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Build Custom Mobile Apps for Your Community to Always Stay Connected With Your Members

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A custom mobile app is a great way to engage members within your community. Create customized apps that resonate with your brand values. With the advent of technology, a mobile app is critical for every organization. Raklet offers to build your very own mobile app that can be customized with features that your community needs.

Custom mobile app to keep your community engaged and connected.

Mobile usage has drastically changed over the past few years. More and more people find mobile to be extremely useful to visit websites, do shopping, and engage with each other. The younger generations are hooked to their mobile phones. It is the right time to build a custom mobile app for your community to interact with your members and new prospects.

A mobile app is very important as it helps you build a brand around your community. In addition to this, you must be willing to build values and experiences that members will be willing to pay for. A mobile app is one such value point that members would love to have when in a community. 

custom mobile apps offer digital membership cards for your members.

If you are looking for a mobile app that keeps your members connected with each other; here are a few points every organization would look for to in their app:

  • Custom brand colors to reflect the branding
  • Organization logo in the mobile app
  • Customized font 
  • Admin settings that enable custom navigation 
  • Social networking module between members
  • Generate positive engagement 
  • Stay updated about the community 
  • User-friendly app
  • Customizable to include new features

Mobile app for your community with Raklet’s custom mobile app to build better online member relationships

With more and more people glued to their phones, it is now time to create an online branded community. Newer devices and the latest technologies are playing an important role in everybody’s life. Digital media is impacting business models and economies around the world. Customized mobile apps help you build better member relationships. 

view members using your custom mobile application

Raklet offers custom mobile apps for each community. Now, all your members, admins can stay connected with each other on the move. In addition to this; with your custom mobile application; you can follow all community announcements, events, as well as communicate with other members. Built-in job portals are also available within the app for jobseekers.

Raklet developed custom mobile apps for CYDD & Dacka. Both these communities used their mobile app to add relevant modules that helped them build their community. Set up various membership plans and accept online membership applications from members.

Customize your navigation in your mobile app.

In addition to this; you can also plan and set up successful events for your community. Create multiple campaigns and set up fulfilling fundraising experiences. You can also manage and access member/ donor/ volunteer data from a centralized platform. Above all, our mobile apps are extremely user-friendly.

Branded community platform for your organization is now easy with Raklet’s customization.

A branded community platform on your mobile phone will help you drive value for your community and its members. Being a customer-centric platform is the most important asset in today’s world. All our custom apps are built with the customer in mind. 

Customize and build your mobile app for your community with Raklet. Sign up with Raklet for a free account today to get started. Are you still having questions? Schedule a demo at your comfortable time to know more about building custom mobile applications for your community.

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