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In this article, we talk about what gun club membership software is, followed by the features you certainly need. We go on to list the 7 best gun club membership software available in 2023. We included their key features, reviews, and more; so that you can decide on your own gun club! Stick with us until the end to see the best gun club membership software.


A gun club membership software is basically where all features you need are gathered for your gun club to grow. Everything about owning a gun club becomes way quicker and easier with gun club membership software.

Gun club membership software can help you manage your club by automating complicated and time-consuming tasks.
Gun club membership software can help you manage your club by automating complicated and time-consuming tasks.


It is possible to manage your gun club without gun club membership software. But, gun club software allows you to reach everything you need from venue scheduling to inventory management; and all from a single software. Without gun club membership software, you would have to do them manually. Here, we listed 4 benefits of using a gun club membership platform:

1. Increases efficiency by automation of tasks

As we have mentioned, since a club management platform automates time-consuming tasks like payment processing, attendance tracking, registering newcomers, and analyzing data, you would have so much time left to focus on your gun club and your members.

2. Easier event management and organization

Gun club management software allows you to organize both online and offline events with a few clicks. Your gun club will enjoy the get-togethers and this will increase member engagement within your club. You can also sell tickets, collect fees, and track attendance through the system. Moreover, if the platform offers good scheduling management, members can make appointments, and join classes or events by themselves.

3. Easier membership management

You can easily create memberships through club management software. Your members can create their profiles, reach out to others’ profiles, and update their information whenever they want to. You can effortlessly create custom gun club memberships, and manage contracts and renewals. Gun club membership software can generate detailed reports on the memberships so that you can track your club’s situation.

4. Offers better communication

Your club members can keep the communication going on the platform. They can join discussions, share new ideas, send private messages to each other and follow the updates and announcements through emails that your club will send out. 

Be sure to check out our article Gun Club Software 101: Features, Benefits, and More to learn more about gun club membership software before reading our ranking the best!

Now, let’s move to the top 7 gun club management software!

7- ClubRunner

clubrunner gun club membership software

What is it?: A membership management and communication platform.

Best for: Non-profits, boards, clubs, chambers, and associations of all sizes.

Key features: Billing, calendar management, event planning, membership management, attendance tracking, events, etc.

Free trial and free plan?: They offer neither a free trial nor a free plan.

Pricing: ClubRunner’s pricing starts at $18/month, yet it only goes up with additional features unlocked. Their pricing model is based on the number of your members. They also collect a setup fee which is $100 for every plan. You have to pay $15 for each additional language support if you need it.

clubrunner reviews

Reviews: ClubRunner has the second-highest star rating on Capterra among our recommendations, which is 4.6/5. Though their clients and reviewers were generally content with ClubRunner, they lack a free plan and a free trial. For this reason, clients looking for new software to work with do not get the chance to explore the software freely.

6- myClubhouse

myclubhouse gun club membership software

What is it?: An easy-to-use online management software.

Best for: Any organization, commercial and non-profit clubs, and associations; mostly sport-related ones.

Key features: Membership management, team management, certifications, billing, emails, online booking, payments, event calendar, and more.

Free trial and free plan?: Though they offer a 30-day free trial, there is no free version available.

Pricing: myClubhouse’s pricing for nonprofits starts at £1.60 per member, per annum up to 2000 members, and for commercial £3.20 per member, per annum up to 2000 members. 

myclubhouse ratings

Reviews: myClubhouse’s overall 4.5 rating on Capterra make them the third highest-rated software on our list. However, their clients have complained about the software is hard to use. Also, they don’t offer a free version to their customers, which pulls them away from being higher.

5- ClubSentry

clubsentry gun club membership software

What is it?: A software designed for various clubs to manage their businesses.

Best for: Member management facilities in general, ranging from tennis clubs to private swimming pools.

Key features: ID card printing, credit card processing, check-in, member tracking, billing, etc.

Free trial and free plan?: They don’t offer a free version. Club Sentry doesn’t have a free trial as well.

Pricing: As they don’t have a free version, their pricing starts at $395/feature as a one-time payment. Also, you need to pay extra for the extra features.

club sentry ratings

Reviews: Club Sentry offers a rather different solution with its one-time fees. You pay considerably high amounts for a single feature. Though they have over 4-star ratings in Capterra, they offer no flexibility in the future with one-time fees.

4- TidyHQ

tidyhq gun club membership software

What is it?: A group, club, and association management software.

Best for Organizations and associations of all sizes.

Key features: Member-specific event ticketing, CRM, tasks, shopping, online booking, membership tiers, etc.

Free trial and free plan?: They do offer both a free trial and a free plan.

Pricing: TidyHQ’s pricing starts at $890/year as a flat rate.

Reviews: TidyHQ is a software that offers both a free trial and a free plan. Also, they serve their clients with above-average customer service. Though, some of their clients have said that they are not that easy to use. They take their place in our top 4 gun club membership software with a rating of 4.3.

3- ThreeSixty

threesixty gun club membership software

What is it?: Formerly known as Personify360, ThreeSixty is a member management platform.

Best for: Ideal for medium to large organizations and associations.

Key features: Complex transactions, event management, mobile access, online booking, etc.

Free trial and free plan?: They offer a 7-day trial for 100 leads max. They do not have a free plan though.

Pricing: Their pricing starts at $199/month and $0.05 per additional lead.

threesixty ratings

Reviews: ThreeSixty has the lowest star rating on Capterra among their competitors on our list. Yet, it is still above average. They mostly focus on medium to large organizations and associations. So, their pricing may seem too high, or their customer service may not be enough for rather smaller ones.

2- ClubExpress

ClubExpress software

What is it?: Club and association management software.

Best for: Rather smaller clubs and associations, as they serve between 25-5000 members.

Key features: Communication channels, membership management, calendar for events, payment checkouts, mobile app, and more

Free trial and free plan?: They offer a free trial but don’t have a free plan.

Pricing: $40/month for up to 100 members. Their pricing model is per active member.

clubexpress ratings

Reviews: ClubExpress offers good customer service to its clients. However, it is clear from the reviews: ClubExpress struggles with providing a platform that is easy to use. Most of their clients complained about the software is too difficult to use in general.

1- Raklet 

What is it?: An all-in-one organization, and event management, and club membership software.  

Best for Gun clubs, nonprofits, associations, chambers of commerce, alumni associations, and more. We can shape Raklet according to your needs; so, we serve various customer profiles all around the world.

Key features: Membership management, discussion boards, fully customizable application forms, mass email & SMS, personalized newsletters, scannable digital membership cards for check-in, mobile app, event & fundraiser creation tools, calendar integration, and many more features and integrations! 

If you want to learn more about our features and integrations!

Free trial and free plan?: Yes, we do offer both! There is a 14-day free trial, and you can cancel it whenever you want. Additionally, you can use our forever-free plan for up to 50 members for one site admin. With no credit card information required to use it too!

Pricing: Our pricing is totally transparent. Other than a completely free plan, we offer three paid plans: Essentials, Professional, and Premium. The Essentials plan costs $49/month for up to 1000 members. Don’t forget to take a more detailed look at our transparent pricing page.

Raklet reviews

Reviews: Raklet, with its 4.7 overall ratings, is the highest-ranked on this list. As we are more than proud to be providing you with one of the highest-rated software, your feedback is essential for us to grow together! 

Your happiness is always our top priority. So, feel free to schedule a demo with our team to learn more about Raklet. We would love to have a chat or answer any question on your mind.

If you feel like Raklet is the right solution for your gun club, you can launch your gun club software.

Still not convinced? We share the Success Stories of our clients all around the world! Be sure to check them out, maybe you will be one of our success stories!

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