Raklet Is Always Here to Support Refugee Organizations

Raklet Is Always Here to Support Refugee Organizations

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As a cloud platform developed for NGOs, Raklet helps organizations that support and empower refugees. Communication with volunteers, refugee registrations with custom fields or public donation campaigns are the most useful features of Raklet for refugee organizations.

How Raklet can help you to reduce the workload of refugee organizations while increasing efficiency?

Customised database always up-to-date

It is important to be well organized while trying to reach out lots of people in need and allocate limited resources. You can import all your contacts into your Raklet account (members, volunteers, donors, local managers, refugees registered to your association…) and create custom fields as many as you want to organize your database efficiently. 

If you give them access, your teammates can log in to your Raklet account and make necessary updates even while they are working in the field.

Easy Membership Management

You can import all your contacts into your Raklet account regardless if they are your official members or just people with whom your refugee organization has ties. You have a special panel related to your official members. So, you can keep track of their payments and manage the process related to their memberships. Also, you can create different membership types with different membership fees.

Online Payments

You can collect payments online both from a computer or mobile device for membership fees, donations and registration fees. Raklet’s automated payment system provides support for recurring payments so members are charged automatically when the time comes. Furthermore, payments are collected with the lowest transaction fees. It has never been so easy to boost the revenue of your organization.

Efficient Communication Tools

You can create categories in your Raklet account according to your needs and send bulk/emails or sms related to each category. Do you need to organize your volunteers or send the press release to press members? Just select the category and send your message. It is very easy to see if your emails are delivered, opened or clicked. You have all data to empower your communication strategies.

Sending Newsletters

Newsletters are very important to inform your audience about your activities, to share the latest news related to your activity area. You can easily design your newsletters on your Raklet account and send them to your contacts according to the categories that you have created in your account.

Public Donation Campaigns:

Donations constitute the most important financial resource for refugee organizations. Publishing donation campaigns are so easy that you can create your public donation page with your campaign visual and message just in a few minutes.

Public donation pages allow to reach out to a wider donor audience and recurring donations ensure that you will have a donation revenue all year round. Furthermore, you can collect donations from all over the world. It is very easy to keep track of your donors and maintain a healthy communication with them.

Successful Event Organisations

Events can be another method for fundraising or to spread the word about your activity area. You can create paid or free events, sell your tickets and check-in your attendees at the door. It is a good way to increase the visibility of your organization and the support of people.


Raklet is built with industry-standard security practices and employs strict policies to protect your data.


Raklet has a company-wide commitment to your privacy and your data is never shared 3rd parties.


You don’t need to be a technical expert to use Raklet. Its user-friendly interface will help you along the way.


It is possible to use Raklet in English, Turkish, French and Italian. You or each of your contacts can choose the language in which he/ she will use the platform.

Raklet is always with you to help refugees and to make the world more liveable.

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