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Gun Club Software 101

Gun Club Software 101: Features, Benefits, and More

In this article, we’ll talk about what gun club software is in detail. Click and read if you'd like to know about its benefits, features, and more!

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Nowadays, it might seem overwhelming to make the change from the traditional ways of managing your gun club to using gun club software.

Gun clubs serve an essential purpose in our communities by providing a safe and responsible environment for gun enthusiasts to learn, practice, and hone their skills.

However, running a gun club can be a complex and daunting task, requiring meticulous organization, attention to detail, and strict adherence to safety protocols.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll talk about what gun club software is in detail.

Find out about its benefits and features, what is different with gun club software compared to traditional practices, and what solution we have to offer to enhance your management easily.

If you want to learn more and make managing your business easier with gun club software, you are in the right place. Make sure to keep reading to learn more. 


Basically, gun club software is a platform where managing everything is quicker and easier than ever.

Without it, you would take payments from one software, send emails and talk to your members from another, and schedule training and shooting range events from yet another one; or do them all manually.

With all-in-one gun club software, you can do it all from the same platform!


Gun club software is what you need to hit the bullseye!
If all of the features we’ll talk about are in your gun club membership software’s arsenal, there is no stopping you from hitting the bullseye!

Below, we’ve listed gun club software features you certainly need to get started:

  • Calendar integration for better scheduling, Google Calendar integration for instance
  • Collecting payments online, one-time fees, or recurring ones
  • Sending SMS messages and mass emails to your members
  • Contracts that you share upon first application, ie. “Terms of Use”
  • Event organization that supports both one-on-one and group events

And here, we’ve listed features that will further help your journey:

  • Discussions forums to have your members share their experiences and journey
  • Mobile application for your gun club so your members can reach you on-the-go
  • Membership tiers
  • The ability to share content that is specialized or locked to any of those tiers
  • Integration with iOS’ and Google’s health apps
  • Collecting data to get to know your members better
  • Google Ads integration so you can continue growing


You could have the features mentioned without an all-in-one software, but the thing is, you would have a hard time managing all of them individually. Gun club software allows you to reach them all from a single platform. It aims to make you launch your gun club with ease. Without it, you would be scheduling, taking payments, training, creating events, emailing, and messaging; all manually.

Trust us, it’s a lot of work to deal with. Gun club software is here to take the weight off of your shoulders.

So, keep on reading to learn more about the best gun club software for you!


Let’s talk about Raklet now. Raklet is all-in-one software to fulfill your needs. You can manage and grow your club with our gun club management software.

Raklet offers solutions to varying forms of organizations, and your gun club could be one of those. You can easily start off and grow your business right now!


We’ve talked about what features you need to grow your business. And, bullseye! Raklet is here to cover all essential and beneficial features to grow your gun club!

  • Scheduling: One of our 2000+ integrations available at Raklet is a Google Calendar integration through Zapier. This allows you and your clients to use the integrated calendar to easily check your scheduled bookings and meetings. Raklet saves you the time of going through emails.
  • Payment: As a gun club, you can collect your payments directly from your Raklet Platform. Raklet supports both one-time fees and memberships. Memberships also include an option to be separated into tiers. These levels of tiers allow you to unlock specific events (like shooting range bookings with certain guns and trainers) depending on the tiers of your members.
  • Event Organization: We talked a little about unlocking events for your different tiers. Event organization is also a place where Raklet differs from its competitors. Raklet offers the ability to schedule both online and physical events. Whether you want to schedule an online gun class with experienced trainers or you want to take it into practice in a shooting range; Raklet is the answer. You can also choose from different platforms like Google Meets or Zoom integrations we offer through Zapier.
  • Communication: Communication between you and your clients is key for a successful gun club. Raklet is here to make it happen! With Raklet, you can send out SMS messages and mass emails and create discussion platforms. This means your clients can talk with each other too; maybe share their stories and journey with your gun club!
  • Mobile Application: You probably don’t want to carry a laptop around to your gun club or its events. You, your trainers, and your clients don’t have to with Raklet! We offer a mobile application on the go, so you don’t lose time or energy. To step it up, we can also create your own customized app through Raklet for you. Whether it will be on Apple Store or Google Play Store; it’ll just take a few weeks!
As a gun club software, Raklet's example of a customized mobile app for your gun club!
If you want to check all of our features you may need for your gun club membership software, check out our features page by clicking here!


What makes us stand out among competitors is, Raklet offers a free plan. There is no catch to it: Raklet has a forever-free plan! We also offer a 14-day free trial, and our paid plans start at $49/month. See our transparent pricing page for more details.

Raklet reviews

Among the highest-rated gun club software on the market, Raklet has received great reviews overall. We are proud to provide one of the best to our clients. 

Launch your gun club software by clicking right here. If any questions pop into your mind, we are more than willing to have a chat! Schedule a demo to contact our team to learn more about Raklet. We would love to help you, and have you on board!

Still not convinced? You can take a look at How SUCA Uses Raklet, an article about a Climbing Club that uses Raklet, and how we’ve covered their needs!

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