Raklet’s Alumni Engagement Portal Brings Koç University Alumni Together

Raklet’s Alumni Engagement Portal Brings Koç University Alumni Together

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Koç University, top private college in Turkey, brings their alumni together with Raklet’s alumni engagement portal. Alumni can find and connect with others, send messages, view details of other alumni, hear about events, donate through the system, pay with a credit card and use other benefits. Members get notified when alumni-only events are happening around them. They can find their next career opportunity on the platform.

Updating the Profile, Finding Other Members and Paying Membership Fees

You can click on your name on the top right corner to access your profile. On this page you can update your work and education data, address, phone number and you can also upload a profile picture.

KÜME Raklet

Under the Connections section on the left column, you can find Members, Companies, Sectors, Schools, Cities, Countries, and Tags. You can filter the members and browse the pie charts.

KÜME RAKLETküme raklet

You can click on the Membership button on the left column to pay your membership fees.

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Announcements, Events, and Fundraising Campaigns

You can view all announcements and upcoming events under the Announcements section, it is also possible to get tickets for those events.

KÜME Raklet

KÜME Raklet

You can donate to fundraising campaigns under the Campaigns section.


Career Opportunities

Companies can post job ads in the Jobs section. Job seekers can upload their CVs to the platform.

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Koç University brings its alumni together by using Raklet’s alumni engagement portal. Create your free account now to use all features of Raklet.

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