Boost Your Recurring Donations With Raklet!

Boost Your Recurring Donations With Raklet!

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One of the main difficulties faced by NGOs is to collect regular donations which are crucial for the realisation of their projects. For a long time, Raklet has been working on solutions which can make the process easier and even more effective. Recently, it has developed public donation page in order to widen your donor community!

Donations constitute maybe the greatest part of the revenues of an NGO. But it is not always very easy to reach the targets. Based on our experience in the field, we know that the lack of technological infrastructure can be one of the main reasons for this situation. HayDos Animal Friends Association is one of the NGOs which constitutes a good example of this fact. By using recurring donation option of Raklet, the Association succeeded to collect more than 10.000 Euro per year!

Haydos' public donation page

Thanks to its online payment system, Raklet gives the opportunity to make a donation as easy as possible. And with the chance to publish your donation page open to the public, it is not difficult to widen your donor community. Furthermore, you can easily turn your one-time donors into regular ones with the “recurring donation” option.

You can simply create your public donation page and start to collect payments which will fund your precious projects. With a large and loyal donor community, it is not difficult to boost the power of your organization.


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Zeynep Turan

Zeynep Turan

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