Raklet is Among the Top 10 Startups at the BDLA 2016!

Raklet is Among the Top 10 Startups at the BDLA 2016!

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Raklet, a global community management platform, has met in Beirut with the leaders of the innovation industry on the occasion of BDL Accelerate 2016 and has been selected among the top 10 startups.

Organized since Novembre 2014 with the leadership of Banque du Liban, BDL Accelerate is the most inclusive innovation conference of the Mediterranean and MENA region. This year Raklet was of the participants of the conference held on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of November.

Raklet BDL Accelerate'de The aim of the event is to increase knowledge and experience shared between leaders of innovation sector, investors, and startups. Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple), Renaud Visagea (Co-founder of Eventbrite) and the representatives of leading technology medias like TechCrunch were among the speakers of this year.

BDL Accelerator also organizes a competition which allows startups to present their projects to investors. Raklet has been selected among the top 10 up-and- coming startups within this competition.

With our experience and the feedback that we get from the sector leaders, we continue to work without slowing down. We will continue to inform you about the new developments.

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