Product Update: July 2020

Product Update: July 2020

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It has been a busy month for us at Raklet and we released several major updates this month. Here is a brief summary:

New contact profiles launched

We updated contact profiles on the admin panel in order to provide a better user experience for admins. You can now see a snapshot of their actions in the Timeline including profile updates, email actions, payments and their engagement with your platform. 

Create new roles and restrict access for admins

With Raklet's new feature you can create new roles and restrict features accordingly

This was one of the most requested feature requests. You can now create new roles to restrict access to modules on the admin panel. You can limit access to adding, importing, exporting, deleting or updating contacts as well as disabling access to other modules such as email, membership, events etc. Learn more

17 new languages are now supported

You can now use Raklet in many more languages such as Swedish SE, Dutch NL, Norwegian NO, Bulgarian BG, Czech CS, Greek EL, Estonian ET, Hindi HI, Finnish FI, Irish GA, Japanese JA, Luxembourgish LB, Lithuanian LT, Latvian LV, Malayalam ML, Romanian RO, Slovak SK. See full list of supported languages

Social profiles for your contacts

Contacts can add their social network urls on their profiles along with their website information. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin accounts can now be added in their profile settings.

With our new update, you can add social profiles to your contacts so that you can find them easily through the internet!

Other Updates:

  • Ghanaian Cedi (GHS) currency support added
  • Membership benefits are displayed for anonymous users
  • Iyzico payouts schedule updated
  • and many other bug fixes are released 

You can find more information about the updates we’ve made on our Product Roadmap. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or services you would like to see in Raklet. As always, your opinions are valuable to us. 

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