Electronic Business Card Guide: What, Why, and How? (2023)

Have you realized that fewer and fewer people have been handing out their cards to you? That is because, nowadays, electronic business cards are rapidly replacing physical ones. This change seems pretty obvious considering the technological age we live in; it eases business growth and improves engagement within your organization. Read this article to explore […]

How to Start a Nonprofit: 8 Steps to Get Started

how to start a nonprofit

You want to change the world, but where do you start? Helping others in need, reversing climate change, protecting the environment and wildlife, empowering your community- there are a lot of ways to help, but you might not be sure where or how to start.  That is exactly why we have prepared this article for […]

4 Reasons You’re Not Reaching Your Matching Gift Potential

Matching gift fundraising is one of our favorite virtual ideas. For one, it equips you to collect more revenue without having to ask your already generous donors to shell out more for your cause. It also allows you to build out mutually beneficial partnerships with for-profit businesses in your network. It sounds like a win-win […]

Guaranteeing an Event Sponsorship in Just 3 Steps

Events are an integral part of any nonprofit. They both help strengthen your bonds with your community and add monetary value to your organization. To get the most out of your nonprofit events, you might want to consider getting event sponsorships. We at Raklet have compiled for you three easy and helpful steps that will […]

The Ultimate Guide To Start An Online Coaching Business

Online Coaching Guide

Since the pandemic has turned our lives upside down and changed everything, we have all been moving to online spaces to connect with each other and grow. One of the most popular forms of online connection has been online coaching platforms. Regardless of time and space, you can educate your audience and help them reach […]

Corporate Sponsorships: The Ultimate Nonprofit Guide

What is a Corporate Sponsorship? Corporate sponsorship can be defined as the payment a business makes to a nonprofit to aid the nonprofit’s mission. Sometimes, it’s just a philanthropic act made in support of a specific cause. However, it’s usually a mutual deal that benefits both parties. We’ll explain how it works exactly in the […]