IWRA Chooses Raklet’s Membership Management Software for Nonprofits

The International Water Resources Association (IWRA) chose Raklet’s membership management software for nonprofits. With a robust all-in-one nonprofit membership management platform; it is easy to manage members, reduce paperwork, and automate administrative tasks. With Raklet, nonprofits can access their member data online and change it accordingly. They can improve member collaboration and provide new job […]

Membership Management Software for Nonprofits

Last Updated: August 17, 2023 Ever wondered how nonprofits flawlessly coordinate their impactful endeavors? 🤔 This digital powerhouse serves as the heartbeat of nonprofit activities🫀,  Plus, Membership management software is the ultimate multitool for nonprofits.  Imagine effortlessly orchestrating a charity event🥁, from registrations to post-event follow-ups, all through a single platform. Beyond organization… The best […]

How to Start A Nonprofit in 5 Steps

Starting a nonprofit is an inspiring way to give back to your community and help those in need. But serving a meaningful cause can be as hard as it is inspiring. Starting, sustaining, and growing a nonprofit organization takes a lot of hard work and time. Here in this article, we have gathered important steps […]

How to Start a Nonprofit: 8 Steps to Get Started

how to start a nonprofit

You want to change the world, but where do you start? Helping others in need, reversing climate change, protecting the environment and wildlife, empowering your community- there are a lot of ways to help, but you might not be sure where or how to start.  That is exactly why we have prepared this article for […]

4 Reasons You’re Not Reaching Your Matching Gift Potential

Matching gift fundraising is one of our favorite virtual ideas. For one, it equips you to collect more revenue without having to ask your already generous donors to shell out more for your cause. It also allows you to build out mutually beneficial partnerships with for-profit businesses in your network. It sounds like a win-win […]

Getting a Nonprofit Sponsorship 101: Make Them Say YES!

Getting a Nonprofit Sponsorship 101: Make Them Say YES!

Sponsorships are at the core of any organization, especially if you’re a nonprofit trying to grow. This article explains how acquiring a nonprofit sponsorship can help you, and what practices will help you win companies over. Determine What You Need from a Sponsorship.  Before everything else, the first step is to figure out why you […]