Terms of Use

Last Updated: June 1st, 2022

The following terms of Use forms a legally binding contract merely between the business or individual agreeing on this (you) and Raklet (Developer). This Agreement governs your use of Raklet’s software application and all services it provides for you, including Raklet mobile Application(“App”). Make sure you have read and understood this Agreement carefully before visiting, registering, or using any services of Raklet.By clicking the “I Agree” button or by downloading, installing, copying, or using the App, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained herein; if you do not agree to all terms set forth in this Agreement, you must click “Decline” and do not use or access the any of our services.

1. The App and Services

1.1. The App will provide you with the ability to: Managing your members easily and letting them sign in and update their profiles, arranging meetings, events and inviting your members, updating your customers from the news, creating your own CRM to keep your members updated and collect all information you need with Raklet’s custom individual membership profiles, creating discussion forums, chatting privately in the platform, having your mobile application and helping you to customize your business.

1.2.  It is your duty to assess whether your use of the App is legal, and you must abide by all applicable laws while doing so. It is prohibited for you to use the App for any illegal purpose. During the Term (defined lately), Raklet grants you a personal, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and retrievable license. All services and features of the Raklet that are not clearly granted to you under this Agreement are reserved by Raklet to itself. Raklet App owns and protects all information, photos, text, data compilations, software, copyright, and other content supplied.

1.3. In case of any update that can occur automatically from time to time on Raklet, you are required to confirm these updates in order to pursue your subscription and use Raklet. In this condition, your only responsibility is to accept all the terms.

2. Fees

You agree to pay the amount of payment to Raklet that you are charged to pay according to the membership plan you purchase. We charge you through a payment associated with your Raklet account using third-party payment processors (Stripe). All fees do not include any taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities, and you are responsible for paying any such taxes, levies, or duties. All currency references on the Raklet are to U.S. Dollars.

3. Term

This Agreement starts when you accept it and will continue until your subscription duration is terminated (this duration of time is the Agreement’s Term).

4. Suspension and Termination

4.1. At our mere discretion, Raklet can suspend or terminate your use of its all services and Apps, without liability to Raklet or to any third party; if 1) you breach the any of the Agreement’s terms, 2) Raklet has reasonable grounds to believe that you damaged its reputation or any rights of Raklet possess, 3) we detect any misconduct, illegal of our any services or app by you, 4) you use the Raklet in a way that puts us in legal liability or interferes with other people’s use of the Raklet.

4.2. Through your account management page, you can terminate your subscription or delete your account at any time you want. Deactivation or disablement will occur as a result of such deletion operation. You will not receive any refund for the billing period in which you are charged on.

5. Privacy and Security

Before using Raklet, please read our Privacy Policy carefully to understand more about the personal data we collect, how we handle it, and how we secure it.

6. Account

In order to use Raklet, you will have to create a new account. You are responsible for keeping your personal information accurate since that details will be considered and used while you are using the Raklet. You are required to create and password and keep your password to yourself. You, not Raklet, are liable for any activity that occurs in your account, whether or not such action was permitted by you. Therefore, if you notice any unauthorized access to your account, let us know via [email protected] right away. You are responsible for keeping your content up to date, safe, and backed up. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, Raklet is not responsible for any failure to store your content, as well as any loss or corruption of your content (we only temporarily store your account information, until 24 hours after you change or delete it.) If your account is inactive for a long period, Raklet may terminate your account and delete your content after warning you with an email.

7. Risk Allocation, Disclaimer of Warranties, and Limitations

7.1. Raklet will not be responsible to you for any lost profits, revenues, and special or consequential damages (including loss, without limitation, goodwill, savings, or warranties of security), to the extent permitted by applicable law.

7.2. Raklet provides you with third-party plug-ins, links, and applications (“apps”) or websites. Utilizing such integrations and tools is optional and completely on your own consideration. Your usage of third-party tools and the consequences of this are merely between you and the provider of these integrations and tools, and Raklet does not have any initiative, control, or claim over them. Raklet does not provide any warranty to you and does not accept any engagement and responsibility regarding these third-party integrations. Your use of these optional integrations is at your own risk.

7.3. Raklet provides and serves its all services, integration and tools with high clearance to you. Deciding whether they are compatible with your requests and expectations is your own responsibility without any warranty (express or implied) by our side. Raklet does not warrant that 1) our services and integrations will meet all your requirements, 2) any possible error that occurred while you are using the Raklet will be fixed, 3) your experience while using Raklet will be bug-free and virus-free; and, to the extent permitted by applicable laws. Raklet disclaims all warranties (express or implied) and conditions of any type. Your use of the Raklet, including all the contents of your account, is at your own risk.

8. Other Terms

8.1. These Terms have been created in English and written in that language. If a translated version conflicts with the English version, the English version takes priority, unless otherwise required by law.

8.2. You will ensure that you have the legal power to enter into this Agreement and generate legally enforceable contractual obligations against you.

8.3. This Agreement can be modified by Raklet from time to time. In this case, you will be informed and updated via one of our communication tools (emails, website, or app). In order to continue using Raklet services and integrations, you should accept the new/updated terms of use. If you do not agree, you must stop using Raklet and delete your account.

8.4. You will be charged with indemnification to Raklet in the case of any costs, including reasonable attorneys, damages, expenses, losses, and any conflict and case brought by third parties against Raklet that result from your actions, your misuse of Raklet, or your breach of the Term of Use.

9. Questions

If you have any concerns regarding this Agreement, you can contact us via [email protected] or [email protected]