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It’s no secret that it’s a challenge to connect with your peers after graduation. As everyone branches into different life paths, keeping in touch with each other is not easy. The solution comes in the form of alumni networks. A good alumni management software will provide a database for an organization’s entire network; and a plethora of features that aids in the process of organizing events, collecting donations and so much more. In this article, we hope to help you create the best alumni organization by bringing together all of our articles about alumni platforms.

We have compiled a list of articles that starts with how to build an alumni organization from scratch. Then we have articles to help you along the way of raising engagement; as well as tools to help you in this pursuit. Good alumni management software, tips, and tricks can be found in these articles. And finally, we talk about successful alumni organizations that have gone through the same processes as you did. Their journeys can help you along the way! Make sure to keep reading to learn more.

Table of Contents

What Is an Alumni Organization?

Initially, an alumni organization consists of a database that contains information about everyone that has graduated from a certain organization. While it is often attributed to universities, colleges, or high schools, there are corporate alumni organizations as well. Some schools also include students that are currently enrolled in programs but have not graduated yet. 

It depends on the organization to decide what kind of information they need from their alumni. This is where customizable forms become important. A good alumni software will let you customize forms to collect all of the data you need so that you can use it accordingly.

Once they have this data, alumni organizations remain in contact with their members through different forms of messaging. Newsletters and emails are the most popular forms of contact; however, you can also send SMS messages from this platform as well. These messages contain updates about the organization, conferences, and even job announcements or asking for donations.

These are also other important features a good alumni software should have. Many of them include job boards where people can look for employees, and others can look for job opportunities. Through these boards, people will connect with each other and find the perfect job or the perfect employee.

More Alumni Software Features:

Another important feature is the ability to organize events. Many alumni associations organize annual or biannual events, and a good way to organize them is through all-in-one platforms. These platforms will send announcements and reminders according to your wishes. You can decide whether it will be a paid or free event. If it is paid, you can collect ticket fees through the platform. Furthermore, you can also keep track of who attended these events and reach out to them accordingly.

Besides collecting funds through tickets, alumni organizations also collect donations and organize fundraisers either for the needs of the organization or for their members in need. These can also be done through the platform and deposited into whichever bank account you wish. For example, Raklet works with Stripe, one of the biggest payment gateways in the world, so you can trust that your money is in the right place.

These are just some examples of what alumni organizations do, and how they do it through a good alumni management software. Make sure to keep reading to see more specific examples, tips and tricks!

1. How to Start an Alumni Club to Engage Your Alumni

An alumni organization is a great way to connect, network, and find new opportunities. Without such an organization, it’s likely that alumni will fall out of touch with their peers, and miss important opportunities. In this article, we have focused on how you can start an alumni club from scratch. We know it can be intimidating, so we have created a step-by-step guide to help you on your journey!

You can find our detailed guide right here.

2. Online Alumni Directory Software for Increased Engagement

After setting up your alumni organization, it might be tricky to get things going and raise engagement. In this article, we have compiled a list of reasons why increased engagement is vital for your association, and simple ways to achieve it. 

Make sure to read it here for more information!

3. Corporate Alumni Software: Build Better Relationships With Your Alumni

You might not directly think of corporate when you think of alumni platforms, but there are a plethora of reasons why it’s a good idea to invest time in one for your organization! It will reduce talent acquisition costs and help you stay connected with your alumni for years to come. In this article, we have listed what to look for in a corporate alumni software, and tips and tricks to launch your own platform!

Make sure to check it out right here.

4. Grow Your Alumni Association With the Right Tools

As we have said before, donations and membership fees are commonly asked for in alumni associations. In this article, we talk about the benefits of being a part of these associations from a member’s perspective. You may have doubts about being a member of an alumni association, and whether you should donate your hard-earned money to them. We hope to answer all of your questions here.

Check out our article to learn more!

5. Saint Joseph School Launched Alumni Portal in 2 Weeks With Raklet Alumni Engagement Software

Saint Joseph School is a prestigious private high school in Istanbul, where students are taught to speak French like their native tongue through various subjects. In this article, we start by talking about their challenges when they sought out an alumni platform. These challenges were then solved with Raklet’s alumni features, which you can find more in our article. 

Make sure to check it out right here!

6. Raklet’s Alumni Engagement Portal Brings Koç University Alumni Together

Koç University, one of the top private colleges in Turkey, also chose Raklet as their alumni network solution! Members of KUME can register through their Raklet website and get access to various features that help them connect with each other. Their first steps are updating their own profile, and paying membership fees if they have any. Then, they can search for any member under various segments, reach announcements, events, fundraising campaigns and so much more.

If you’d like to learn more about how Raklet has helped Koç University’s Alumni Association, check out our article right here.

7. How CYDD Created a Strong Alumni Network With Raklet

Association for the Support of Contemporary Living (CYDD) uses Raklet for their alumni software and regularly collects donations to help those in need! They use fundraising and donation modules, as well as social networking modules to bring their alumni together. In this article, we have talked about their challenges and how Raklet has brought solutions to them through our adaptive and easy-to-use platform.

Make sure to check it out right here.

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