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Online Coaching Guide

Online Coaching Guide, Where to Start?

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Since the pandemic has turned our lives upside down and changed everything, we have all been moving to online spaces to connect with each other and grow. One of the most popular forms of online connection has been online coaching platforms. Regardless of time and space, you can educate your audience and help them reach their goals with the right software. And if you’re one of these people that want to start up your platform, monetize it, and help others, you’re in the right place to start!

In this article, we have listed important things you should know about, from what an online coaching platform is, to the features and the benefits it brings to your business. Then, we move on to your options, the best online coaching platforms on the market with their pros and cons, so that you can make the right decision for you. Make sure to keep reading to learn more!

What is online coaching?

Online coaching software: yoga software

Online coaching often refers to helping and guiding someone for physical practice routines. It usually consists of fitness, yoga, cross-training, or other types of sports. It could also be nutrition coaching, as in regulating someone’s diet so that they live healthier and reach their goal weight.

You can also regularly go to the gym and connect with your online coach to talk about your process. There are popular online coaching platforms out there that people join internationally, and keep in touch with their trainers online. After all, the pandemic has shown us that you don’t need to be next to someone to learn from them.

While it is rarer, there are also other types of coaching, for important exams or deadlines. An academic coach will help you keep up with your goals and help you manage your limited time so that you can reach your goals.

And of course, online coaching through emails and SMS is tedious, to say the least. While you can use a lot of programs to reach out to your students, it will be difficult to keep track of different tasks, various students, incoming payments, and so on, since each would be managed from a different program. This is where online coaching platforms shine, which we will be talking about in the next paragraphs. 

What is an online coaching platform? What features should you look for?

Online coaching features

Online coaching software is basically an all-in-one platform where you can manage everything you need easily and quickly. Rather than sending emails from one software, collecting payments from another, and hosting classes from yet another platform; you can use an online coaching software to take care of it all.

Here are some online coaching software features that you absolutely need to get started:

  • The ability to send mass emails and SMS messages
  • Calendar feature for scheduling, for example, Google Calendar integration
  • Collecting online payments, these can be recurring or one-time fees
  • Contracts, ie. “Terms of Use” that you share upon application
  • Event organization, either one on one or for groups
  • Ability to host these events online, and also share other recorded or written content

Other Features That Will Help Your Journey:

Here are some other features that you might not think of at first. However, they will empower your business and help you reach your full potential:

  • Discussion forums so that your members can talk and connect with each other
  • Integration with iOS or Google Health apps
  • A mobile application, so that your members can reach out to you on the run
  • Membership tiers for seasoned members or those who try out different types of plans
  • The ability to create special and locked posts for different tiers
  • Collecting data so that you know where your customers come from and what they enjoy
  • Google Analytics and Google Ads integration so that you can continue growing

These are some features we recommend that you look out for when choosing the perfect software. Now, you might ask: what is the best software, then? What do people prefer? And no need to look further, because we have prepared that list for you as well! In the following lines, you will find the top 5 online coaching platforms, from 5th to 1st, as well as their pros and cons. Make sure to keep reading!

5. Nutrium

Online coaching software, Nutrium

Let’s talk about Nutrium: a platform specifically created for nutrition coaching.

Undoubtedly, this is a great solution if you’d like to run a nutrition practice online. Their features are designed to keep track of each of your clients, their process, and what they are eating every day.

Their features include a direct messaging feature, the ability to keep track of appointments via a calendar, and more technical features. There are other features that are about specific meal planning and “anthropometry”, which is your physical measures.

Unfortunately, they do not have a free plan and their cheapest plan starts at $35.5 per month.

Capterra Nutrium Review

They have 4.2 stars on Capterra, which shows an overall satisfied customer base.

The negative reviews map out their cons, and one of them is their lack of accessibility when it comes to other languages. They only offer five languages, which might be restrictive for international clients. 

Users have also complained about the difficulty of accessing patient information, and that the platform doesn’t make it easy to talk to patients about certain diets.

Nutrium also expectedly falls short when you want to try any other type of coachings, such as fitness and yoga.

4. Satori

Satori online coaching

Satori is an all-in-one software that’s built for online coaching. One of their benefits is undoubtedly the ability to create different types of coaching programs and bundle them in different groups to market them better. 

They also have important features such as branded client platforms, mass messaging systems, and online fee management. Like we have said before, it is important that you are able to collect money from the very same platform you use, which you can do so with Satori. 

However, they do not have a free plan and their cheapest plan starts at $39 per month.

Satori Reviews

When it comes to their reviews, they have received 4.5 stars on Capterra, which sounds great. 

It’s easy to find the negative sides of their platform from their negative reviews. The first one is that the platform is not easy to use and that it will take time to get used to it. The users complain that it is not intuitive enough.

Another vital con is that there is no Zoom integration, which makes things especially challenging as you have to navigate between platforms daily to connect with your clients.

3. Coach Catalyst

Coach Catalyst Online Coaching

Coach Catalyst offers solutions for a variety of online coaching types. As you can see from their dynamic web page, they aim to help nutrition coaches, gym owners, personal trainers, and health coaches. 

Their features focus on connecting you with your members and keeping track of all client processes from one platform. As such, one of their most important features is their client results. With different data tables, you will visually see how a client is faring, and be able to interfere and talk to them accordingly.

They also offer features such as sharing different types of content easily, workout builders, as well as platform customization according to your brand values.

Once again, they do not offer a free plan, and their cheapest option starts at $39 per month.

They have 5.0 stars on Capterra, which is a stellar result. However, it shouldn’t go without saying that this is out of 20~ reviews, which is not a lot.

When it comes to their cons, users have complained about their communication features. 

As we have said before, if your clients can keep in touch with each other and share their own journeys, this will undoubtedly help your business. Users have found Couch Catalyst lacking on this front, as they do not have discussion forums.

They also found it difficult to use their messaging feature in general, and difficult to integrate into their existing practices. 

2. TrueCoach

TrueCoach online coaching

TrueCoach is designed for personal trainers who want to coach online.

While it’s restrictive for other types of coaching, their specific features for personal training make TrueCoach a good option. One of their most important features is their workout builder. You can design and deliver personalized workout routines to your clients according to their wishes. Next to workouts, you can also track their nutrition intake and assign goals.

They also offer a video exercise library, which is a great asset as clients can look back at your older lessons and learn from them at the same time. 

Moreover, they also offer vital features such as direct messaging to keep in touch with your clients.

TrueCoach rating

TrueCoach has a 4.7 rating on Capterra. While it might seem that TrueCoach has lower ratings than Coach Catalyst, it must be known that this is out of 352 reviews, while other platforms had 30 reviews maximum. This number shows that the rating is reliable, as Capterra has also put them down as a Top Performer of 2021.

When we switch to their cons, we see that some users have found the platform difficult to use. They have said it is “clunky” and not very intuitive.

There is also no progression feature available, which makes it difficult to look back and see how your client has been doing. Clients also have to manually enter step data, which is difficult in the long run.

1. Raklet

Let’s talk about Raklet! While Raklet offers a variety of solutions for many different organizations, you can easily launch your online coaching business with Raklet.

As we have talked about in an early section, Raklet offers many important features that are both needed as well as beneficial for your business to grow.

Raklet Features:

You can send out mass emails, SMS messages, and use our discussion platforms. This way, not only can you directly communicate with your clients, but they can also share their journey with each other.

When it comes to scheduling, we offer a Google Calendar integration through Zapier, so that you and your clients don’t need to go back and forth between emails to figure out when you have scheduled your next class. 

For monetizing your platform, you can collect payments directly from your Raklet platform. These can be either memberships or one-time fees. There is also the ability to use membership tiers and unlock specific content depending on these tiers.

When it comes to event organization, Raklet also shines in between its competitors. We offer the ability to host online and physical events and help you keep track of them easily. When it comes to online lessons, you can both use a Zapier Google Meets integration or a Zoom integration to connect with your clients. 

Your clients can also use our mobile application on the go so that they don’t lose time worrying about switching to their computers. If you’re passionate about having your own application, we can also do that and in a few weeks, you can launch your own app on Apple Store and Google Play Store

For more Raklet features, check out our features page!

Raklet Pricing and Reviews

Different from its competitors, Raklet offers a completely free plan! There is no undertaking: you can use Raklet free, forever. You can learn all about our plans right here.

As you can see, Raklet has received great reviews from all around the world. We are passionate about helping organizations grow and reach their full potential! Accordingly, we also update our platform regularly to keep up with the latest requests from our clients.

Launch your free online coaching platform today, and if you have any questions at all, you can schedule a demo. We would love to answer any questions you might have and learn more about your business!

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