Set Up Your Upcoming Political Campaign for Success!

Set Up Your Upcoming Political Campaign for Success!

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Running an efficient political campaign is not much different than other community management processes. Only more result oriented and time sensitive! Though your objective is the same – you have a community that you want to reach out in the best way possible, and widen by using communication strategies.

With its advanced tools, Raklet supports you in this process. Let’s take a closer look at how it can work out for you throughout your political campaign.

Customized and Consistent Communication

A successful political campaign requires a customized communication with the audience. The message that you want to pass to your young voters may not be the same as your message for your retired supporters. So, to classify your audience and manage a “segmentation based communication” is vital in this process.

Raklet gives the opportunity to classify your contacts by the criteria that you define. You can manage your audience by tags, lists or custom types. You can send them individual or bulk emails / SMS about the issues which really interest them.

Relations with Different Actors

During a political campaign, your audience doesn’t only consist of your voters. You  also need to coordinate with your teammates, volunteers or consultants. Your contacts within the press constitute another type of audience. Depending on the scale of the election, your team may be spread over other cities or states.

Working on the same database will give you a more proper insight about the general picture and ease your coordination. It is possible to manage your communication with a variety of different groups through your Raklet account.

Fundraising Tools

We all agree that running an effective political campaign needs some funds. We all know, donations are crucial in this process. For that, Raklet is here! You can easily create donation pages in your Raklet account. Let your supporters help you, make it easy for them and for yourself.  Widen your community and reachability with Raklet.

Event Organizations

One of the most important parts of running a campaign is coming together with your supporters. Meeting face to face the most efficient way of discussing your promises and getting feedback from them.
Raklet allows you to organize your events in the easiest way. You can create your events, announce them, collect RSVP and keep track of your attendees.
Raklet is with you during every phase of your campaign. Manage it easily, efficiently and effectively.  When you have the right tools, you are closer to win!


Launch your brand new political party platform today!

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