Classic Car Club Is More Powerful With Raklet!

Classic Car Club Is More Powerful With Raklet!

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Founded in 1990 by a small group of classic car enthusiasts in Turkey, Classic Car Club has reached 700 members today. The Club summarizes its purpose as the following: “We desire to bring people together who have a lively interest for classic cars, cars that have special features special to the era to which they belong. We also want people to come together and exchange their ideas about these special cars.”

The Club, under the presidency of Aydın Harazi, a businessman who is passionate about classic cars, organizes three rallies per year as Spring Rally, West Anatolia Rally and Republic Rally. In addition to creating an opportunity where classical auto enthusiasts can meet,  it also aims to draw attention to public issues like the protection of olive trees in West Anatolia.

Cooperation with Raklet

The Club decided to start using Raklet in 2015 with the aim of communicating with its members in a more efficient way, tracking member payments more appropriately and organizing their events more easily. Zeynep Tura Kalın, the general secretary of the Club, explains how the process has improved since then:

“Raklet is a very user friendly software. Making announcements to our members, inviting them to our events or collecting/tracking membership fee payments via the system is quite easy. It also makes it possible to communicate with the audience apart from our members. It is a big advantage that our members can also login to the system and update their profiles. As a cloud platform, it facilitates all the processes by eliminating the dependence to a physical place and specific times. In the case we need support, Raklet team is always ready to help. We are very happy to use this platform and we want to use it even more efficiently in the forthcoming days.”

120% revenue growth after the first year

One of the most vital features of Raklet is the opportunity to have detailed reports where you can see the results of your strategies.

Classic Car Club has witnessed this reality by a revenue growth more than doubled within one year. And it’s also worth to mention that, after having sent debt reminder emails to its members, the Club collected $900 in the first fifteen minutes.

The example of Classic Car Club shows that it is not difficult to improve the efficiency of your communication channels with your members, to increase the revenue of your organisation and to be closer to your projects. You can see it yourself by creating your free account here.

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