TopsSoftware Alternatives, Pricing, and Reviews

For improved property management, TopsSoftware offers solutions to automate your routine duties. Keep reading this article to learn more about the most excellent alternative, Raklet, and see how it compares to Tops Software.

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Property management involves a lot of time-consuming tasks as well as demands from homeowners. You might look into the options provided by property management platforms if you are having trouble staying on top of all the responsibilities and obligations. If you’re seeking alternatives to TopsSoftware, one of the most well-liked property management systems available, continue reading to find out how Raklet’s all-in-one property management software compares.

TopsSoftware was founded in 1985 as an easy-to-use property management software that is trusted by thousands of property managers and accountants nationwide. You may manage better with TopsSoftware, whether it’s a single community or a whole portfolio. The number of hours spent on manual tasks can be decreased by automating your workflow. You may generate a ton of intricate reports with TopsSoftware’s reporting engine and amaze your board with it. TopsSoftware might not, however, be the best property management platform for your company’s requirements. Let’s explore what they offer and what they lack.

TopsSoftware Features

TopsSoftware Features

Above you see some of the features TopsSoftware offers to TopsOne users. Let’s examine some of them together:

Community Portal: To help homeowners’ associations simply give 24/7 online access to information, TopsSoftware offers portals for both board members and residents. Instead of answering and responding to routine inquiries, you’ll have more time to manage your association. Owners can use this function to pay fees and obtain information from a single website. They might also restrict access to information to “board members only.

Multi-Channel Communications: TopsSoftware gives you access to multiple communication channels so you can keep your residents informed. Data uploads are no longer a concern. You may count on practical channels of contact that cater to your homeowners’ preferences. For multi-channel communications, you can use email, text, and voice broadcast.

Community Website: On the gadget of their choosing, your people will be able to access information whenever they want. A website solution from TopsSoftware will impress and involve your community. With message boards, photo galleries, and other tools, you can foster community. Additionally, integrated calendar features may be used to show forthcoming events.



TopsSoftware Pricing

Unfortunately, TopsSoftware doesn’t offer a free plan or free trial. It has 3 main price plans with different features. Let’s explore these plans in detail: Essentials plan includes customizable management and accounting features and starts at $.75 a door per month and $375/month minimum. Advanced plan offers advanced community features and starts at $1 a door per month and $500/month minimum. Enterprise plan offers additional features such as voice broadcasting and starts at $1.25 a door per month and $375/month minimum. You can get informed about these features in more detail on their pricing page.
topssoftware pricing

TopsSoftware Reviews

Based on the Capterra reviews, TopsSoftware got an overall score of 3.7 stars with 3.7 stars for Ease of Use and 3.6 stars for Customer Service. Although users seem generally satisfied, they also stated that they have problems with some features.
TopsSoftware Reviews
Raklet provides a comprehensive property management system that automates your work and streamlines every aspect of the process, from accounting to efficient/effective communication. Explore the numerous features and more than 4000 integrations to determine which ones are most appropriate for your requirements. Raklet also provides alternatives for customizing and improving property management. Let’s see some of these features in detail:
automatic renewals


You may simply collect fees on your site by creating several membership plans with various payment options. Additionally, you may set up one-time or regular payments. Utilizing our Stripe connection makes the procedure simpler.


You may customize your analytics reports to acquire a more thorough understanding of how your company is doing. Raklet uses these thorough reports to make sure you’re up to speed on all the information and finances. To monitor the performance of your property management, you may continuously analyze your growth, payments, and other relevant statistics.
social network
free social network


Raklet gives you a custom mobile app, putting your brand in the hands of your community and anywhere else that counts. With the help of branded apps on the App Store and Google Play, custom domain support, and white label solutions, your community will start to trust your brand. You can do a lot more, like alerting your community about forthcoming events and reminding members to renew their memberships.


With our customized individual membership profiles, you may gather all the data you want. You can use Raklet to let your contacts change their contact information whenever and however they choose. Additionally, Raklet gives you access to a strong database that safely houses all bespoke membership data.

free crm

Raklet Pricing

Up to 50 users can use the free plan from Raklet. There are three price options available, starting at $49/month for Essentials, Professional, and Premium, in addition to the forever-free plan. Let’s examine these in detail: Essentials plan offers 1000 contacts and 0.5 GB storage with 1 admin and 1 email sender name for $49/month, Professional plan includes 2000 contacts and 1 GB storage with 2 admins and 2 email sender names for $99/month and offers extra features like digital membership cards and automated emails. Premium plan includes a maximum of 5000 contacts and 4 GB storage with 5 admins and 5 email sender names in total for $249/month and comes with extra features like digital membership cards and automated emails. You can find out more on our transparent pricing page. You can also schedule a free demo to learn more about our plans from us!

Raklet Reviews

Based on the Capterra reviews, Raklet ranks high for both Ease of Use and Customer Service with ratings of 4.7/5 and 4.8/5 respectively. Users are typically pleased with Raklet’s ease of use and the availability of all important functions in one place. Reviews demonstrate that companies of different sizes and requirements are pleased with Raklet’s ability to meet their different demands. You can see our Capterra rating above. You can also check out SourceForge, G2, and GetApp reviews to see how our customers view Raklet.

How is Raklet better than TopsSoftware?

You can see the comparison below:




Free or starts from $49/mo
starts from $375/mo

Free Plan:



Free trial:



Online Payments:



Contact Database:




Over 4,000 apps


Customizable Reports:



Data Import/Export:




The sky’s the limit



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