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Mobile First! Check Out Worklounge’s Custom Branded App

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Worklounge is a membership platform that provides easy access to a network of high-quality workspaces. Members who register for membership plans can use the contracted lounges as they wish by using Workounge’s custom branded app.

For Worklounge to set up their platform, they needed a digital membership card integration and a custom branded application. As a solution, they have decided to work with Raklet to get professional support. Let’s see how Raklet helped in this process.

Custom branded Android & iOS mobile apps for Worklounge

With the advancement of technology, every organization now requires a mobile app. Raklet provides the option of creating your own branded mobile app. Also, you can customize the features according to the needs of your business.

Worklounge is one of the many organizations we have created a custom branded app for. You can download their Worklounge mobile application for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

How do members use the app?

Your customers can easily find your application by searching for your name in the Google Play Store & Appstore and easily download it in a very short time. When they download the application, they will see two options: log in or become a member. New users can access the app after they fill out the membership form. This membership form, customized by Worklounge, is the same customizable application form offered by Raklet in the free accounts. You can also try this in your free account.

After completing the membership process, users can filter hotels on the map according to their location thanks to the integration provided by Raklet. Reading the information about the hotels and examining their pictures and comments, they decide on the hotel they want to work in. That’s it! Members have nothing else to do. With the Worklounge membership, the doors of the hotel lounges open in front of them. Thus, they can work wherever they want.

How does the app work on the Worklounge’s end?

It would not be wrong to say that all transactions made within the scope of Worklounge start with a digital membership card. Therefore, digital membership cards are the cornerstone of the Worklounge project. 

That’s why Raklet designed digital membership cards that fit the corporate identity of Worklounge. With the integration provided by Raklet, members and hotel owners who scan these digital cards are directed to the custom branded app. Through this feature, they are able to check-in at the door.

Let’s talk a little more about the technical part. There are three different groups that use the Worklounge application: members, hotel managers, and managers from Worklounge (super admins). The areas that these three different groups can access within the application differ from each other.

Members use the app to purchase memberships and show their membership card upon check in to a hotel. Whereas hotels scan membership cards and can see analytics on which members have been to their space. The “filter by date” option created by Raklet enables them to see all member names and membership types that check-in on a specific date. However, hotel managers are not admins, and they only have access to their own hotel analytics. The admin is Worklounge and has access to all information. Managers from Worklounge have a master view. Therefore, they can filter all actions according to hotel name, date, and membership type to see the analytics of the platform.

If checking in with a digital membership card is something you are also interested in, you can check out our help center article named “Digital Membership Card QR Code Options”. It tells you how to activate the check-in option in the settings.

Special design in accordance with the brand identity

Powerful brand identity plays an important role in differentiating an organization from its competitors. It covers everything from the company name, design, and logo to the colors, shapes, and sizes of graphics and fonts. That’s why Raklet created a design compatible with their corporate identity for Worklounge.

You can feel the brand spirit with its black and white colors, fine fonts and stylish design in every corner of their app. All the features reflecting the identity of Worklounge were taken into consideration while designing the app. Thus, the spirit of the brand permeated every page of the application.

WordPress / Squarespace membership integration

Worklounge had a very well-designed website before starting to work with Raklet. The need here was to integrate their website with Raklet’s membership management platform.

With Raklet’s ability to integrate itself with website builders such as WordPress and Squarespace, users can now directly access the Raklet page from Worklounge’s website.

In fact, doing this is not a very difficult process, contrary to what you might think. For details, you can check our Help Center article on this subject.

You Can Create a Custom Branded App with Raklet Too!

Raklet provides you with a branded mobile app, so your brand can be in the hands of your community and everywhere that matters. Our white label solutions get your community to trust your brand with custom domain support, and a branded app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

If Worklounge has inspired you and you can’t wait to create your custom branded app, you can try a free account and get to know our platform. If you want to talk about the details and draw a roadmap, you can set up a free demo here.

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