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Top 7 Volunteer Management Software Alternatives for Your Nonprofit

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What is a Volunteer Management Software?

A volunteer management software, or a volunteer management system, is usually a comprehensive online platform that helps nonprofits manage their volunteers. An ideal software alternative will provide solutions for volunteer recruitment, trackable databases, time scheduling, reports, and more.

Why Does Your Nonprofit Need a Volunteer Management Software? 

As we stated above, there are many ways that a good volunteer management software can aid your nonprofit. Keep in mind that a software that has the most features isn’t necessarily the best one, if you won’t be using those features at all. The first (and perhaps the most important) step is to determine which features your nonprofit would most require, and do your research to find the best software for those needs.   

To give you an overall idea, here are some of the ways that an online volunteer management platform can help you: 

  • A comprehensive CRM that holds all relevant personal information about your volunteers (like name, photo, address, past volunteering and work experience, etc.) 
  • Between volunteers or volunteer-to-manager communication tools, such as private messaging or discussion boards
  • Customizable membership forms to collect information about volunteer applicants, and to help automate your recruitment efforts 
  • Event creation & management options that let you track which volunteer members will be attending/working
  • A handy time scheduling tool to arrange & record when your volunteers will be available/working
  • An easily updatable calendar that shows everyone’s work hours 
  • Exportable database reports about members, events, donors, etc. 
  • Similarly, the ability to filter, sort, and segment your data
  • A mobile app that enables volunteers to stay engaged and access relevant information on the go (ideally, it should also feature an easy check-in option for your nonprofit events).

Top 7 Nonprofit Volunteer Management Software:

  • Volunteer Impact
  • WhenToHelp
  • iVolunteer
  • Get Connected by Galaxy Digital 
  • VolunteerMark
  • Helper Helper 
  • Raklet

7- Volunteer Impact 

The Volunteer Impact website.

What is it?: A volunteer management software by Better Impact. 

Best for: Big or small organizations that need help with volunteer management and scheduling.

Key features:  Shift scheduling, individual volunteer profiles, mobile application, eLearning & resource library for volunteer training.

Free trial/plan?: All of the Better Impact software have a 30-day trial if you agree to fill out the necessary sign-up information. 

Pricing: Changes depending on how many administrators and volunteers you have. (For example, two administrators and up to 100 volunteers costs €44.00) There is also a Plus Package available with more features, which adds €30 for the Standard Edition, and €100 for the Enterprise Edition.

6- WhenToHelp

The WhenToHelp website.

What is it?: A simple and intuitive online volunteer scheduling platform. 

Best for: Any type of organization that’s looking for a quick fix to their scheduling needs. 

Key features: Shift reminder notifications, drag-and-drop interface, mobile app & calendar app sync, AutoFill for optimal scheduling assistance.

Free trial/plan?: They offer a free plan exclusively for charities, but not otherwise. There isn’t a free trial available.  

Pricing: As a fairly straightforward software, their monthly flat rate starts at $15.00 for up to 10 volunteers and goes up based on the number. For example, 60-100 volunteers will cost about $72/month. 

5- iVolunteer

The iVolunteer website.

What is it?: A volunteer scheduling software with a few extra features that can help your management process. 

Best for: Smaller organizations, communities, or one-time event organizers. 

Key features: Easily editable self sign-up ability for volunteers (with no account requirement), advanced and accessible reports, automatic emails about events and cancellations. 

Free trial/plan?: There is a free plan available with just 1 administrator account, only up to 15 volunteers, a maximum of 250 emails, and even more restrictions. 

Pricing: The Standard plan of iVolunteer starts at $90.00 for a yearly subscription, with up to 50 volunteers. This increases depending on how many volunteers you will have. Also, if you’re a bigger organization with 1000+ volunteers, you will need to use their Premium plan, which has a minimum annual fee of $250.00. 

4- Get Connected by Galaxy Digital

The Get Connected website.

What is it?: An extensive volunteer management, engagement, and reporting software. 

Best for: Nonprofits, churches, hospitals, schools, etc. of all sizes that need to manage all their volunteer-related businesses. 

Key features: Hour scheduling & management, volunteer info collection, skill-based filtering options, social media integration, mobile app.

Free trial/plan?: There isn’t a free trial or a free plan available for Get Connected. 

Pricing: Currently, Get Connected requires you to request a personal demo to learn more about their software and get a price quote. However, the software is listed on Capterra as having a flat rate of $199.00 per month. This makes it the most expensive option on our list.

3- VolunteerMark

The VolunteerMark software.

What is it?: A cloud-based volunteer management software that focuses on communication, scheduling, and reporting.  

Best for: On Capterra, they described themselves as being “ideal for nonprofits, schools, businesses, churches, and civic organizations.” 

Key features: Scheduling tool, attendance tracking, one-time or recurring events, detailed volunteer member directory, emails & SMS.

Free trial/plan?: VolunteerMark offers a free trial, but the duration isn’t specified on their website. They also have a free plan for up to 50 volunteers, and up to 3 events per month. 

Pricing: They offer three different subscription plans with different limitations: Basic, Essential, and Royale. The Basic plan with a single administrator account costs $39/mo on monthly billing, while the Essential plan is $89/mo per account, and the Royale is $149/mo per account.

2- Helper Helper

The Helper Helper website.

What is it?: A service hour tracking and coordination software & mobile app.

Best for: Nonprofits, companies, fraternities, and high schools of any size. 

Key features: Easy report creation and exports, automated reminders, public sign-up listing for more recruitment options, mobile app. 

Free trial/plan?: They have a free trial (unspecified duration), but there is no free plan available. 

Pricing: Like most of the other alternatives on the list, Helper Helper doesn’t have transparent pricing information on their website. They ask you to schedule a demo for more information. On their Capterra page, they listed the pricing themselves as being $500.00 per feature, per year.

1- Raklet

Raklet‘s main webpage.

What is it?: An all-in-one membership, organization, and event management software.  

Best for: Nonprofits, associations, chambers of commerce, clubs, alumni associations, and more. We have a wide range of customers that use Raklet in many different ways.   

Key features: Extensive CRM for individual volunteer profiles, fully customizable application forms, email & SMS, personalized newsletters, scannable digital membership cards for check-in, mobile app, event & fundraiser creation tools. Check out more of our extensive features by visiting the website. 

Free trial/plan?: Yes! We offer a 30-day free trial that you can cancel whenever you want. There is also a forever-free plan for up to 50 members, with no credit card information required. 

Pricing: Our pricing and quotes are completely transparent. In addition to our forever-free plan, we have three paid plans: Essentials, Professional, and Premium. The Essentials plan costs $49/month for up to 1000 contacts. Check out our pricing page for more information.

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