How to Track Membership Dues

How to Track Membership Dues

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In a member-based organization, membership dues are an important factor to grow. Any membership-based company will have a huge amount of member data that needs to be managed. This data can be anything, ranging from members’ birthday details to addresses, payments to social media account details.

One such important thing is membership dues. Sometimes, some members can forget or miss making a payment. As a membership organization; it is important to receive payment and you will have to remind them. It is quite important to have a system to track membership dues. 

If you are looking for ways to track membership dues, you are in the right place. Here are the top 3 ways you can keep track of membership dues.

Top 3 ways to track membership dues in your organization.

1. The good old manual method

If you are a new organization and the number of members is not too many, keeping track of payments manually is an easy way to do so. A book, sticky note, or a reminder on the phone will do the trick.

Manual records are good for a small organization to manage membership dues.

Asking for payments at the beginning of every year or at regular intervals, whichever works best for your organization will make things simpler. You could also use a ledger to keep it a little more detailed.

2. Digital records

If you have grown into a larger community with more members or already have quite a number of members, the manual method of tracking payments may not be the best idea. There is a great chance of making a mistake or missing out on a few of the payments.

Using spreadsheets can tackle this issue easily. There are many options to choose from. One of them is Google sheets and it is available for everyone to use and is free. They are also easy to share and make changes to. This works well for a medium-scaled organization. 

3. Membership Management System

Spreadsheets can start becoming tedious to maintain once your organization grows. This is when a membership management system comes to the rescue. Using a membership management system can really change life for the better and makes things easier at this stage. 

Track membership dues easily with membership management software.

Unlike ledgers and spreadsheets, you can bulk upload your member details into your membership management software. You can have access to multiple languages and various payment methods integrated into the system.

Sending reminders, updates, keeping them engaged with relevant content to each member is very easy. Help your community grow across borders. It can also be updated with time, thereby not making it outdated for years to come. 

Membership management system- the best solution for managing membership dues

Whether it is a small company or a large one, it is always the right time to choose a membership management system to manage all your membership dues. Save a lot of time and resources.

Not sure if the membership platform is the right one for your community? Launch your free membership platform now! Try it, use and see how it fits your community needs.

Your community will be happy when administrative tasks are taken care of and you can work on creating a positive member experience; it is the most important factor for any member-based organization.

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