How to Build a Corporate Alumni Network in 6 Steps

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Some 50 years ago, most people preferred working for the same company all their working lives for exclusive benefits. Nowadays, almost all of your employees will want to explore their options, chase opportunities and acquire new skills. Seeking career advancements does not mean that your former employees want to be detached from your community. Here is a guide on how to build a corporate alumni network to help you empower your organization, and pave the way for better opportunities both for you and your alumni!

Why should you build a corporate alumni network?

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It is important for organizations to keep track of their alumni. You should consider maintaining a good relationship between your past employees who parted on a good note as a small investment for the future of your company. Here are the main reasons why your organization needs a strong corporate alumni network:

Maintaining connections

Your former employee probably had several reasons for leaving your organization. Even if they’re offered better opportunities at another company, their departure could also mean better opportunities for your organization. They could provide closer communication between companies, become future clients, and even business partners down the line. 

Building a community

Keep in mind that your alumni are still valuable members of your community. Former employees who’ve had positive experiences are often willing to give back. An engaged community will lead to the sharing of knowledge and expertise, thus creating a dynamic where your company and your alumni can improve together. 

Stay in touch with your alumni to maintain a dynamic network.
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INcreasıng Brand value

Nobody would want to work for a company that’s willing to discard their employees after working with them. Having ex-employees who are still active members of your community will draw even more talent and skill to your organization. An engaged alumni network will help you create the best first impression for new employees and business opportunities.

Boomerang employees

Last but not least, your alumni could always return to your company after acquiring more experience and overcoming burnout. Since they’re already familiar with how your organization works, boomerang employees who return down the line are always valuable assets and more than qualified to help your business thrive.

Charts from which show the positive impact of alumni programs.

After finding out why corporate alumni networks are important, you may not know where to start. Keep reading to find out how to manage and engage your alumni!

Build Your Corporate Alumni Network in 6 Steps

Step 1: Reach out to your alumni.

First things first, it is crucial that you build a strong foundation for your network. Start by reaching out to your alumni. Take the first step to offer them a way to stay in touch by exchanging contact information. Bring your alumni along the journey as you’re figuring out the plan for your network.

Step 2: Create a team of people to help you manage the network.

The next step to take is to ask the leaders of your organization and the leading figures among your alumni to manage and execute tasks for your network. Having responsible people on board will help increase engagement and interest among your alumni. Set goals and by-laws with your team to progress with a structured plan. Schedule regular meetings and events to keep your team engaged and active.

Step 3: Find or create a platform for your alumni network.

You also need a platform to keep a database of your alumni. Having an active and updated platform is just as important as starting off your network. Through these platforms, you will have easy access to data such as alumni contact information, current occupation and which benefits they’re seeking from your network. In addition, you can keep track of interests and participation data through the platform to provide an improved experience for your alumni.

Step 4: Manage fundings.

You will need resources and time to keep your network engaged over time. Share your goals with your alumni, plan fundraisers and campaigns to ensure that everything functions smoothly. The stronger the foundation, the more your community will be willing to give back and support your network. Moreover, you may want to consider charging your alumni through a membership platform. 

Keep in mind that network resource management is an important process.
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Step 5: Mobilize resources.

Resources go beyond fundraising and material goods. Having consultants, volunteers, facilities and tools will also help your alumni network grow. Strategize how you can maximize and make use of your resources to improve your network, as well as your brand. Schedule events where people can share professional expertise, find out and post new job opportunities, interact and help each other climb the ladder of success. Provide a platform to demonstrate why keeping in touch with peers is important for your alumni. 

Step 6: Get feedback.

Finally, to ensure the success of your network and the continuous engagement from your community, make sure to respond and adapt to feedback. Discuss potential changes with your management team to find the best solutions to your problems. Be on the lookout for improvements at all times!

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