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Customer relationship management software is a critical tool for businesses of all sizes to effectively manage customer interactions. It is a strategy that involves using technology to facilitate customer communication, increase customer satisfaction, and increase sales. In this blog post, you can find out the benefits of customer relationship management, the importance of CRM management software for businesses, the best 30 CRM software, and more.

What is Customer Relationship Management Software?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, CRM management software CRM has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes to manage their customer interactions effectively. CRM software is a strategy that involves using technology to streamline customer communication, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales. By keeping track of customer data, CRM software helps businesses to understand their customers’ needs and preferences better, providing them with more personalized and targeted marketing.

One of the primary benefits of CRM software is that it helps businesses build and maintain lasting relationships with their customers. With features like lead management, email marketing, and customer segmentation, businesses can stay organized and efficient in their customer interactions, ensuring that each customer receives a personalized and seamless experience. Furthermore, CRM software provides valuable insights into customer behavior and trends, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and adjust their strategies accordingly. Ultimately, CRM software is a powerful tool that can transform the way businesses engage with their customers, helping them stay competitive in today’s ever-evolving marketplace.

What is the Purpose of Customer Relationship Management Software? 

The purpose of customer relationship management (CRM) software is to help businesses better manage their customer interactions, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase sales. CRM software provides businesses with a centralized platform to track and analyze customer data, allowing them to gain a better understanding of their customer’s needs and preferences. With this knowledge, businesses can develop more targeted marketing strategies, improve customer support, and ultimately build lasting relationships with their customers.

Besides providing businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior and trends, CRM software also streamlines customer communication. With features like email marketing, customer segmentation, and lead management, businesses can efficiently manage their customer interactions, providing personalized and seamless experiences for each customer. Ultimately, CRM software aims to help businesses stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment by enabling them to better understand and engage with their customers. By investing in CRM software, businesses can improve their bottom line and build long-term customer loyalty. The number of CRM software examples is quite high and many of them offer numerous advantages to users. 

How Much Does a CRM System Cost?

The cost of CRM systems can vary widely depending on the size and needs of the business. The most basic CRM systems can be found for free or at a low cost, while more complex and advanced systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year. Additionally, the cost of a CRM system can depend on whether it is a cloud-based or on-premises system. Cloud-based systems tend to be more affordable, as they do not require expensive hardware or IT staff to maintain the system.

When considering the cost of CRM systems, it’s important to take into account not just the upfront costs but also the ongoing expenses such as subscription fees, maintenance costs, and employee training. It’s also essential to choose a CRM system that aligns with your business’s needs and goals, as investing in an overly complex or underpowered system can end up being costly in the long run. Ultimately, the cost of a CRM system should be viewed as an investment in your business’s growth and success, as a well-designed CRM system can help improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and streamline operations. Now let’s look at the top 30 membership management software systems:

Here’s the Top 30 Membership Management Software


Summary of Software: Offering an all-in-one membership management software to its users, Raklet allows you to build and grow your community through a variety of digital tools. 

Best for: Ideal for large, medium and small enterprises. 

Key features: There are various prominent features such as lead management, customizable reports and e-mails, digital member cards, sales tracking, dashboards, sales lead management, automating many tasks. 

Pricing: Raklet, one of the most effective software programs, offers many important features in its free plans. The Essentials plan, where you can have 1,000 members, costs $ 49 per month. The professional package, which you can have 2000 members, costs $ 99 per month. The Premium plan costs $299 per month and includes all professional features.

2.Salesforce Sales Cloud

Summary of Software: It is a CRM software system that helps businesses of all sizes increase revenues, automate tasks undertaken, and make more accurate decisions. With customer relationship management tools, you can realize your company’s mission in the best way and grow your business faster from anywhere.

Best for: Among the most important functions that this software has; are lead management, customizable reports and dashboards, sales lead management, automating tasks, and more.

Key features: This CRM system; offers features such as lead management, customer and contact management, sales opportunity management, customizable reports and dashboards, and a mobile application.

Pricing: You can purchase this software for $18.75/per user/per month. For Salesforce, which offers a 25% discount opportunity to its users, there is also a free trial version.

3.Click Up

Summary of Software: ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform. It is a CRM software that brings together all the functions to plan, organize and work on planned tasks using tasks, documents, chat, goals, whiteboards, and more that teams undertake. 

Best for: Click Up, which is an ideal CRM software system for sectors such as marketing and advertising, and computer software, is an ideal option for increasing productivity.

Key features: This CRM software; has important features such as communication and account management, providing workflow, and ease of use.

Pricing: This CRM software system, which requires a monthly payment of $ 3.50 per user, also offers the chance to try for free.

4.Monday Sales CRM

Summary of Software: Monday sales CRM software; gives business owners and sales teams the ability to manage all expenses in a single center. The software system in question gives sales teams complete control over the sales line. 

Best for: It is an ideal CRM system and customer relationship management tool for marketing and advertising, as well as information technology and services. 80% small and 16% middle market is a system frequently preferred by enterprises.

Key features: The most well-known features of this CRM software are; is that it allows the sales departments of the enterprises to see all the points about the sales details in the easiest way. The software allows the creation of customizable dashboards to achieve this benefit. 

Pricing: This software serves its user at a minimal price of $ 10 per month. In addition, a free trial version can be offered to users at the first stage.

5.ActiveCampaign for Sales

Summary of Software: ActiveCampaign automates the sales process of companies, making it possible to make more sales in less time. The software system, which ensures that the best steps are taken based on communication, provides unlimited automation opportunities to its users at every stage. 

Best for: It is an ideal and easy-to-use software system for sectors such as marketing and advertising, health & wellness & fitness. 

Key features: This CRM system, where unlimited automation is possible, is designed to meet the needs and budgets of growing businesses. The most important feature is that it plans sales pages to increase sales. It provides users with all the details needed for businesses to achieve their goals. 

Pricing: ActiveCampaign for a Sales software system, which serves its users for $ 19 per month, also offers the opportunity to benefit from a free trial version. 

6.Zoho CRM

Summary of Software: Zoho CRM system stands out in empowering businesses and SMEs. Aiming 360º customer relations, this software adopts life cycle management and provides a high level of ease of use to its users. 

Best for: This CRM software, is frequently used in sectors such as information technology and services, marketing, and advertising; 62% is ideal for small and 27% for mid-market businesses. 

Key features:  Key features of Zoho CRM software include contact management, sales funnels, pipeline management, workflow automation, AI-powered speech assistant, task management, managing marketing campaigns, sales forecasting, customer support, and service, inventory management, reporting and analytics, seamless integration with over 500 popular business applications in a single business system. 

Pricing: This CRM software system, which offers a 50% discount, costs between $7-26 per month. It also offers a free trial version to its users. 


Summary of Software: Freshsales is an effective automation system that increases sales power. Providing every detail that salespeople need, this system improves the quality of the customer profile. In addition to this; it guides deals more healthily with the support of artificial intelligence-supported insights. It automates the sales process in businesses and thus saves sales teams more time for sales.

Best for: This CRM software, is frequently used in the information technology and services and computer software sectors; 68% is preferred by small and 27% by mid-market businesses. It is extremely useful and offers practical solutions. 

Key features: It makes it possible for the sales departments of businesses to be more efficient and productive in their daily business planning. It enables sales and related revenue forecasts to be made. 

Pricing: Offering various services to its users with prices starting from $ 15.00, Freshsales also provides the advantage of a free trial version.

8.Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM 

Summary of Software: Offering effective services to small businesses, Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM ensures accurate customer acquisition. An advanced sales and marketing platform, this CRM software nurtures leads and enables more sales. 

Best for: It is a CRM platform frequently preferred by the marketing and advertising and information technology and services sectors. It is an ideal CRM software option according to 82% of small businesses and 16% of mid-market businesses. 

Key features: Constant Contact, a software platform perfectly designed for small businesses to grow their business, automatically scores leads based on their activity. It converts this scoring into sales smoothly and professionally. 

Pricing: It offers the 199 $ option as an entry-level price. It also provides a free trial version to businesses to analyze the quality of their services. 


Summary of Software: It allows all sales and communication processes to be seen in one place, from emails and past interactions to files and tasks. Recommended by Google, Copper is ideal for building more valuable, longer-lasting customer relationships. 

Best for: This software system, which is frequently preferred by 79% of small and 17% of medium-sized enterprises, is ideal for marketing and advertising, information technology, and services sectors.

Key features: Copper provides all the details required for healthy management of communication with potential customers and the most accurate customer orientation. Copper, an easy-to-use CRM software, integrates with Google Workspace. Thus, it ensures that all e-mails and other interactions are securely recorded.

Pricing: Copper, which is offered to businesses starting from $ 19 per user per month, has a 15% discount and a free trial version.


Summary of Software:  Packed with productivity-enhancing tools such as task reminders and Power Dialer, the software system reaches more potential customers. It enables businesses to increase their sales. Allows all sales-related details to be gathered in a single center. 

Best for: Close, an ideal software system for small and medium-sized businesses, helps SMEs turn leads into revenue.

Key features: Close, which allows businesses to double the performance of consultants in their sales teams, focuses exclusively on the needs of SMEs and scaling teams. With this CRM software, which has a free trial version, businesses can control customer interaction more accurately and make more sales.

Pricing: Close software, which is offered at $29 per user per month for entry-level, also offers a free trial. 

11.Less Annoying CRM

Summary of Software:  Adopting the three principles of user-friendliness, affordability, and superior customer service, this software system helps you control your notes, contacts, work calendar, and many more details from one point. 

Best for:  Used by more than 10,000 small businesses in 70 countries, Less Annoying CRM is also preferred by 8% of medium-sized businesses. Less Annoying, which is an extremely useful software option for the insurance and financial services sectors, also offers a free trial version to its users. 

Key features: Less Annoying CRM is ideal for small businesses with its affordable price and practical user-friendly features. A simple CRM software built from the ground up, Less Annoying allows you to manage your contacts, leads, notes, calendar, to-dos, and more from a single web application. 

Pricing: With an entry-level price of $15.00, this CRM software gives businesses confidence by offering a free trial. 

12.Pipeliner CRM

Summary of Software: Providing outstanding user interaction, Pipeliner has a sales-friendly interface. The software is customizable, allowing the user to quickly learn the system. Pipeliner’s administration backend is also visual and easy to use with drag and drop, inline editing, and other non-technical tools.

Best for: This system, which is preferred by 71% of small and 21% of medium-sized enterprises, is an ideal CRM for sectors such as marketing and information technology. 

Key features: The most important feature is that it does not require a full-time manager or expensive certified technical resources. This CRM platform has a very powerful reporting engine; It offers many types of reports from standard to summary, advanced and graphic dashboards to the service of its users. 

Pricing: Pipeliner CRM, which has an entry-level price of $65.00, offers users the opportunity to take advantage of the free trial version. 

13.Insightly CRM

Summary of Software: Insightly CRM is extremely useful, modern, and affordable. This software system increases productivity and builds lasting customer relationships by clarifying points that legacy CRM software cannot solve. 

Best for: One of the ideal choices for the Marketing and Advertising and Information Technology and Services sectors, this CRM software is recommended for small and medium businesses. 

Key features: This CRM system, in which millions of different products and services can be quickly searched, monitored, and managed, does not leave room for inconsistencies. In addition, it has various objects and applications to adapt it according to business needs and preferences. 

Pricing: Insightly, which offers a 20% discount opportunity to its users, also shares the advantage of a free trial version with businesses. 

14.Salesforce Essentials

Summary of Software: Salesforce, a unified sales and support CRM that provides ease of use and installation for small businesses, aims to build stronger customer relationships.

Best for: Salesforce Essentials, one of the CRM platforms preferred by the Information Technologies and Services and Marketing and Advertising sectors, has a widespread user network, 67% small businesses, and 21% mid-market businesses. 

Key features: Salesforce CRM can automate recurring tasks, direct questions to the best team member, and enable customers to help themselves with a branded self-service portal.

Pricing: Salesforce, which serves its users with $25 pricing for the entry-level, also has an advantage such as a free trial version. 


Summary of Software: Nimble, ranked #1 in Sales and Marketing CRM, combines the most powerful aspects of social media, sales intelligence, and marketing automation in one platform.

Best for: This CRM software system, which is preferred by 74% of small businesses and 17% of medium-sized businesses, is frequently used in the world of technology and marketing.

Key features: Nimble, an industry-leading CRM for Office 365 and G Suite, provides businesses with a streamlined user experience. Designed with a focus on efficiency, this software platform helps business teams close more deals faster.

Pricing: Nimble, which has a price between $ 19 – $ 25 per user per month, has a free trial version.


Summary of Software: Nutshell, which has a very practical system for sales teams who do not want to deal with separate sales and marketing tools and allows all processes to be managed in one center, is ideal for those who do not want to pay a full-time manager.

Best for: This platform, which is the most preferred CRM software in the fields of computer software and marketing, is a system frequently used by 78% of small businesses and 19% of mid-market businesses. 

Key features: Nutshell integrates with software frequently used by small businesses such as Google Workspace/Gmail, Microsoft Office/Outlook, QuickBooks Online, Intercom, and Slack, and includes first-class live support. It also offers unlimited CRM contacts and data storage, fully customizable reporting tools, and free data migration services at an affordable price. 

Pricing: Nutshell, which is offered to experience its users starting from $ 16.00, also offers a free trial version to businesses. 


Summary of Software: Wrike, the most powerful business management platform, is designed for teams and organizations looking to expand their collaborations. Adopting goals such as eliminating complexity and increasing productivity, Wrike is ideal for those who want to move fast in the business world. 

Best for: Frequently used in the fields of PC software and marketing & advertising, including 43% mid-market and 37% small businesses, Wrike is ideal for marketing and project managers in companies. 

Key features: It gathers all employees and all tasks in a single place. It allows staff to work faster. It has become an ideal option with its free version. 

Pricing: Wrike provides free service for the entry-level. 


Summary of Software: It is the smart CRM platform that small and medium-sized businesses selling B2B prefer to use. Salesflare thinks and works for the user, eliminates manual data entry, fills your address book, and tracks all your interactions with your contacts.

Best for: This software system, which is frequently preferred by 76% of small businesses and 15% of middle market businesses; is ideal for advertising, marketing, pc software sectors. 

Key features: It takes data from social media, company databases, phone, email, and calendar and gives it to you in automated customer timelines that tell you everything you need to know. It informs you what to do about leads and reminds you periodically so that deals are not overlooked. 

Pricing: This CRM software program, which has an entry-level price of $29.00, also offers a free trial. 

19.SAP Sales Cloud

Summary of Software: SAP offers advantageous marketing solutions for social media marketing, segmentation, big data analytics, multi-channel campaigns, customer trust building, and resource management.

Best for: Ideal for the information technology and services and computer software sectors. 55% of corporate and 31% of medium-sized companies prefer it frequently.

Key features: Offering practical solutions for the marketing sector, this CRM system is ideal for resource management. 

Pricing: A price offer is received by communicating through the system. 


Summary of Software: Edrone, a CRM and marketing automation system used especially for online stores, aims to increase the sales rates of businesses.

Best for:  It is ideally suited for the apparel and fashion, retail sectors, and for medium & small sized businesses.

Key features:  Edrone, which automates the operation of businesses with the services it offers, effectively attracts the attention of customers; It has social ads, mobile voice search, and many more features. 

Pricing:  A price offer is received by communicating through the system. 

21.LeadSquared Sales + Mobile CRM

Summary of Software: LeadSquared, which intelligently manages the interaction with leads and transfers them to the right teams, continues its functions by focusing on not missing sales opportunities. 

Best for: Ideal for the higher education, health services, and education management sectors, corporate and mid-market businesses. 

Key features: Making efficiency the focal point of every customer interaction, LeadSquared automatically captures leads across all channels.

Pricing: This CRM software system, which has a price of $15.00 for the entry level, has a free trial version. 


Summary of Software: SuiteDash is a fully integrated cloud-based CRM platform that fully incorporates most small and medium-term software requests.

Best for: 97% is preferred by small and 2% by medium-sized enterprises. 

Key features: It provides an advantage to business personnel who spend a lot of time and money trying to learn systems. SuiteDash solves the time problem by combining the most frequently used business tools into a single tool.

Pricing: It offers $19.00 pricing for the entry-level. 


Summary of Software:  Businesses can keep their data clean at all times thanks to NetHunt CRM’s duplicate prevention feature. They can securely store their customer base in one place. Thanks to proper access management, the possibility of leakage is minimized. 

Best for:  It is a CRM platform preferred by 74% of small businesses and 21% of medium-sized businesses. 

Key features: NetHunt, a powerful sales automation tool, enables sales teams to manage leads, improve customer routing, and track sales progress. 

Pricing: This software is priced at $24.00 for the entry-level. 

24.Zendesk Sell 

Summary of Software: Offering a great customer experience, this CRM platform allows businesses to increase their revenue. 

Best for: Ideal for medium and small-sized businesses. 

Key features: Providing complete customer tracking, Sell gathers everything that sales teams need in a single centralized tool. 

Pricing: There is a free trial version of the Zendesk Sell CRM platform with an entry price of $19.00. 

25.Kylas Growth Engine

Summary of Software: An enterprise-grade Sales CRM software with unparalleled growth, Kylas is the software platform designed for SMBs. 

Best for: It is ideal for sectors such as information technology and services, education management, and small & medium-sized enterprises. 

Key features: It helps small and medium-sized businesses streamline their sales, interact effectively with customers and grow their business faster.

Pricing: Free service for entry-level. For other levels, a quotation is required. 


Summary of Software: It helps small and medium-sized enterprises to keep their sales under control. 

Best for: It is an ideal CRM platform frequently used by 79% of small-scale and 15% of medium-sized businesses. 

Key features: As an action-orientated sales CRM, this platform follows up on every lead and saves time, and aims to increase revenues. 

Pricing: It offers its services for the entry-level with prices starting at $9.95. 


Summary of Software: It is a codeless business software that empowers authorized personnel in sectors such as vocational training and coaching, marketing, and advertising to systemize and scale.

Best for: 91% is a CRM platform frequently preferred by small and 5% medium-sized businesses. 

Key features: Ontraport’s complete marketing, sales, and business operations features include CRM, automation, payments, sales pipeline, web applications, tracking, email and SMS, landing pages, and membership sites.

Pricing: It offers its services to the experience of its users with prices starting from $ 29.00. 


Summary of Software: Prospect is the ideal CRM platform for growing wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing businesses. 

Best for: Ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Key features: It aims to make more sales in less time each time. It plays a role in the execution of many important details such as quoting, ordering, inventory management, special pricing, pre-orders, product information, and even contracts. 

Pricing: £27.50 is the entry-level price. 

29.SuperOffice CRM 

Summary of Software: Connecting people through technology, SuperOffice helps businesses achieve more and increase sales.

Best for: It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses interested in pc software. 

Key features: SuperOffice helps companies build sustainable customer relationships. It wins potential customers and increases sales rates. 

Pricing: The entry-level price starts from € 45.00. 


Summary of Software: With Scoro, which is frequently used by agencies and consultants worldwide, it is possible to manage all business documents from the first page in a single place. 

Best for: Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses in marketing and advertising and higher education. 

Key features: Combining a powerful suite of project management, CRM, invoicing, and reporting tools in one place, Scoro allows you to streamline work and automate routine tasks.   
Pricing: Entry level is available for $26.00. There is also the advantage of a free version.

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