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With our mobile app for iOS & Android, you can engage your members on the go. Create push notifications, send in-app messages, let members book facility spaces, and much more. Need a branded app? We can do that too!
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Our mission is to help communities grow & thrive.
Our platform is just a means to achieve that.

When we say we are an all-in-one platform, we really mean it

Branded Apps
Branded Apps
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Branded Apps
Get your own portal & iPhone Android apps.
Flexible Database
Flexible Database
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Flexible Database
Store person or company info, customize fields.
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
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Email Marketing

Send beautiful emails, automate newsletters.

Custom Profiles
Custom Profiles
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Custom Profiles
Customizable fields, advanced privacy and visibility options.
Event Management
Event Management
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Event Management
Collect RSVPs or sell tickets for online or offline events.
Paid Newsletters
Paid Newsletters
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Paid Newsletters
Publish premium newsletters and sell memberships.
Page Builder
Page Builder
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Page Builder
Create custom pages, spray your brand all over!
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Sell subscriptions, scan digital cards, check-in members.
Job Board
Job Board
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Job Board
Launch your own job board that only paid members can post.
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Launch directories with custom filters and templates.
Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging
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Instant Messaging
Let your community members message to each other.
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Collect donations and run successful campaigns.
free crm

Robust CRM to manage community members

You can easily create, import and export contacts. Raklet’s powerful CRM helps you to manage contacts easily with filters, tags, and segments. Don’t spend hours to manage your community members. Spend more time to improve your community.

Streamline membership with automatic renewals & cancellations

You can set up renewals for your members, send reminder emails automatically, and choose their membership status. Streamline membership process, grow your community.
automatic renewals

Organize events to engage with your community

Create events, interact with your community online or in person, and improve your community. You can easily run the whole process with Raklet. Increase the engagement in your community.

A private social network just for your community

Communication is critical for a community. Raklet’s Private Social Network feature allows your members to send private messages, create discussion boards and engage with each other.
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email sms

Let your members know with emails & SMS

Inform your community about everything that’s going on. Send mass emails, newsletters, and reminders to communicate better while increasing engagement. Always keep your members posted.

Let the numbers speak for themselves

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Raklet Integrations

We make your other tools better for you

A modern organization might work with different tools, and sometimes managing all of them individually becomes a nightmare. That is why we integrate with the best and most used online tools in the market so you can sleep well at night.

Case Study

See how ISS/SIC
a community of surgeons
from 100+ countries,
an easy way for their members
access membership benefits 
with great user experience
in no time.

Community Management Frequently Asked Questions

Community management is the process of creating a genuine community via various forms of interactions, either outwardly among your consumers or internally among your staff and partners.

Brands leverage both online and offline possibilities to build a network through which they can interact, share, and develop.

Through actual interactions, community management enables your company to get input from consumers and audience members and collect ideas from them. Additionally, it offers assistance to audience members, fans, and clients as needed. You may raise your target market’s awareness of your brand and products. Also, you may create one-on-one and one-to-many connections between your brand and your audience.

Social media content creation, publication, review, and improvement are all included in social media management.

On social networks, a social media manager will publish using the brand’s account. They are in charge of posting, responding, and creating all other material since they are the brand’s voice.

Community management happens after you publish on social media. So it involves some brand monitoring, some customer service, and some engagement in brand-related conversations.

A community manager will engage in debates, seek new clients, and pay attention to the existing clientele while posting as a brand ambassador using their own account rather than the company.

In order to keep recurring customers who are inclined to connect with the company again, community management is crucial. Instead of concentrating on the immediate advantages and growing sales, community management strengthens the position of the brand over the long term by developing a reputation.

If you want to establish a long-term company with a strong reputation, you need to engage in community management.

A community manager’s major goal is to represent a business by connecting with new consumers and forging bonds with current ones. Along with measuring brand sentiment, they also pay attention to user comments and engagement through the use of social listening technologies.

An online community is basically a collection of individuals who have a common interest and who utilize a specific online space to communicate, form connections, work together, contribute value to one another, and engage with the brand that unites them.

For a hosted community or a self-hosted community, brands can use cloud-based or SaaS solutions, or an open-source solution. Creating a community from scratch is another option if none of the existing options satisfy the needs.

A custom-made platform called community management software was created to promote participation, increase retention, and preserve your community’s data. Your community may interact, debate pertinent issues, and share ideas thanks to this bespoke portal. It comprises of a number of tools that streamline and consolidate community management tasks, enabling you to oversee, assist, and communicate with your members all at once.

Since a community management system offers a private and secure interface for connecting with members, it is unquestionably superior to social media platforms. The platform, in contrast to these sites, does not give its users’ data to outside apps.

The process of acquiring and renewing memberships is automated by membership management software. It has features including membership application, email marketing, event development and publishing, reminders for membership renewals, and financial administration

A key factor in member involvement is an online community management program. Your members may interact, share interests, and create enduring connections in a safe online environment.

Community management solutions work well with AMS and CRM and other membership tools.

By fusing together internal operations and customer interactions, customer relationship management (CRM) technology assists you in managing the connection with your members. Additionally, it offers more in-depth perceptions of the actions of your members and points out chances to develop them.

However, Association Management Software (AMS) automates a number of administrative chores, including processing memberships, planning events, developing and distributing email campaigns, and collecting money.


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Most frequent questions and answers

Raklet is built with industry-standard security practices and employs strict policies to protect your data. Your information is never shared with anyone.


Raklet currently works with Stripe and provides payment collection in their supported countries. You can find the full list of supported countries here: https://stripe.com/global


With Raklet, you can charge almost any kind of credit or debit card. U.S. businesses can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. Australian, Canadian, European, and Japanese businesses can accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
You can also accept gift and prepaid cards that are one of the above types. You can use Raklet to charge cards of these types from customers anywhere in the world.

It only takes 2 minutes to signup for Raklet. Once registered you can start using Raklet. Payment gateway setup usually takes 24 hours.


Yes. We offer 2 months free with annual subscriptions. If you’re a non-profit or educational organization with limited funds and can’t afford our plans, please get in touch with us to see what we can do.

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