Our Four-Step Process to Turn Members into Donors (Increasing Donor Retention)

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Any member-based organization benefits greatly from donations made towards the causes it supports. However, finding and keeping donors for a stable donor retention is always a bit of a challenge. One way to increase the number of donors is by getting your existing members to donate. 

If you are wondering how you can convince your members to become donors and increase your donor retention, here is our four-step process to do so:

Step 1: Research Member Data

Find people who can donate to your cause by doing simple research on your member data. Storing all your member related information on a single platform like Raklet greatly helps with this process. Find out who is more passionate about your cause, or who is willing to spend money on some donations towards it. This will make the process of short-listing potential donors easier, and provide a better donor retention strategy in the future. 

Step 2: Approach Your Prospective Member/Donor

To turn members into donors, approach your prospective

Once you have all the required data, it is time to approach your potential donors. This can be done by either sending our emails, reaching out on social media, or by contacting them directly in person.

No matter which way you choose, it is important to make members feel important and valued.

Letting them know how much their support will help in making a difference. Encourage them to donate to your cause.

Step 3: Convince Your Prospective Donors to Donate

To get a member to donate or support a cause, they need to believe in the cause. They must be passionate about it. Show them how they can make a difference by donating a certain amount towards your cause.

Convince your members who are prospective donors to donate

For example; if you are supporting a home that is run for children, you could let them know that the difference they can create by donating. When they realize how a small contribution from their side can positively impact someone’s life significantly, they will feel encouraged to be a part of it. 

Dividing the donation amount into smaller amounts rather than expecting a large sum at once will be a good way to convince them into being a part of it. Members won’t feel like it’s pinching their wallet. Make sure you are able to collect online donations easily using your membership management platform.

Step 4: Show Members the Impact That Their Donations Will Create

Once you have some donors who are genuinely interested to make a contribution, arrange for an event or a tour to show them what you do. Host a gala and involve the staff who know the actual functions of your organization.

Make sure to show members the impacts of their donations

Letting the potential donors know what was done with the previous donation will help them get a clearer picture of what will happen to the funds they give. Showing them videos and stories of your past successes with donations will be an added advantage.

Acknowledge Members Who Turn into Donors for Your Community

After you complete this four-step process and once your members have turned into donors, acknowledge them for it. This can be done by sending an automated thank you message or email. Ensure you add a personal touch to all the emails, and increase your donor retention with sincerity.

Make sure your membership management software helps you set up online payments, automated emails as well as creating events with ease. Good membership management software will help you met all the administrative challenges while you focus on converting your members into prospective donors.

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