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Explore our comprehensive library of expertly crafted video guides, simplifying your journey into the world of Raklet.

Learn essential concepts and discover step-by-step tutorials, empowering you to effortlessly manage your organization’s membership, events, and more with ease.


Membership Management Platform

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Collect all of your contacts under one platform and segment / tag them in terms of their interest or membership plans. They don’t need to be a member to take place under contacts as you can also add your event attendees.

Keep all acquired data on your members’ individual profiles. Members have the ability to access and update them anytime and anywhere they wish. Some features of Member Profiles include the ability to upload photos and videos, display contact information.

Learn more about Membership Database and CRM.

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Send automated reminders and past due emails to your members, set precise subscription renewal dates, and use automatic membership renewals to boost income.

Once you create your membership plans and approve the paid applications, you don’t need to check the amount monthly as we automate the process. Depending on the interval of your plan, we get the payment from your members through their credit card.

Learn more about Automated Membership Renewals and Reminders.

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Let’s assume you want to make a list of contacts who live in a specific city and publish it as a page. That’s where directories take place.

Learn more about Automated Membership Directories

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Increase engagement by creating discussion boards, sharing posts, and getting likes and comments on each. In addition, you can create events or send them dedicated email campaigns. At last, members can also send a DM to each other.

Learn more about Membership Engagement

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You can easily build your mobile-friendly website with Raklet’s Membership Website Builder feature.

By doing that; you can customize your own branding, use your own custom domain, modify your navigation menu, create events and share them with your visitors, and easily create pages according to your need.

Learn more about Membership Website / Portal Builder.

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Digital Membership Cards help you to track your members’ status for events, gym or club check-ins. And, don’t worry. You can easily change the branding of those cards.

Learn more about Digital Membership Cards.

Getting Started


3 min

If you’re new to Raklet, we recommend starting with our Overview video, where you’ll find a comprehensive overview of the platform and step-by-step instructions on creating your account and logging in. From here, explore our specialized sections to dive deeper into specific areas of Raklet’s functionality.

How to Create a Raklet Account

2 min

You can get all the features of Raklet simply by creating your free account. It takes no more than five minutes to setup your account, and be up and running. Raklet doesn’t charge you until you decide to upgrade your plan, so feel free to use the platform with all of its features

How to Choose Apps on Raklet

2 min

Raklet offers a great selection of applications in its app store.You can choose the ones you want to use, and disable the rest. Being an all-in-one solution Raklet offers event management, CRM, donor management, membership management, email marketing, and SMS marketing. Choose your group of applications, get started to improve your business.

Complete Setup Guide

2 min

In order to take full advantage of Raklet, you need to complete your setup guide. Upload your logo, customize your website, or schedule a personal call with us. Make sure to check every box in the setup guide to complete your registration.

Creating Membership Plans

3 min

You can create different types of membership plans, and collect fees on Raklet. If you want to know how to create membership plans for your subscribers, this video gives a walkthrough. List all of your plans, let people choose them from the application form, and easily collect the money.

How to Customize Application Forms

2 min

You can create different custom fields, add from existing ones, and collect any type of information you need. If you want to customize your application form, jump in

How to Collect Payments on Raklet

2 min

You customized your application form, created different types of membership plans, and now, the next step is learning how to collect payments on Raklet. Set up your bank account, verify by filling out all the necessary information, wait for approval, and you are good to go. 

How to Setup a Custom Domain on Raklet

4 min

Setting up your custom domain is critical in terms of the branding of your platform. Raklet is completely white label, and we support your brand awareness. If you don’t know how to set up a custom domain, all the details are explained in this video. Don’t settle for unbranded domains, get yourself a custom domain and be more pronounced.

Apps in Details

Utilize All The Features of Our Membership Management App

Easily create and customize membership plans, application forms, and even offer discounts to your members. Learn how to streamline the management of payments, invoices, and subscriptions effortlessly. 

Create and Manage All Your Contacts in One Place

Our Contacts app is your all-in-one solution for effortlessly organizing your contacts, creating new ones, and tracking member engagement through the Contact Timeline feature. You can customize contact profiles with essential information like names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, and even add custom fields for any unique details you require. 

Discover How to Effortlessly Organize People

In this tutorial, we walk you through the simple steps to create a new directory, apply filters, and customize your directory with additional fields. 

Create and Manage All Your Events in One Place

Discover the ultimate event management solution with our Events app! Whether you’re planning virtual meetups, charity walks, or community festivals, this app has you covered. Easily create online and offline events, set timezones, and customize participant questions, all in one place.