How often should you change jobs?

Reports show that employees of all ages in the US change jobs every 4.2 years on average. This time duration is even shorter for employees under 35. Significantly, after the pandemic, the job market has changed in terms of both job expectations and working styles. Many companies and businesses shifted to remote working and now, […]

Making the Best of Memberships [15-Part Learning Series]

Making the Best of Memberships

MAKING THE BEST OF MEMBERSHIP [ 15-PART LEARNING SERIES ]   At Raklet, we’re care deeply about community & memberships. Every day, we go to work eager to build the tools that brands, organizations, businesses, and creators can use to better build their communities. Our unique position and experience have shown us that communities are […]

Nonprofit CRM 101: Make the Best of It

Nonprofit CRM 101: Make the Best of It

Managing a nonprofit is no easy task. There are a lot of challenges along the way, from launching your organization to maintaining it and making sure it reaches its full potential. You will need to seek volunteers, manage their information, and assign them tasks. When it comes to financing, you will need to accept donations, […]

Digital Membership Card 101 – Your Complete Guide 2023

As everything is slowly moving to virtual spaces and we are all making an effort to become more eco-friendly, physical membership cards are becoming increasingly outdated. Not only does a physical membership card need to be re-issued every year, but it is also restrictive in nature when you wish to change them. Many organizations are […]