Peoplepath Alternative for Your Alumni: Raklet

Peoplepath offers an alumni platform for companies to keep in touch with their former employees. If you are looking for a PeoplePath Alumni Platform alternative, this article presents you with the best solution: Raklet’s corporate alumni software!

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Keeping the connection with your former employees and making sure the engagement continues may require some additional help. If you are looking for solutions to easily keep track of your contacts, post jobs, and organize company events for your alumni, Raklet comes to the rescue with its corporate alumni software!
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PeoplePath was founded with the merger of Conenza and Intraworlds in 2020 with the vision of helping organizations create long-term connections with people. Specifically, Peoplepath offers solutions to keep in contact with former employees through the corporate alumni platform. The platform helps the former employees to become brand ambassadors, drive more revenue and improve the rehiring and referral processes. However, Peoplepath may not be the best solution for every organization looking to have an alumni platform. Let’s see what they offer, and what they lack.

PeoplePath Features

Peoplepath allows choosing from many features to create your customized alumni platform. Let’s see the details of some of these features:

– User-Based Targeted Content: Peoplepath offers a personalized news feed for the alumni to have informed brand ambassadors. Based on the members’ interests and characteristics, the news is chosen specially to create targeted content.

– Alumni Engagement: Peoplepath promotes alumni engagement through several tools. You can create automated reminders, job postings, event management, invites, and many more.

– Email Marketing & Tracking: Peoplepath allows you to keep your alumni updated with built-in email marketing capabilities. You can also track alumni engagement with newsletters and other communications.

– Reporting & Analytics: Peoplepath provides you with the opportunity to measure the health and impact of your alumni community. You can make use of the in-depth reporting and insightful analytics.

PeoplePath Pricing

Unfortunately, PeoplePath doesn’t share the pricing details on its website, you need to contact them to learn about the customized fees based on the features you choose. Their pricing isn’t included in Capterra or other review websites either. However, Capterra states that PeoplePath doesn’t offer a free plan, but their plans have a free demo period.

PeoplePath Reviews

peoplepath reviews

There aren’t any reviews for PeoplePath on Capterra, which is one of the most prestigious software review platforms, so the review process wasn’t as reliable. Nevertheless, G2 reviews of Capterra show an overall 4.5 stars for PeoplePath. In the reviews, PeoplePath gets credit for its user-friendly interface, easy-to-contact, and helpful client care team. The attention paid to data protection requirements is also highlighted. However, customers complain about the low interaction within their community.

Raklet is an alumni engagement software that provides you with numerous features and more than 4000 integrations to keep in touch with your previous employees. Raklet provides several tools to improve communication and engagement within the alumni network. Let’s explore some of the features Raklet includes:
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Raklet’s all-in-one platform makes it easier to manage the network of all your former alumni through collecting up-to-date information from them and repurposing their experiences. You can create customizable application forms for your alumni to sign up and manage their data with filters based on the information fields. All of these options can reduce the amount of money invested in recruiting and educating new employees.


One of the handiest tools from Raklet’s alumni management platform is the internal and external job posting board. You can not only make use of your alumni’s referrals for new hires but also help them with their future careers. Thus, Raklet ensures quality hires for your company while keeping the connection with your former employees.
job opportunities


Raklet allows you to organize corporate events whether they are business or social-related, and invite your alumni as well. You can also track their attendance at both virtual and face-to-face events. Raklet’s powerful event management tools will help your company to strengthen its network and increase the engagement of former colleagues.


Raklet makes it easier to communicate with your alumni with subscription-based newsletters and SMS communication. You are free to create and customize both emails and SMS to personalize them for your community. Moreover, Raklet allows you to track the delivery, opening, and clicking data of your emails. So, you can get reports for mass emails and constantly improve your email marketing strategy.

Raklet Pricing

Unlike Peoplepath, Raklet has a free plan for up to 50 members. Raklet offers three different tiered pricing plans: Essentials, Professional, and Premium starting at $49/month. Let’s take a closer look at these:

  • Essentials plan includes up to 1000 contacts with 1 admin and 1 email sender name for $49/month,
  • Professional plan includes 2000 contacts and 2 admins for $99/month, 
  • Premium plan offers to include a maximum of 5000 contacts with 5 admins in total $249/month.

Professional and Premium plans include corporate membership and event check-in at the door.

You can find out more on our transparent pricing page and choose the best plan for your organization!

Raklet Reviews

Based on the Capterra reviews, Raklet ranks highly both for ease of use and customer service. Reviews include that Raklet has eased the alumni management for companies, and our engineering and support team are found to be very supportive and productive.

Raklet is listed as one of the top-rated software in several categories on Capterra. You can also check out SourceForge, G2, and GetApp reviews to see how our customers view Raklet.

How is Raklet better than PeoplePath?

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