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The 5 Best Club Management Software of 2021

The 5 Best Club Management Software of 2022

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Club management is a tricky business, especially nowadays. Keeping up with the changes and staying up-to-date is a must. If you want to reach your members online, securely store all club data, and be able to organize events, you will need a club management software for your organization.

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What is a Club Management Software?

A club management software is a software that helps clubs manage memberships, payments, events, and data from a single place. Ideally, it should also create a platform to encourage communication between members. 

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Who Can Use Club Management Software?

There is really no limit on who can use a club management software. Most software options are targeted towards gyms and sports/fitness clubs, but don’t let that discourage you: they can easily be used for all types of organizations. Other examples of club management software users include associations, book clubs, car clubs, film clubs, etc. 

Benefits of Using a Club Management Software

  • Stores all your data, and runs your organization’s management needs all from a single place.
  • Increases accessibility and eases communication with the ability to reach your members online.
  • Helps you easily create and promote in-person and online events. 
  • Provides a place to share announcements, and to have your club members communicate & discuss. 
  • Allows you to create membership fees or event tickets, and to collect one-time or recurring payments for them.
  • Gives club managers access to real-time membership and payment information, which allows them to easily analyze & export data.

What Should a Comprehensive Club Management Software Include? 

  • An exportable CRM/contacts database, 
  • Engagement options for between-member and member-to-manager communication (email, SMS, instant messaging, discussion boards, etc.), 
  • A mobile application for on-the-go engagement,
  • Annual or one-time membership fee payment collection,
  • Event management options with online event support (i.e, a Zoom integration), 
  • Scannable membership cards with quick access to membership profiles.  

These are just some integral features that you could want for your club. Of course, there are many more tools and abilities you may want based on your club’s needs. For example, if you’re a fitness club with instructors, payment options and online class booking will be a must. Do your research well to see which software is best for you. You can start with our compiled list of suggestions down below:

The 5 Best Club Management Software of 2022

Hint: Try clicking on the logos to visit each of their websites for more information!

5- BookSteam

BookSteam works mostly as a comprehensive booking platform. It’s the perfect solution, especially for fitness/sports instructors running online clubs or gyms. 

Their main feature is an event calendar to easily book classes/appointments, as well as to track these bookings. Other useful features include a customizable booking page and client database. You can also collect online payments and create events. 

Above is BookSteam’s reviews on Capterra, one of the top software review sites. You can see that most of their customers are content with the platform. Some complaints are about a lack of customization options on a few features, difficulty to use, and translation problems.  

Price: $19.95/month for one staff member, increases as you add more. They also offer a free 14-day trial. There is no free plan.

4- Club Express

ClubExpress is advertised as an ideal solution for smaller groups and associations between 25-5000 members, which makes it perfect for a club.

It includes all the best qualities you could ask for in a club software: Communication channels, event calendar, membership management, direct payments, mobile app, etc.

Capterra reviewers gave 4.3 / 5 stars to the software. As you can see, the most common issue was about the ease of use. Many reported that new tools are always very different, and cause adaptation problems. There are also other complaints about their outdated interface and some general design hiccups.   

Price: Starts at $24/month. There is no free plan, but they have a free trial. 

3- Perfect Gym

Perfect Gym is a software that is more targeted towards running gyms and fitness/wellness centers. Their customers include: Fitness clubs, yoga studios, dance studios, and even trampoline parks. 

If you look at their features, you’ll see that they’re more of an online class booking & membership app. They might be the right choice for you if you’re looking for powerful club membership management features, a client portal, CRM, as well as the ability to automate tasks to ease your management process. They also offer a mobile app with push notifications and a mobile event check-in feature.

Perfect Gym has the lowest star rating among our recommendations, but it’s still considerably high. Reviewers were generally discontent with the high price of the software, as well as with their slow technical support and sometimes unhelpful customer service. 

Price: Starts at $129/month. Can increase depending on what features you want. They have a free trial available, but no free plan.

2- Vagaro

Vagaro is also a scheduling and management software like most options above. They’re mostly targeted towards salons, spas, and fitness centers.

 In addition to all the other alternatives, Vagaro also offers an online store option. You can also put managers/instructors/etc. on a payroll through their software. These set it apart from the previous options, and make Vagaro a unique solution to consider. 

Vagaro is overall very comprehensive and easy to use, according to their reviewers. It has very high ratings overall, and is one of the most preferred software of its kind. Some complained, however, about the slow payment processing, limited client-to-manager contact options, and lack of customization for applications.   

Price: Starts at $25/month for one employee/manager, with a free one-month trial. Every employee adds $10 to your monthly plan.

1- Raklet

Raklet is an all-in-one club management software to fulfill all your needs. You can easily manage your club’s membership and event details, analyze securely stored data, collect fees, as well as streamline and automate all your repetitive tasks — all from a single platform.

As you can see, Raklet is the highest rated software on this list, and among the highest rated on the market. We are proud to be providing one of the best platforms to our users, and we take their feedback very seriously. Customer happiness is our top priority at all times. 

Price: Raklet has a forever-free plan for one site admin. Paid plans start at $49/month, with a 14-day free trial available. See our transparent and detailed pricing page for more details. 

Still not convinced? Then, read about how Raklet helped UN-PORT as their preferred club membership management software or how Raklet was listed in the Best Club Management Software of 2021 by Digital.com.

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