Custom Membership Cards: Benefits and Recommendations

Custom Membership Cards: Benefits and Recommendations

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If you want to increase your member engagement, you should consider providing custom membership cards to your members! Membership cards are definitely one of the most effective ways to strengthen membership bonds and interaction. Whether you have a private club, an association, a nonprofit organization, or a successful business, you can convey a sense of prestige with your custom membership cards for sure. In this article, firstly we provide a useful guide about custom membership cards including the benefits of using them, and secondly, how to create them in a few minutes. 

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Using a custom membership card will improve membership engagement. 
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What is a custom membership card?

A custom membership card, or a membership card, is a digital or physical card that shows someone is a member of your organization. Membership cards can include any relevant information but usually, they include the member’s personal information, membership date, association logo, and the level of membership. 

Learn how to publish digital membership cards with Raklet. 

What information should be included on membership cards?

There are certain elements that you should consider including on your custom membership cards. These elements can change based on your field of work but we listed what to include on your membership cards just to give you an idea. Don’t forget to use your brand color to increase the uniqueness of the card. However, keep in mind that, while you can include whatever you want on the cards, it is best not to include too much information to prevent an unprofessional impression. It is always better to just have the essentials.   

  • Personal information of the member including name, surname, and photo 
  • Company/organization name and logo
  • Membership number
  • Membership tier
  • Membership expiration date, if applicable
  • Customized look with brand colors
  • QR code or barcode for quick scanning 

5 Benefits of Custom Membership Cards?

1. Improve your organization’s image

Who doesn’t like professionalism? Custom membership cards are surely a great way to impress your customers, members, or clients. An ideal custom membership card has the organization’s logo and colors on it, which will reinforce your organization’s image. It is like a business card you exchange to improve your brand reputation. But it is more than just a business card because it adds a valuable sense of belonging.  

2. Increase the sense of belonging in your community

We all love to be a part of a community. Your digital membership cards are a great way to show members they are a part of your community and organization. Personal membership cards will make them feel valued and a unique part of your organization. This also plays an encouraging role for more people who want to join in. 

Custom membership cards will encourage your members to engage more along with making feel them that they are unique to your organization. 
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3. Provide a sense of security for your members

Custom membership cards are the best way to show your members that your events are free from complete strangers. You can organize events in an exclusive environment. If you also add QR codes to the membership cards, you can scan them to check your members in at your events easily. Attendance tracking will be also easier and quicker with membership cards. So, you can quickly gather the data you need to find the best event organization strategy for the next time. 

4. Contribute to the environment

Did you know that one of the reasons for not using physical loyalty cards is not bringing the card (43%) and 69% of adults are more likely to use their loyalty cards if it’s on their phone according to the statistics? This shows the importance of digital membership cards. Besides being convenient to have on our phones, it is also eco-friendly! Additionally, this will reduce the use of plastic or paper and help our planet. Moreover, it is easier to do more customizations whenever needed in the digital version. As a result, you don’t have to re-print the cards when you make even a minor change.

Digital membership cards are all eco-friendly and will cause no harm to the earth. 
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5. Offer your members special discounts

Your members will welcome your special discount offers coming along with the membership cards. You can contact restaurants, shops, cafes, and book stores to partner with you in discount deals. We assure you that your members will appreciate this gesture. This is also an effective way to attract new members and grow your organization. 

Your members will love what a custom membership card will offer. 
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How to create your custom membership cards in three easy steps

There are several ways to create custom membership cards. You can either use online templates, or you can work with a design company to have such membership cards. Or, more easily, you can use membership management software and let the software deal with the rest. With many customization options, using membership management software can help you create the best membership cards. Besides, your digital membership cards will be integrated with other important features like database, event management, and more.   

Let’s see how you can create a custom membership card with the best digital membership card platform, Raklet, step-by-step. 

Step 1. Start your journey with Raklet

You can start your journey with Raklet to enrich your membership engagement, or you can try to create your custom membership cards directly by skipping to Step 2. Start your free trial to explore the extensive features of Raklet and see how Raklet can contribute to membership management. The digital membership cards can be integrated with Apple Wallet, too. 

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Step 2. Get creative

Head over to our digital card software page, where you can find a mock-up application. You can freely customize your digital membership card and see how your membership card will look. You can choose the background color and information section and include your organization’s logo. 


  • Use your brand’s color 
  • Have all the essential information regarding your members 
  • Do not include unnecessary information to avoid a messy look

Step 3. Save the changes and you are all set

Finally, after customizing your membership cards, they will be available to your members. It is that easy! Now it is time to try out the cards by organizing an event or two. 

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