Unlimited Contacts

There are 8205000 people living in Austria and if you want to keep a record all of them on your database, Raklet got your back.

Supported Currencies

You can collect payments in your local currency Euro

Send SMS to Austria

You can send text messages to reach your contacts on the go. Raklet supports SMS sending to + AT

Language Support

Raklet supports many languages including German . When you create your account on Raklet, your admins and contacts can choose their preferred language.


Custom Domain Support

Raklet also supports custom domains with country domains such as . .at . Get a custom domain and use it on your Raklet account.

Overview of Membership Management Software Raklet in Austria

Raklet is a flexible membership management software that organizations in Austria can use to improve their membership processes with a wide range of powerful tools. Raklet is an all-in-one solution for handling memberships well. It has features like member database management, contact tools, event planning, online payments, and customizable forms. It’s easy-to-use interface and powerful features make it a great choice for Austrian groups that want to get their members more involved and improve how they handle their memberships.

Features of Raklet

Raklet has a lot of tools that are meant to make it easier to manage accounts and make the membership experience better in general. It is a great choice for organizations in Austria because it is easy to use and has strong features. Here are some of the most important features of Raklet: 

  • Member Database
  • Communication Tools
  • Event Management
  • Online Payments
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Fundraising and Donations
  • Customizable Forms
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Mobile App

Benefits of Raklet

Raklet helps organizations in Austria in many ways. It changes how they manage their members and makes the organization as a whole more efficient. Raklet makes it easy for organizations to stay in touch with their members. It has a modern interface, powerful features, and great customer service. Some of the most important reasons to use Raklet are:

  • Streamlined Membership Management
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Improved Event Organization
  • Secure Online Payment
  • Customizability and Flexibility
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Mobile Accessibility

Raklet vs. Other Membership Management Software: A Comparative Analysis

Raklet is a well-known membership management software company in Austria too. We believe in constantly improving our platform by looking at what our competitors are doing and learning from them. In our comparison, we try to give a fair look at the membership management software choices. For a detailed assessment, please refer to our top comparative analysis of competitors like Raklet vs Memberful post.

If you’re interested in exploring alternative options, we invite you to browse through our comparison Raklet alternatives articles.

Top Customers Using Raklet’s Membership Management System

We would also like to tell you about some of our customers from around the world. We are very happy that they chose us and we are improving ourselves every day to offer them better software.

Here are our top customers using Raklet:


In summary, the use of Raklet for membership management offers numerous advantages, including streamlined communication, enhanced membership retention, and easier event and donation management. By taking advantage of Raklet’s offerings, organizations in Austria can simplify their membership-related tasks, in this way, managers can focus on other essential activities. Raklet’s user-friendly interface and endless features make it an excellent choice for organizations of all sizes.


Frequently Asked Questions about Raklet in Austria

Raklet is an all-in-one software for managing memberships that help communities improve their membership processes and get their users more involved.


Raklet can be used to manage organizations, plan events, manage online payments, and make it easier to talk to users in Austria.

Raklet works with major payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and This gives organizations in Austria a wide range of choices for processing online payments in a safe and efficient way.

With Raklet’s data import tool, you can easily add information about your members. You can do this by uploading CSV or Excel files with member information straight into the platform. You can check our post on Tips and Tricks for Data Import for more information.


With Raklet, you can keep your members informed, connect with them, and get them involved in the actions and news of your organization by using tools like email campaigns, SMS alerts, and mobile apps. Using the event management tool, you can also host online or in-person events.