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Best Spa Software of 2022 for Booking, Marketing, and More

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Overwhelmed by all the tedious work necessary to run a spa? Need an online platform to handle your customers, appointments, and payments all from one place? Then a comprehensive spa software for your business might just be what you’re missing. 

What is a spa software?  

A spa software, or a spa management software, is an online tool you can use to handle all your spa management needs. All your data and relevant information will be stored on your online platform. This way, you can leave the repetitive tasks to your software of choice, and focus on managing and growing your business efficiently. 

What features should a spa management software have?

When it comes to picking a management software for your spa, there are a few must-have features that you should watch out for. These are: 

➤ Appointment booking, scheduling, and management 

Undeniably, one of the most popular uses of spa software is appointment scheduling. You don’t have to log everything in by hand anymore: A good software can manage your appointments for you! 

With a spa software, you should be able to make your available appointments visible to your potential customers, let them pick slots, and easily pay session fees from within the app. Reschedulings and cancellations are also a must when it comes to managing your appointments effectively. 

Making this process as smooth as possible is crucial to guarantee returning customers. Calling your spa receptionist and trying to organize a fitting time might be stressful for many people. Try using a dedicated appointment scheduling tool for this instead. 

➤ Emailing tool 

Next to appointment management, one of the most important features of spa software is the ability to send emails. There are two vital benefits of emailing your customers: 

  1. Automated confirmation and reminder emails: These are for when your customers have scheduled appointments and/or missed payments. You can schedule these to be sent anytime you want. This way, you can provide your community with reminders that include their appointment details, that their fee payments are due soon, etc. You will stay on top of your scheduling and payment collecting without having to worry about the details, as well as make your customers feel that they’re cared about. 
  1. Email marketing: This tool allows you to create custom emailing lists to send important announcements, newsletters, and any opportunities that might interest your community. Creating targeted email marketing campaigns is an extremely useful tool to grow your customer base and keep them up to date with your business.
Create email campaigns right within your spa software! 
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 ➤ Contacts management / CRM 

Having your own comprehensive database for your customers, workers, affiliated companies, etc. is possible through using a CRM software. This way, you can save all your contacts and their relevant information, create individual profiles for them, and sort/filter through any way that you need. Using a contacts database makes it so much easier to know more about your customer base, and store contact information. This will also be useful in creating targeted email campaigns, so you can send relevant news and updates.

 ➤ Data analysis & reporting 

Last but not least, your spa software definitely needs a real-time data analysis tool. 

Data analysis is integral to any spa software.
(Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash)

This way, you’ll be able to create and export detailed reports. Analyze your customers, appointments, earnings, and more with a functional reporting tool. Insight on how many people are becoming customers, how many you can retain as long-term customers, and how much you’re earning are all very helpful. Reports can also track engagement, how many events/appointments people are attending, etc. Being able to see how your business is doing, and to interpret the reasons why, are both essential if you want your spa business to reach its best self.

Now that you know what a spa software is, and what helpful features to look out for… it’s time to review our list of recommendations! 

Top 5 Spa Software of 2022 


What is it?: Mindbody is a comprehensive software-as-service founded in 2000. It’s targeted towards fitness, spa, salon, or integrative health companies of any size. Their goal is to handle the repetitive and time-consuming tasks for you, so you can empower your wellness business.

Important Features: Schedule & appointment organization, to-do list, product/inventory tracking, payment collection, a mobile app integrated with Fitbit and MyFitnessPal, automated campaigns and packages, … 

Capterra Rating: 4/5, with over 2000 reviewers. Though the majority of their users have had a positive experience, there are also some negative reviews about their high cost, lack of trial and/or a free plan, outdated and chunky designs, etc.   

Price: Their lowest plan (Essential) starts at $129.00/month, with a per-feature pricing model.  


What is it?: Zenoti is a management and scheduling service for salons, spas, medspas, and fitness centers all around the world. Recently, they also acquired another software called SuperSalon, which works to strengthen their platform and grow their customer base. 

Important Features: Calendar management, online store, appointment booking & payments, employee management/CRM, integrated mobile app, digital forms, data reporting, … 

Capterra Rating: They were rated 4.5/5 by 180 reviewers on Capterra. While their customers were content with the Zenoti platform in general, there were also complaints about the steep learning curve.

Price: There’s no transparent information about how much Zenoti costs, both on their website and on their Capterra page. You have to personally contact them and request a quote for your business.  


What is it?: Phorest is a salon management and marketing software. Their clientele consists of beauty and hair salons, barbershops, spas, and medi-aesthetic clinics. They state that they have 150,000+ salons and spas as customers worldwide.  

Important Features: Appointment scheduling, automated SMS & emails, client management & loyalty programs, online store with added gift vouchers and coupons, staff management, payrolls, inventory control, … 

Capterra Rating: 4.8/5, with about 300 reviews. Customers are mostly content with their easy migration process and consistent system updates. But, there are also negative reviews about their customer support, inconsistencies between the software and the app, and limited reporting options. 

Price: They have four different pricing plans: “Starter”, “Grow”, “Ultimate”, and “Enterprise”. There is no transparent pricing information on Phorest’s website; you’re required to personally request a quote for your business to get information. On their Capterra page, it’s stated that they have a monthly flat-rate starting from $99. 


What is it?: Fresha is a spa and salon booking software that’s easy to use and flexible according to your needs. Founded in 2015 (formerly known as Schedul), they’ve managed to grow their business to the point of having 60,000+ partner businesses in over 120 countries. They were also rated the software with the best value by Capterra in 2019. 

Important Features: Booking integrations to Instagram, Google, and Facebook, Fresha marketplace where people can discover opportunities, mobile app, appointment scheduling and management, payments, POS support (barcode scanner, receipts, etc.), product & inventory management, marketing tools, reports, … 

Capterra Rating: 4.9/5, with over 1200 customers having reviewed their software. Their reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with some complaints about their slower updates, and lack of calendar syncing.   

Price: Fresha offers a subscription-free service to their users; with unlimited appointment bookings, team members, inventory, etc. You can contact them or create a free account to get started. 


What is it?: Raklet is an all-in-one membership management software that’s globally used by memberships, associations, clubs, nonprofits, and more. Our membership management tools allow you to create an exclusive online platform where people can communicate with each other and your organization. Using one of our many integrations with Calendly, you can also handle all the appointment scheduling and management needs for your spa, and use Raklet as your spa software. 

Important Features: Membership management, free CRM for businesses/customers/members, event management, custom membership application forms, fundraisers & donation collection, mobile app, digital membership card with QR codes for easy check-ins, email & SMS tools, discussion boards, job boards, and more! Check out our list of extensive features and our third-party integrations to see what more you can do using our platform. 

Capterra Rating: With 4.8/5 stars on Capterra, Raklet is among the highest-rated software in its categories. Our clientele with vastly different needs are content with our platform’s high customizability, attentive customer support, and low price compared to competitors. 

Price: We offer a forever-free plan for up to 50 members, as well as a 60-day free trial so you can try out our platform before making a purchase. Our paid plans start at $39/month when billed annually. 

Schedule a demo with us now to help your business thrive. 

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