on the platform. Another great feature is the email integration which comes free; very kind of the team to throw this feature in for free. Although you will have to pay for the sms, but the seamlessness is dope, so much to get excited about when you’re looking for a great community solution. Glad I discovered Raklet.


Awesome customer support

Raklet excels in providing quick customer support, and an intuitive user experience. All features that I always want to have. I’m still exploring all the features, but first impression is amazing. 

After Peerboard has shut down, I’ve tried more platforms to build a community, and I’m really liked this one. 

The CNAME feature helps the brand identity. Hope for white label someday. The price is more than fair!


Very promising

I purchased Raklet as an attempt to free myself of “Circle” and “Mighty Networks”. 

It looks very promising indeed, and I’m looking forward to expanding my community here.

The support team are very friendly and eager to help.

An intuitive community platform

When I discovered Raklet, I was excited. Finally, after a long search and trying different apps, I found the right one.

Here are the reasons:
– Easy creation of discussion boards
– Simple and intuitive setting of display conditions and options for adding comments for members, subscribers or administrators
– Options to create custom menus and links for member accounts
– Great event and ticketing feature
– Email marketing
– Mass sending of SMS for clients (payment of SMS package)
– Manage Directory, mobile application (For me, it is enough to use a native general application. In it, clients can find the desired community and can access the community in a mobile environment. Raklet works well even in a mobile browser without the need to use a mobile application)
– For our non-profit organization, a function is available to collect donations directly from the Raklet application
– Easy to add a bank connection
– Translation into Czech directly in the application. The translation is still not perfect, however, I believe that with good communication with product support, this issue will be resolved.
– Support helped me sort out some community settings
 Thank you Raklet for a great product.

Easy to use group community app

I have been toying with the idea of a group community app for a while, but they all seemed a little overly complicated. Having used Raklet, I truly think it is the one for me. Can get set up quickly and experiment with what works – the easiest way for me to learn.
Support for when I have needed has been quick so extra points there.

Perfect Community Solution

I’m really, really happy I finally found the app of my dreams. Hopefully I have not waited for too long to finally being able to do what it does… Top mark to the creator, we need more people like him to get a better world.


The best option for managing your community

I have been using Raklet to create and manage a membership site for Frameworks Consortium, and I can honestly say that I’m incredibly impressed with the platform. The customer service team is incredibly responsive, always available to help me if I have any questions or need assistance. The platform itself is also remarkably intuitive and user-friendly; even someone who is not tech-savvy can figure out how to use Raklet without any trouble.

Raklet also has a wide range of features that make managing the site a breeze. For instance, the platform allows users to create custom forms and surveys to capture data from new members before they join; this helps ensure that all members have up-to-date information. Additionally, the platform also supports automated payment collection and provides comprehensive reporting tools so I can always stay on top of our membership activity.

I would highly recommend Raklet to anyone who is looking for a reliable and easy-to-use platform to manage their membership site. The customer service team is incredibly helpful, the platform is user-friendly, and the features allow you to manage your membership site with ease. 

Overall, Raklet has been a great choice for Frameworks Consortium!

The Frameworks Consortium


Excellent Customer Service, Excellent Deal, Awesome Product

I cannot be more clear about this. These people are on it when it comes to delivering great customer service and an excellent product.

I believe this is a mature membership software that makes life so much easier on everyone.

I appreciate their help so much. Even late at night on the weekends did they take the time to answer my questions, and even resolve issues for me.

I highly recommend Raklet! 

Cloud Forest Martial Arts College

Raklet is a versatile and user-friendly platform that empowers you to effortlessly create a branded, private community enriched with a plethora of impressive features.

As I’m able to confirm now, Raklet is a versatile and user-friendly platform that empowers you to effortlessly create a branded, private community enriched with a plethora of impressive features.

From seamless subscription management, automated renewals, and event ticketing with attendance tracking, to organizing fundraising campaigns and collecting donations, Raklet offers a comprehensive suite of tools all under one roof.

The platform’s robust membership database simplifies community management while the array of customizable fields provides a holistic view of member information.

The timeline feature aids in understanding user engagement, while the email newsletter functionality facilitates direct communication without external tools.

The icing on the cake comes with SMS updates to keep members informed.

The convenience extends further with the ability to transform your community into a mobile app, and integration with Zapier offers endless possibilities.

With Raklet, even membership dues are effortlessly managed through built-in Stripe integration.

While the platform’s navigation is intuitive and documentation is plentiful, a clearer understanding of element usage would be beneficial.

Overall, Raklet is a compelling alternative to traditional platforms, offering boundless potential for building thriving online communities without the need for coding expertise.

This enthusiastic user testimonial I,m leaving here underscores the promise of Raklet as a transformative solution for various needs, from coaching clients to global networks.

As the platform continues to evolve, the potential for white-label options and its competitive pricing make Raklet an enticing choice for community builders of all kinds.



Everything functions perfectly and support is great. Product is super customizable you wont be disappointed.


Well thought of community builder

Great community builder, only getting started but so far things are very customizable which I truly appreciate. Plus the support is fast.

Excellent for online communities

It has what it takes to start monetizing an online community.

Great software

I’ve tried various community software, but Raklet is the simplest and most effective I’ve seen.

– Easy learning

– Easy administration

– Easy and complete publishing options

Perfect Community Solution

I’m super pleased with this platform. I’ve been looking for a solution to have my own private community for my coaching clients and globally for women like myself. The possibilities are endless with this platform. I can’t wait until I launch it as an app.


I am very impressed and looking forward to utilizing this platform for years to come. Raklet support team is very responsive to questions as well.


A membership and community solution for my business

I’ve been searching for an alternative to mainstream social media for my soon-to-be-launched membership and I’m delighted to have found Raklet! 

It offers a place for my community that isn’t subject to the whims and changes of such as Facebook. However, all the extras make it an even better option, including running paid events and collecting and managing membership records and payments.

The UI intuitive and easy to use – always a massive benefit in time-saving.


Raklet is a powerful community builder that lets you create a central place to connect with your audience.

It offers a wide range of features to create exclusive groups, invite, engage and nurture potential and existing buyers to grow your customer base. This platform is a robust SaaS platform that allows you to design custom community pages to share versatile content and start conversations to engage your audience. Raklet offers group chat and private message features to help you engage your followers and increase Page activity.

Its personalization technology tailors timeline feeds to match content to each user’s interests, creating a personalized experience for each type of user. Raklet also offers affiliate and email marketing tools to help you gain more exposure. Raklet’s basic monthly plan starts at $49. 

Raklet is definitely a great tool for any business owner who wants to build a community around their brand or product.

I’m really satisfied, if you have any doubts I tell you, don’t worry it’s really a product that promises a lot it’s really promising, moreover its multiple functions are really useful, who are you waiting for don’t regret it when you can’t have it for yourself anymore.


A complete package

I have a pretty comprehensive package for our local Botanic Gardens. The event module is the one I am most excited about – to be able to track who is coming to events and also do the ticketing is great. 

Our team is very excited about what we can do with the system and the impact it will have on breathing new life into our membership program. 

Very happy we full stacked and excited to launch. Thank you for a great system and some terrific surprises, like the on-site check in and built-in job board (we are using this not for paid positions in town, but for recruiting for all the ongoing basic jobs that make a volunteer organization run well).


Well-rounded membership platform that's not a beast to learn

I’ve seen a lot of membership platforms, both as a member and an admin. Many are either too limited in what they offer, or else require hours and hours of trial-and-error attempting to figure out how to make everything work the way you want.


Now while I’ve only dabbled in Raklet so far, it appears very straightforward and easy to use. (I was impressed enough that I stepped it up to the next Tier.) I like how there are a variety of “apps” available to choose from, so I can customize the platform to offer just the features I need, then add others as my membership evolves.

Raklet has convinced me - It offers everything and is easy to use

It was important for me not to be dependent on Facebook & Co.

It is important that Raklet is easy to use. With Raklet, there is no need for hours of trial and error to find your way around. All usage options are easy to find and good to use.

It is very versatile and meets my expectations. Discussion forums are very easy to set up. Custom menus and links can be set up for member accounts.

It has a member database, making community management very easy. Even ticketing features are there.

Giving event tickets wasn’t even important to me yet. But the possibility gave me new ideas. The community can now go 😉

Fantastic alternative to Circle

Raklet has nearly everything you need to build a great community online for any niche.

It makes it easy to get up and running. I absolutely believe the product will continue to improve.

Excited to use this platform to change the esports industry!

BJ Fink

Beautiful looking community site

So when I first saw Raklet I figured it was exactly what I was looking for, the ability to design the site around my branding and it looked really nice. 

Well done

I’ve been eyeing for a community app like this and Raklet provided all the features I was looking for.

From its social network to community emails/newsletters, it’s all there at a great price. It’s highly customizable and has good documentation to get you up and running. 

The team always replied and offered assistance within 24 hours.  

Overall, I give 5 stars for the value. I think this will continue to be a great solution as it continues to mature. 


I have been looking for a platform like this to build my business on. I was torn between Brilliant Directories and Raklet. I researched and found how Gercek took over and grew the company…it has been in TechStars and Microsoft’s accelerator. I knew this guy meant business. I purchased 5 tiers and am glad I did. The software is very functional and customizable. The API access was necessary as I plan on using Zapier to add additional functionality for my clients. Their how-to videos and tutorials are direct and easy to follow. I look forward to digging more into the platform and seeing how to bring my vision alive with Raklet.

Dave M.  


Great alternative to UUKI

I owned Peerboard and that company was sold and stopped working June 5, 2023, but I had UUKI as a backup tool and they managed to import my Peerboard ZIP file with 260 members into UUKI. C 

I have bought Raklet as a replacement to UUKI.  The program seems quite polished and refined. For the price it is cheap insurance for offering my Ahayah Church Assembly another avenue to house a community.

I was not planning on charging for membership, but it’s nice to know that I can. 

Raklet is higher end software to UUKI, compared to Tribe and Circle, so I just had to jump in with both feet to pick it up!

Ahayah Assembly Church

Membership & Continuing Technical Education Software

We are a professional organization that requires the capacity to track our members in order to award certifications, track continuing education units, and conduct events for the professional growth of our members. In light of the preceding requirements, we discover that Raklet are capable of assisting us in achieving our goals. 

The certificate is one of the things we’ll need to make, and it will help us a lot to make sure that our organization runs smoothly. The developers working on this platform are quite approachable and well-versed in the requirements of our firm. 

Their understanding of our organization’s needs, as well as their eagerness and willingness to help us reach our goals, is a big deal. There is always the chance to check with the team and ask that a feature be added to your account if one isn’t already there. 

It is possible that this platform will provide us with many additional functionalities that we have not yet completely explored. Utilize digital tools such as memberships, newsletters, and other forms of advertising to develop and monetize your following. 

There is no need for coding. There are a lot of useful tools that this platform can offer that we haven’t used yet that will help us make our community experience beautiful. I would strongly recommend this platform to any serious businesses that want to give their users a great experience.

Amazing tool for association management

It makes our life really easy. We’ve been reaching out to support team whenever we need a specific feature. It gets implemented at their pace and if it’s something urgent, we can get it built for our organization with custom development. So far so good.
Setup your membership plans, collect new ones online and the system will take care of renewals and follow ups for you. You can use their newsletter functionality to send newsletters. Another great feature is their event management check-in. We can sell tickets online and at the door. We can easily check-in guests and follow up after the event accordingly.
Zeynep D. 
Membership Director
Education Management

See how ISS/SIC, a community of surgeons from 100+ countries, found an easy way for their members to access membership benefits
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