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Build Better Alumni Engagement With a Smart, Scalable, and Powerful Alumni Engagement Platform

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Building a positive alumni engagement is the foundation of creating a life-long relationship with your alumni. Create scalable alumni network. Streamline all your alumni process with ease. Integrate the alumni platform within your website. Above all, our alumni engagement platform makes sure you have everything you need to keep your alumni happy.

GSUMED’s need for building a sustainable alumni network with better access to alumni data with limited resources.

Galatasaray University Alumni Association(GSUMED) is an alumni community with over 3000 members from various sectors as well as companies. With a large alumni base to cater to; they had various challenges to overcome for a better alumni engagement such as:

  • All-in-one alumni engagement software with advanced engagement modules such as member database, event modules, jobs boards
  • Member portal that allowed members to update their membership data.
  • Easy to access member database with all the data in a single platform
  • Job boards that also enabled new career-opportunities to their alumni.
  • Easy messaging system to empower their alumni to share valuable data between themselves.
  • A reliable as well as a secure platform for online payments
  • A software that enabled them to build a mentoring network with a large network of talent
GSUMED alumni platform powered by Raklet.
GSUMED alumni engagement platform powered by Raklet.

Tailored and meaningful programs to empower alumni and promote positive alumni engagement with Raklet.

Raklet’s alumni engagement platform enabled GSUMED to have a clear picture of their alumni data from a single platform. Our software has been the center of alumni activities. With all data stored on a secure database, members were able to share knowledge as well as grow their network.

Positive alumni engagement with social networking capabilities

Simplified communication modules helped drive better engagement between the members. Besides, automated messages and push notifications enabled alumni to stay connected with each other. Mentoring opportunities and knowledge sharing sessions were possible with the instant messaging system.

Member management from a centralized platform.

Members don’t have to fill out long forms to join the community.  The online membership application system empowers alumni to sign up from anywhere. Store and access all your member data in a single platform. Learn more about your alumni, contact information as well as their member activity.  Above all, automate payments to enable members to pay their membership fees on time.

Digital membership cards for your alumni.

Save time and money. Don’t print outdated physical copies of membership cards. It is easy to customize and publish membership cards for an unlimited number of contacts. Customize colors, text fields as well as logo to reflect your alumni community.

Alumni digital membership cards
Alumni digital membership cards

Check out how LHG published 1500+ digital membership cards for its investors in less than a day.

Plan and set up events as well as fundraising campaigns

With our event and fundraising modules, you can plan as well as set up successful events for your members. It is easy to sell tickets from the platform itself. Set up donations drives for your members with our fundraising module. Enable members to pay donations through online payments.

Create donation drives and foster social responsibility
Create donation pages to foster social responsibility

Read more to find out how to set up a donation page in your Raklet account.

Create new opportunities for better alumni engagement with in-built job boards

Our built-in job boards help you create new job opportunities for your alumni. GSUMED used the platform to engage as well as empower their alumni with new career opportunities. Similarly, custom filters helped them select the job they were looking for.

Built-in job boards to engage the alumni
Creating new opportunities with built-in job boards

Bring your alumni together with advanced features; create a big impact with relevant alumni data.

Focus on bringing your alumni together. Create a big impact with a small team and promote positive alumni relationships. With mobile applications on both iOS/ Android platforms, it is now easier for alumni as well as administrators to stay in touch. Above all, provide knowledge transfer and relevant expert advice for your alumni.

Integrate our alumni management software within your website. Customize your platform to meet the unique needs of your alumni group. Schedule a demo to know more about our platform. Create a free account to get started.

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Shalini Murthy

Shalini Murthy

Shalini Murthy is a membership consultant at Raklet. She enjoys reading books, writing poetry, painting, and loves watching romantic comedies.
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