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Organizations that have recurring payments and a large number of members usually struggle with keeping a tab on payments. Because these payments need to be processed, recorded, and collected in a timely manner. Different types of payment methods failed payments, late submissions can easily turn into a nightmare. 

At this point, a good nonprofit accounting software can save your life. If you automate the process of collecting recurring payments, you’ll see how easier life gets.

Raklet helps you with accounting and keeping track of your members at the same time. We provide you with a CRM solution that helps you monitor the payments, automate the recurring fees, send debt reminders, and have an overall idea about your organization’s well-being.

Palliative Care Queensland is an Australian organization that helps people spend the end of their lives in peace and comfort. They have an extended society from whom they collect payments depending on their membership status and therefore they needed accounting software for their needs.

Palliative Care Queensland has different types of membership plans such as individual membership and organizational membership. They have different benefits and different fees. Organizational membership plan also requires them to group people in the contact base so they can keep track of their individual members’ situation in terms of their organizational status.

Raklet’s membership plans and contact database is easy-to-use even if you are not very tech-savvy and can be ready for operations in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is add your contacts by copying and pasting or manually, set up some subscription plans, add a bank account and start operating. 

Customizable Application Forms

People can apply to these plans by application forms or if you already have a list of membership plans, you can add them to the system with their existing debts and payments from the past. 

The application form is fully customizable and can be published swiftly without too much effort. All you need to do is deciding the information you will need from the applicants, add terms and conditions if you have any and you are ready to go. Do you have a different kind of information than the fields we are already offering? That is okay! You can add custom fields to your application form.

After you publish the application form, all people have to do is go to your website and click on the “become a member” button. At this stage, you can choose to automatically approve everyone or decide whether you want to accept their application. It is up to you. Raklet gives you full control over your website.

Some organizations want to keep using their main website as their central base of operation and use Raklet as a CRM and accounting system only. This is possible too! Palliative Care Queensland uses Raklet as a membership space where people can come and apply to their plans and keep using their old website as their main website. All you need to do is talk to us about your needs and we will make them happen!

Add Your New or Existing Members In Minutes

You now know that people can apply to the website. But what to do if you have an existing list or if you want to add them manually? This is easy. If you have a list sheet of the members you already have, you will be copying and pasting them and they will be on the system in a few minutes. If you want to add them manually here’s the process for that.

Raklet allows you to have two types of members in the contact database. One is individuals (person) and the other is groups (company). If you wish to add a single person standing alone from the other ones you can use the first option. But if there’s a group you need to follow the company option is for you. Individual members can be listed under a group and linked to each other and the group. This way you can keep a record of them together.

Membership And Accounting Software Together!

After adding people you will need to set up membership plans for recurring or one-time payments. Palliative Care Queensland has different kinds of plans as we talked about before. They can choose the amount of fee, the interval of payments, the benefits, and the frequency of debt emails. 

Raklet is built to make your life easier with its all-in-one system. Collect payments, send emails and keep track of your members at the same time with almost all automated systems. You don’t have to use different software for everything you want to do. Just launch your free platform today and try it yourself!

Do you want to talk to a professional about different plans and different needs? Connect with us on a call and let’s see what we can achieve together! 

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