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What Is Alumni Management Software?

As a learning institution or organization, you must maintain contact with your alumni network. Using alumni management software, also known as alumni engagement software, to effectively manage your alumni database is one way to accomplish this.

Alumni management software is customer relationship management (CRM) software that assists educational institutions and organizations in keeping their alumni databases effective and up to date. This software is designed specifically for managing alumni data, tracking engagement activities, managing events, creating a corporate alumni program, and managing donations. It. is important to use the best alumni management software, and we will provide you with options.

What Is The Purpose of An Online Alumni Management System?

An online alumni management system assists educational institutions and organizations in maintaining a positive relationship with their alumni, which includes current students. The software provides a powerful and efficient platform for keeping alumni engaged, informed, and up to date on their alma mater. Institutions can use an alumni management system to streamline alumni engagement activities, track their activities, and build a stronger community.

In addition to basic functions such as contact database management and group messaging, some alumni management systems provide more advanced features that can benefit membership-based organizations. Some alumni management software, for example, includes professional networks and job posting features to connect alumni with potential professional opportunities.

How Much Does An Alumni Management System Cost?

The price of an Alumni Management System varies greatly depending on the provider and the features included. Some software providers charge as little as $20 per month for a basic package, while others charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month for more advanced features.

When calculating the cost of an Alumni Management System, it is critical to consider your organization’s unique requirements. Are you looking for features like event management, email marketing, or job boards? Will you be in charge of a large database of alumni or a small group? All of these factors can have an impact on the cost of the software. 

At Raklet, we offer a range of pricing options to fit the needs and budget of any organization. 

Now let’s look at the top 30 alumni management software:

Here’s Top 30 Online Alumni Management Software

1. Raklet


Raklet is an all-in-one and one of the best alumni management software that includes powerful CRM capabilities, customized membership plans, private social networks, event organization tools, and other features. Raklet, which focuses on contacts, messages, and payment solutions, assists organizations in increasing member engagement and growing their alumni networks. To remind you, Raklet has membership management software for you if you want a more robust solution for your members.

Best For: 

Raklet is best suited for all types of organizations, regardless of industry. It is especially beneficial for alumni associations that want to engage with their members in a meaningful, digital way.

Key Features:

 Raklet provides a powerful CRM, customized membership plans and application forms, a private social network, event organization tools, and branded mobile apps to help alumni associations manage their networks. It also provides a variety of support and training options to assist organizations in making the most of the platform. It helps you build meaningful connections with all the tools with its modular platform. It offers a free demo for you to find new donors swiftly, and it can be integrated with mobile devices. It is an essential tool for community building as a community platform and helps incentivize alumni engagement. Also, it is suitable for corporate alumni programs.


Looking for an all-in-one alumni management software that can help you take your alumni engagement to the next level? Raklet is the only way to go! It has a free plan as well. Raklet is one of the best platforms for managing your alumni network, with top-notch features and maximum flexibility.

Would you like to see Raklet in action? Request a demo today to learn more about its key features, which include a robust CRM, customized membership plans, a private social network, event management, and a branded mobile app. Don’t put it off any longer; contact Raklet today to learn more!

2. Wild Apricot

Summary:  WildApricot is an affordable and user-friendly cloud-based software designed for small associations, non-profits, state, and local chapter organizations to manage contacts, process donations, register event attendees, create a website, and more.

Best For: WildApricot is best suited for small associations, non-profits, state and local chapter organizations that require an affordable and user-friendly alumni management system.

Key Features: WildApricot provides a complete alumni management system, including membership management, event registration, website creation, email, help desk, FAQs, forum, knowledge base, phone support, and chat, with a self-serve design and a user-friendly web or mobile interface.

Pricing: WildApricot has a flat rate pricing model that starts at $60.00 per month. It also has a free trial, but there is no free version.

3. Vaave

Summary: Vaave is an all-in-one cloud-based alumni management software that enables educational institutions to engage alumni and increase fundraising efforts. It has over 450 clients in 20 countries and is trusted by organizations such as the United Nations GESCI and corporations such as Qualcomm and KPIT.

Best For: It is appropriate for educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities, as well as SMB, mid-market, and enterprise corporates.

Key Features: Vaave, among other features, provides database management, event management, fundraising, email marketing, mentorship, and career services to assist educational institutions in effectively engaging with their alumni. The software also provides customized solutions to meet the requirements of various institutions.

Pricing: The vendor does not provide pricing information, but Vaave does provide a demo.

4. MemberPlanet

Summary: MemberPlanet provides a suite of membership management tools that help organizations engage with their members and simplify operations.

Best For: Organizations of all sizes that need assistance managing memberships and engaging with members.

Key Features: Membership and event management, API integrations, and communication tools such as text and email are among the features.

Pricing: A free version and a free trial are available, with a per-user pricing model starting at $0.

5. AssoConnect

Summary: AssoConnect is a cloud-based software solution designed to help non-profit organizations streamline their daily operations. It includes features such as membership management, event planning, fundraising tools, and communication options.

Best For: Non-profit organizations of all sizes, from small local groups to large international associations, should use AssoConnect. It is intended to be user-friendly and intuitive for staff and volunteers, making it simple to manage and grow their donor and membership bases.

Key Features: A user-friendly dashboard, automated membership management, online donations and payment processing, custom forms and surveys, and a centralized database for all member and donor information are among the key features of AssoConnect. It also provides tools for event planning and newsletter creation to keep members informed and involved.

Pricing: The pricing for AssoConnect is based on a monthly subscription model, with plans starting at $24 per month. It provides a free trial for interested organizations to test the platform and determine if it meets their requirements.

6. ThankView

Summary: ThankView is a video platform used by universities, nonprofits, and health centers to build personalized relationships with their recipients and increase engagement. The platform provides detailed metrics to help you learn more about your audience and maximize the financial impact of your outreach efforts.

Best For: ThankView provides personalized video creation for a variety of purposes such as solicitations, event invitations, and donor appreciation. In addition, the platform provides detailed metrics for tracking engagement and improving outreach efforts.

Key Features: ThankView provides personalized video creation for a variety of purposes such as solicitations, event invitations, and donor appreciation. In addition, the platform provides detailed metrics for tracking engagement and improving outreach efforts.

Pricing: ThankView offers a flat-rate pricing model starting at $99/month for the Starter plan and $299/month for the Pro plan. The Premium plan pricing details are available on request. The platform offers a free trial but does not have a free version.

7. Graduway

Summary: Graduway is a branded platform that assists educational institutions in engaging with their alumni online. It provides alumni with personal and professional benefits such as mentoring, knowledge sharing, and professional guidance.

Best For: Graduway is best suited for alumni relations leaders, community builders/managers, and career services professionals in higher education institutions, K-12/independent schools, and other organizations looking to engage with alumni.

Key Features: Graduway provides a branded and exclusive online platform for institutions to engage with alumni. It provides alumni with personal and professional benefits such as mentoring and knowledge sharing. The platform is accessible from any device, anywhere, and allows for ongoing engagement through a variety of features.

Pricing: Graduway does not provide pricing details on its website. It does not offer a free trial or free version of its platform.

8. ToucanTech

Summary: ToucanTech provides a purpose-built platform for alumni managers to streamline community management and increase engagement. Its solutions include a robust database, an email engine, an event management system, and the option of a public or private portal.

Best For: ToucanTech is best suited for schools, businesses, associations, and charities that require a versatile website with integrated CRM and a private community forum to manage donor and alumni relations.

Key Features: ToucanTech’s key features include a versatile website with an integrated CRM, a robust database, an email engine, an event management system, and private community forums. It improves donor and alumni relations while saving time and increasing efficiency.

Pricing: ToucanTech’s website does not include pricing information.

9. HelloAsso

Summary: HelloAsso is a French non-profit payment solution that allows them to manage their fundraising campaigns, events, memberships, and payments online. The platform operates on a unique economic model that does not charge non-profits any fees or commissions, instead relying on donor contributions to fund its development.

Best For: HelloAsso is ideal for non-profit organizations, clubs, and foundations in France looking for a free payment solution with a variety of features to manage their fundraising campaigns and online payments.

Key Features: HelloAsso provides a variety of features such as online fundraising campaigns, event management, crowdfunding, membership management, and payment processing. The platform includes a donation form that can be customized, social sharing tools, and the ability to collect recurring donations. HelloAsso also includes a dashboard for tracking donations and payments, as well as the ability to export data for accounting purposes.

Pricing: HelloAsso is completely free for non-profit organizations, with no fees or commissions. However, the platform’s development is funded entirely by voluntary contributions from donors.

10. Almabase

Summary: Almabase is an all-in-one engagement and fundraising platform that is designed to increase engagement for alumni relations and fundraising teams. With streamlined programs, you can better understand your community, elevate their experience from connection to donation, and foster a sense of community.

Best For: Almabase is ideal for University, School, and College Alumni Relations, Career Services, Advancement Services, Annual Fund, and Communications teams.

Key Features: Almabase provides dependable automation, industry-leading integration with Blackbaud, Salesforce, and Ellucian stores, and simplified programs for events, online giving, community engagement, and communication. It enables you to sync all information with your CRM and better understand your community through data.

Pricing: The pricing model for Almabase is set at $3000.00 per year, and there is no free trial or free version available. Pricing is per feature.

11. Almashines

Summary: AlmaShines is an alumni portal and mobile app that assists institutes in managing their alumni community. It provides features such as jobs, fund-raising, and events to increase alumni engagement.

Best For: AlmaShines is best suited for schools, colleges, universities, institutions, groups, and corporations.

Key Features: AlmaShines provides features such as job postings, fund-raising campaigns, event management, and alumni directories to assist institutions in connecting with their alumni community. The platform also includes analytics and reporting tools for tracking alumni engagement and measuring campaign success.

Pricing: AlmaShines provides custom pricing based on features, institution type, and number of alumni. The vendor offers a free version, but you must contact them to get a price quote. There is no free trial period.

12. Join It

Summary: It is a membership management service that makes it easier to keep track of, manage, and grow your community. It integrates with other service providers for payment processing, email communication, and event organization and provides a simple database and dashboard interface for organization leaders to monitor membership developments.

Best For: It is useful for any organization or non-profit that requires a lightweight and simple way to manage their memberships.

Key Features:  It offers a straightforward, user-friendly interface for membership management, which includes membership tracking, event management, and email communication. It also integrates with other service providers to process payments and automate tasks.

Pricing: Join It offers a flat-rate pricing model starting at $29 per month. There is a free trial as well as a free version with limited features available. The vendor provided the following pricing information: Basic costs nothing, Pro costs $29 per month, and Business costs $99 per month.

13. Ellucian

Summary: Ellucian is a higher education technology company that provides comprehensive solutions based on best practices and feedback from the community.

Best For: Ellucian serves all types of higher education institutions.

Key Features: Ellucian provides student information systems, finance and HR systems, and digital engagement tools to improve operations and outcomes.

Pricing: Pricing is not available online; interested institutions should contact Ellucian for a quote.

14. Cadence

Summary: Cadence is a two-way texting platform for higher education institutions that allows them to build personalized connections with students, parents, and alumni by utilizing time-saving features such as campaigns, auto-responses, and segmentation.

Best For: Cadence is best suited for higher education institutions looking to streamline communication with constituents and improve relationships throughout the student lifecycle.

Key Features: Cadence provides a two-way texting platform as well as time-saving features such as campaigns, auto-responders, segmentation, and seamless integration with the tools your school already uses.

Pricing: Pricing is not available online and may vary depending on the number of users. Cadence should be contacted by interested institutions for a quote.

15. EverTrue

Summary: EverTrue provides data, software, and services to assist advancement teams in creating personalized donor experiences. ThankView, Pledgemine, and Fundriver are some of their solutions.

Best For: Higher education advancement teams and non-profit organizations.

Key Features: EverTrue provides social, wealth, interest, and career data sources to assist organizations in understanding and reaching alumni. ThankView for personalized video messages, Pledgemine for personalized direct mail, and Fundriver for endowed fund accounting and reporting are among their solutions.

Pricing: The vendor did not provide pricing.

16. Classter

Summary: Classter is a comprehensive educational institution solution that combines SIS, SMS, LMS, ERP, and CRM functionality in 12 modules.

Best For: Classter is ideal for educational institutions that want to manage their operations and digitize their institution while saving time and money.

Key Features: Classter streamlines administrative and academic tasks such as enrollment, grading, scheduling, communication, and engagement with flexible and fully customizable options.

Pricing: The vendor does not provide pricing information.

17. SchoolCues

Summary: SchoolCues is a low-cost alumni management solution designed for small schools to manage alumni and improve communication between schools and alumni.

Best For: Montessori, Episcopal, Christian, Catholic, Private, Lutheran, Charter, Independent, Waldorf, and Islamic schools. Online schools, homeschools, and micro-schools are also eligible.

Key Features: Management of alumni contact lists, donation processing, integrated communications, event management, volunteer tracking, and other features.

Pricing: Pricing begins at $1.00 per month per user with a free trial. The vendor provides pricing details, which can be as low as $1.00/child/month for a 12-month school year.

18. Alumni Channel

Summary: Alumni Channel is a cloud-based membership management suite for alumni, schools, and other organizations that provides 24/7/365 access to membership data and keeps it up to date.

Best For: It is ideal for high schools, elementary schools, small colleges/universities, career schools, non-profits, clubs, teams, corporate groups, and more.

Key Features: Membership data management, communication tools, event management, fundraising tools, and other features are important.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $300.00 one-time and is based on a flat rate model. There is a free trial available, but no free version.

19. Ocelot

Summary: Ocelot is an AI Communications Platform for higher education institutions that aims to increase enrollment, retention, and reduce summer melt.

Best For: Higher education institutions in the United States, such as Community Colleges, 4-Year Publics, and 4-Year Privates, that want to increase enrollment, retention, reduce summer melt, and engage alumni.

Key Features: From a single platform, Ocelot provides bidirectional, smart communication capabilities such as two-way texting, AI chatbots, and live chat for student outreach and support. With its AI-driven features, it enables institutions to reach every student and answer every question, maximizing the impact of department staff, creating a sense of belonging on campus, and providing data insights.

Pricing: The vendor has not provided pricing information. The pricing model, on the other hand, is feature-based.

20. DreamApply

Summary: DreamApply is an admissions system designed to make the application process for educational institutions seamless and simple to manage. It includes marketing, recruitment, admissions, and scholarship tools.

Best For: Educational institutions looking to increase student enrollment while reducing overall workload and managing admission and marketing efforts more efficiently.

Key Features: Marketing and recruitment tools, admissions management, scholarship management, customizable application forms, document management, data analytics, CRM integration, and multilingual support are among the key features.

Pricing: The vendor does not provide pricing information. The pricing model is based on the number of users

21. AlumnForce

Summary: AlumnForce is a private professional social network solution designed for schools, universities, alumni associations, and foundations to help students, graduates, alumni, recruiters, professors, and administrations build relationships.

Best For: Empowering their network at business schools, universities, non-profits, training institutions, companies, and alumni associations.

Key Features: Customizable platform, modular functionalities, alumni directory, job board, event management, fundraising, mentorship program, email marketing, reporting, and analytics are some of the key features.

Pricing: The vendor does not provide pricing information.

22. Firsthand

Summary: Firsthand is an alumni engagement and mentoring platform that allows higher education institutions to virtually engage their community, boost enrollment, alumni engagement, career services, and host an unlimited number of virtual fairs and events.

Best For: Higher education institutions looking for an all-in-one platform to virtually engage their community.

Key Features: Firsthand provides a variety of features such as alumni engagement tools, mentorship programs, career services tools, virtual fair and event hosting, and analytics and reporting.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $7600.00 per month and no free trial or free version available.

23. Disciple

Summary: Disciple is a private and secure social network platform that offers tools for gathering, engaging, and understanding alumni communities.

Best For: Disciple is ideal for educators and businesses seeking a one-of-a-kind alumni management software that provides safe and private social networks for their communities.

Key Features: Secure data storage, a variety of community engagement tools, the ability to create a branded community app, advanced analytics and insights, and other features distinguish Disciple

Pricing: Pricing for a web app starts at $46 per month and $549 per month for an iOS/Android app, with additional packages and pricing options available. There is also a free trial available.

24. Member365

Summary: Member365 is alumni management software that assists organizations in managing, engaging, and growing their alumni associations. Every day, the software enables users to increase alumni membership, target alumni based on list segments, manage events, improve communications, increase engagement and loyalty, strengthen collaboration, and save time and effort.

Best For: Professional associations, trade associations, Greek lettered organizations, alumni, non-profits, charities, and business networking groups are the best candidates.

Key Features: Membership management, event management, email marketing, communication tools, fundraising tools, online payments, reporting and analytics, and mobile access are all available through Member365.

Pricing: Member365 pricing begins at $249.00 per month and is based on a flat rate pricing model. There is a free trial version of the software available, but no free version.

25. NetAnswer

Summary: NetAnswer is a customizable alumni community management platform that can be customized to meet the needs of alumni associations, high school and university alumni, former companies, foundations, unions, federations, and non-profit organizations.

Best For: Alumni associations, high school alumni, university alumni, former companies, foundations, unions, federations, and non-profit organizations benefit most from NetAnswer.

Key Features: NetAnswer provides a variety of customizable features to assist alumni organizations in effectively managing their communities, including event management, membership management, fundraising tools, communications and messaging, directory and search, and social media integration.

Pricing: No pricing information is available for NetAnswer.

26. Fonzip

Summary: Fonzip is a comprehensive digital fundraising and CRM application for alumni associations and organizations. Fonzip aims to help users improve their alumni relationships and financial resources by focusing on data security, ease of use, and fair pricing.

Best For: Alumni associations and organizations looking for a comprehensive digital fundraising and CRM solution with real-time and live customer support should consider Fonzip.

Key Features: Fonzip features include online donations, fundraising campaigns, event management, alumni database management, email marketing, and reporting and analytics.

Pricing: Fonzip has a usage-based pricing model that starts at €29.00 per month. The platform also provides a one-month free trial. There is no such thing as a free version.

27. VeryConnect

Summary: VeryConnect is a one-stop shop that combines alumni management, engagement, and fundraising. Its powerful features and simple interface allow you to reduce administrative tasks, securely store alumni data, and create an online community tailored to the needs of your members.

Best For: VeryConnect is ideal for membership organizations, societies, alumni, charities, and non-profit organizations.

Key Features: VeryConnect includes a number of features, such as member management, event management, fundraising, surveys, email marketing, and reporting. You can also use its platform to create a personalized member portal, custom forms, and surveys. You can also connect with other tools and services by using its API and Zapier integration.

Pricing: VeryConnect offers a per-feature pricing model with no free trial or free version. Its pricing starts at £160.00/month.

28. PeopleGrove

Summary: PeopleGrove is a platform that helps alumni leverage their alma mater’s social capital for career assistance and meaningful volunteer opportunities. It collaborates with a variety of higher education institutions’ departments, including Career Services, Alumni Relations, Academic Affairs, Admissions, and Enrollment. The vendor provides no pricing information.

Best For: PeopleGrove collaborates with higher education institutions across departments such as Career Services, Alumni Relations, Academic Affairs, Admissions, and Enrollment, among others.

Key Features: PeopleGrove is a platform that allows alumni to tap into their alma mater’s social capital for career support and meaningful volunteer opportunities.

Pricing: The vendor provides no pricing information.

29. ThreeSixty

Summary: ThreeSixty is a member management platform for medium to large organizations that provides a unified view of constituent data across all engagement channels.

Best For: ThreeSixty provides robust and adaptable capabilities such as member management, unified data management, complex transaction management, and scalability to meet the needs of any organization.

Key Features: ThreeSixty is best suited for medium to large associations, nonprofit organizations, YMCAs, JCCs, and other similar organizations.

Pricing: Unfortunately, the vendor does not provide pricing information.

30. Hivebrite

Summary: Hivebrite is a versatile and adaptable alumni community management platform with best-in-class features for engaging alumni and cultivating donors.

Best For: Hivebrite is best suited for professional communities, alumni networks, public organizations, incubators, and interest-based communities of all sizes, from all countries and languages.

Key Features: Hivebrite offers Memberships, Donations, Events, Mentoring, Career Services, and more to increase alumni engagement. It is completely adaptable to the needs of institutions of all sizes and sectors.

Pricing: The pricing model for Hivebrite is not provided by the vendor and is based on a per-feature basis.

Last Words On Alumni Management

Alumni management is important to any institution or business, and with Raklet’s robust software solutions, it’s easier than ever to keep in touch with former students and employees. By investing in our platform, educational institutions may strengthen their ties to their alums and create a lasting network that will serve the interests of both the institution and the alums for years to come.

As a company, Raklet is convinced that a strong alumni management system is essential to the growth and prosperity of any school or nonprofit. To create an alumni network platform with their former students and foster mutually beneficial connections, universities might use software to streamline alumni relations.

Our alumni management software is packed with tools that make it simple for any institution to keep track of its alums. Our software makes it simple for universities to keep in touch with their alums by hosting events, communicating with them through newsletters, and monitoring their participation. This helps the school in the long run since it reduces wasted time and money and fosters connections with former students.

Now, it’s your turn!

If you want to work with Raklet, take a look at our features for alumni engagement and management. You can also book a free demo with us to have one-to-one calls!

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