Unlimited Contacts

There are 1102677 people living in Cyprus and if you want to keep a record all of them on your database, Raklet got your back.

Supported Currencies

You can collect payments in your local currency Euro

Send SMS to Cyprus

You can send text messages to reach your contacts on the go. Raklet supports SMS sending to + CY

Language Support

Raklet supports many languages including Greek, Turkish, and English. When you create your account on Raklet, your admins and contacts can choose their preferred language.


Custom Domain Support

Raklet also supports custom domains with country domains such as . .cy . Get a custom domain and use it on your Raklet account.

Raklet: The Ultimate Membership Management Software in Cyprus

Are you looking for a more efficient way to manage your membership data, and events, and engage with members? Look no further, Raklet’s all-in-one solution is here to help!

What is Raklet?

Raklet is an all-in-one platform that simplifies membership management, allowing organizations to streamline tasks and automate administrative processes. The software comes equipped with numerous features that enable you to manage communication and event planning with ease.

Why Choose Raklet?

One of the primary reasons organizations choose Raklet over other software options is its flexibility. The software adapts to your unique needs, regardless of your organization’s size. Furthermore, Raklet’s pricing is affordable for organizations of all budgets.

Another major advantage of Raklet is that it is cloud-based, meaning that users can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. This feature is beneficial as it enables members of your organization to stay connected and informed even when they are away from your headquarters.

Main Features of Raklet

Raklet offers a range of features that make managing your organization’s membership data more accessible than ever before. Here are a few of its essential qualities:

  • Membership Management: Raklet allows you to manage member records, track payment advances and renewals, and monitor credit features and fundraising.
  • Engagement: The software allows you to engage with your members in various ways, including communicating via email, SMS and campaigns.
  • Event Planning: Raklet’s event management feature allows you to track RSVPs, sell tickets, and easily communicate with attendees.


In conclusion, Raklet is a flexible and easy-to-use management system that solves the challenges of membership data management. Its pricing, adaptability, and ease of use give Raklet an edge over other management software options in Cyprus. So, If you need membership management software, Raklet is the best choice for you!

FAQs about Raklet in Cyprus

What is Raklet?

Raklet is a cloud-based membership management platform that helps organizations in Cyprus and beyond to streamline their operations, engage with their members, and grow their communities.

What Features Does Raklet Offer for Membership Management?

Raklet provides a comprehensive set of features for membership management, including membership database management, events management, email marketing, payment processing, reporting and analytics, custom forms, and mobile app integration.