Raklet Alternatives

We’ll help you choose the right solution, even if it isn’t us.

We know each situation is different, and we’d rather recommend a competitor that’s a better fit for your business than try to hard sell you on Raklet. With that in mind, here are a few alternatives you may want to consider.


Membership Management Software

Raklet is one of the best membership management software in the market with its great selection of features and superior customer service. If you are looking for not only a CRM but also a place for your members, Raklet is your go-to choice. We offer several tools for increased communication that will help you grow your organization. But there is a big competition between different solutions. If you want to compare Raklet to others, we suggest you take a look at Memberful, HiveBrite, and Join It.
Memberful is great if you have an existing WordPress page, as they offer a plugin.
HiveBrite stands out as an all-in-one solution if you have a higher budget and would like to focus on groups and moderation.
Join It offers competitive pricing, it has lower costs and if you don’t want customizations or integrations, they are a fitting choice.
Explore MemberfulHiveBrite and Join It or Membersuite.

Community Software

Raklet is a great solution for communities all around the world with its social network feature, discussion boards, and extensive contacts database. You can launch your community with Raklet and connect with members of your community, organize events both offline and online. There are tiers in which you can make private posts that will be available to only some members of your group. Community management and membership management often go hand-in-hand, which Raklet is also known for, but if you’re looking for other solutions, there are a few other platforms that do community management. Glue Up, Hivebrite, Mighty Networks, and Tribe, are four other alternatives. 

Glue Up offers a community hub, as well as public and private groups.

Hivebrite offers private messaging and dedicated group spaces.
Mighty Networks allows you to bring your community, online courses, sales, and more in one place.
Tribe on the other hand, focuses on customer community management, but they do not have a monetization feature.

Explore Glue UpHivebrite, Mighty NetworksMemberstack,Tribe or Starchapter.

Digital Membership Card Software

Raklet is one of the very few membership management platforms that offer digital cards as a feature. At this time of technology and mobile innovations, digital cards are of utmost value to your organization and will provide you with a number of great benefits. One of them is the ecological aspect, you won’t be wasting resources that take to print cards. Instead, your members will have their membership cards in the palm of their hands. Another benefit is the fact that there won’t be any need to physically reissue them every year. You can easily customize your digital cards and revamp them as needed. If you want to look for alternatives, there are three other platforms that offer a similar feature. 

Cardskipper is a good option for those who only want to work through a mobile app.
Eber has loyalty programs and reward systems.
PassKit is more developer-oriented if you’d like to code and develop your own platform.

Explore CardskipperEber and PassKit.

Association Management Software

Raklet is one of the highest rated association management software on credible listing platforms such as CapterraGetApp, or G2Crowd. We offer several tools that will help you manage an association, considering every aspect of the process. Job postings, event management, donations, email marketing are all included in our platform. But there are also great options you can check out and compare with Raklet such as FontevaMemberClicks, and GlueUp.

Fonteva, while expensive, has important features such as a Salesforce integration that will help your business.
MemberClicks is mostly chosen by professional associations such as chambers of commerce or trade associations.
Glue Up is also great thanks to its advanced features concerning member-to-member communication.

Explore FontevaMemberClicks and GlueUp.

Alumni Engagement Software

Raklet is used by alumni associations all around the world. We are compatible in terms of creating an online platform where you can keep track of alumni data, engage members, and manage your contacts efficiently. However, there are other solutions whose specific target audience is alumni associations. If you want to check out Raklet alternatives for alumni management, you can check out GraduwayAlmabase, and EnterpriseAlumni.

Graduway offers mentorship between alumni and current students.
Almabase is a great solution to engage alumni via gamification elements and improved social networking.
EnterpriseAlumni stands out as a special solution for corporate alumni associations.

Explore GraduwayAlmabase, EnterpriseAlumni, or Alumnforce.

Homeowners Association Software

From collecting online payments to communicating with your customers, Raklet can cover most of your needs as a property owner. You can simplify most of your tasks with Raklet’s features. Having an online community platform would also increase your business with digital marketing. Other than Raklet, there are solutions designed to meet the particular needs of homeowners such as Bitrix24TOPS Software, and Buildium.

Bitrix24 is great for HOAs with their built-in voting system, video conferencing and task management.
Buildium offers maintenance requests, property inspections and detailed reporting.
TOPS Software is the best overall HOA solution with advanced accounting features, owner-renter engagement increasing tools and condo management.

Explore Bitrix24Buildium and TOPS Software.

Club Management Software

We offer customized platforms and white label solutions to various clubs. Digital membership cards are also available to help you facilitate check-in processes and increase brand awareness. That’s why Raklet is one of the best club management software on the market. You can easily integrate third party integrations for scheduling or facility management. However, if you want to look for other alternatives, you can check out GymMasterMindBody, or Wellness Living.

GymMaster is a great solution for gyms with a built-in scheduling system and integrated billing. MindBody and Wellness Living are two of the best solutions for yoga clubs where you can upload online yoga classes and gamified workouts.

Explore GymMasterMindBodyWellness Living, Momence, Clubexpress or Helloclub

Non Profit Software

We are chosen by great non profit organizations around the world. We offer all the features necessary to improve your non profit overall. Collect donations, organize events, manage your donors. Our goal is to save you from repetitive tasks, so you can focus on your cause more. We are also preferred by non profits because of our compatible prices. But if you would still like to take a look at other options, we suggest you Sumac CRMNeonCRM, or DonorPerfect.

Sumac is a great all-in-one solution with several applications.
NeonCRM has a built-in online store where you can sell merchandise to support your cause.
DonorPerfect is more of a donor management system with improved donor data and financial reports.

Explore Sumac CRMNeonCRM and DonorPerfect.

Directory Software

Anything you might want in an online directory is possible with Raklet. Custom fields, drop down menus, tiered membership plans, collecting payments online, and more. List services, products, companies, or anything that comes into your mind. Monetize both corporate and individual members. Our features are flexible to meet the needs of any membership-based business. But, there are also dedicated online directory software solutions such as eDirectoryBrilliant Directories, or ListingProWP.

eDirectory is excellent in terms of SEO with a built-in guide.
Brilliant Directories offers email marketing and professionals portal to improve your platform.
ListingProWP is also a user-friendly option with pre-built website templates.

Explore eDirectoryBrilliant DirectoriesListingProWP or Groupspace.