Must-Have Mosque Management Software for Your Islamic Community

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A good mosque management software is crucial for the efficient functioning of any Islamic-member based organization. Managing members, donations, as well as setting up events is easy with a good system in place. Raklet’s mosque management software offers you a wide range of features. Automated payments, targeted messaging as well as deep insights about your members is now a click away.

Your mosque needs good mosque management software to automate manual administrative tasks.

Are you wasting your time as well as energy on manual administrative tasks? Manage your mosque activities easily with a good member management platform. Besides, each masjid has its own requirements.

Here’s what you need to check for a good mosque management software:

  • An exclusive all-in-one platform along with advanced features to manage members
  • Secure database with member data in a centralized location.
  • Set up various membership tiers for member management
  • Easy event management module to set up events.
  • Set up fundraising campaigns as well as collect online donations
  • API access as well as custom customizations to suit each masjid needs
  • Automated payments for membership 
  • Customizable software to meet all your membership requirements

Raklet’s mosque management software offers the power and flexibility to manage your Mosque activities with ease.

Raklet’s mosque management software is a highly flexible yet robust solution for better member management. With built-in powerful features such as automated payments as well as setting up various membership plans; our member management platform is the right solution for all your mosque management needs.

Member CRM with all vital data in a single platform

Access all your member data from a single platform. Also, learn more about member activity easily. View contact details as well as their social profiles from a centralized platform. Easily add and update member information.

Learn more about your member details with Raklet's mosque management software

Built-in powerful donor management tools

Create donation pages using your Raklet account. Build positive donor engagement and create a fulfilling fundraising experience with our powerful donor management tools developed for mosques as well as other Islamic organizations. Learn more about your donor and their donations for each campaign. 

Automate administrative workflows

Accept online membership from members. Automate payments as well as accept online donations from donors. View all payments along with other related financial details from your Raklet account. Therefore, automate membership renewals easily.

Plan and set up events for your members

Plan as well as set up events successfully. Sell tickets from your Raklet account at different pricing tiers for both your members and new prospects. Send out targeted messages to advertise your upcoming events. With our mobile membership applications, stay connected to both your members and admins on the move.

Plan and set up events using our mosque management software

Customize your mosque-management platform

Customize your mosque management system with additional tailor-made features for your mosque. Besides, all customization is highly cost-effective. You can add calendar integration for prayer meets as well as include more additional features to customize your software within your budget.

Raklet offers the ability to create powerful reports for making informed decisions.

Raklet offers a free account that has an array of excellent features that you can use. However, with our paid plans, Raklet offers API access along with much more awesome features. This enables you to create powerful reports with deep insights about your masjid activities. Create a free account on Raklet mosque management software to get started. More questions? Schedule a quick demo to understand more about our software.

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