Product update: January 2023

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New year, new update! We are planning to have a great start to 2023 so let’s dive in to see what is new!

1. Subscribe to a Post & Get an Email

Notifications allow your members to never miss an update. The ‘Follow’ button under the posts now allows you to subscribe to that post and you will get an email notification of the comments under this post.

2. Visible in Feed Settings UPDATE

  • If a post is not linked to a board, it is visible in the feed as default.
  • If a post is linked to a board, but the board is not visible on the feed, then the post will be available under the board, but it won’t be visible on the feed.
  • If a post is linked to more than one board and at least one of the boards is visible on the feed, then the post will be available on the feed.

3. Manage Board Subscriptions

Your members can now choose the boards they want to subscribe to from their profile settings. They can go to their Profile → Settings and at the bottom, there is the Boards section.

They can enable the toggles for the boards they want to subscribe to. Then they can decide if they want to receive notifications (daily/weekly) or not (never).

Some boards are visible to specific memberships and for those boards, they can use the ‘Become Member’ button to subscribe to that membership and see these boards as well.

4. Delete Subscription Reminders UPDATE

We love making things easier for admins. You are now able to delete subscriptions from the members’ profiles.

subscription reminders update

You can also do this from the Membership → Reminders section.

Thanks for reading thus far. I hope you enjoyed our update as much as we did.

Any feature requests? Are you excited about anything new in particular? Simply reply to this email and let us know!

Until next time 👋

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Merve Turkyilmaz

Merve Turkyilmaz

I manage customer success at Raklet and I am usually your first point of contact. I love to help our customers with all their questions and I certainly love meeting new people on our online demo calls. My favorite things to do off the clock are playing tabletop games and baking anything containing cinnamon.
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