Top 30 HOA Management Software Solutions for Efficiency

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Homeowner associations help maintain residential zones. They maintain communal areas, and community rules, collect fees and dues, and plan social activities. HOA management is difficult, especially for big communities. HOA software helps with that.

HOA administration software manages homeowner groups. This program lets HOA managers track member payments, community upkeep, member contact, and financial reporting. Pay dues, view community papers, and contact the HOA using the software’s simple interface.

HOA management software benefits residents and HOA managers. The program automates and centralizes data, saving the HOA time and money on administrative tasks. However, an efficient HOA can boost residents happiness. HOA management tools can improve an HOA’s community service.

TOP 30 HOA Management Software 

HOA management software comes with a variety of benefits. We’ve listed the 30 most common HOA management software options to help you choose. Our summaries cover each program’s main features, cost, and response.

HOA management software streamlines processes,improvese resident contact and reduces administrative burden. This program streamlines fee and dues collection, maintenance requests, and resident contact. HOA administration software may also have a website where members can pay dues, read documents, and contact the board.

This manual can help your HOA run more smoothly. This guide will help you choose resident association software for your community by explaining its features and benefits. Our manual will help you with basic fixes or complex systems.

What is Homeowners Association Management Software?

HOA control software helps them work efficiently and effectively. The software streamlines rent collection, repair requests, and resident outreach for managers. It helps people find HOA information, pay bills, and collaborate.

HOA management software benefits residents and directors. The software automates administrative tasks to save HOA managers time and money and boost productivity. HOA communication and updates can improve resident satisfaction and involvement.

HOA management software ranges from basic to complex. Some apps track money and report it, while others facilitate HOA-member communication. HOA management tools should meet the community’s needs.

What is the Purpose of HOA Management Software?

HOA administration software streamlines homeowners association management jobs. This program streamlines HOA management tasks like fee collection, maintenance requests, resident contact, and financial reporting. Owners can pay dues, view community documents, and communicate with the HOA through the software.

HOA management software reduces administrative burdens and improves resident contact, increasing efficiency and efficacy. HOA managers can save time and resources by automating and centralizing information with the program. However, an efficient HOA can boost residents happiness.

HOA management software streamlines operations, communication, and administrative work to help HOAs better serve their communities. It’s a powerful tool for HOA management and residents.

How much does an HOA management system cost?

HOA management systems vary in price depending on their functionality, community size, and other aspects. The best HOA management software can cost several hundred to several thousand dollars a year, depending on its pricing systems, such as per unit or per property. HOA bookkeeping software prices vary by feature, like other software.

HOA control software vendors offer a range of prices and features. Some service companies offer only fee collection and maintenance requests, while others include accounting and financial reporting. Some HOA control software vendors charge for setup, data transfer, and support.

Decisions should consider HOA management and financial software costs. Cost should be considered, but not solely. HOA management software’s usability, features, dependability, and customer support are also essential. These factors help HOA administrators find affordable and effective software.

Here’s Top 30 HOA Management Software

30-AppFolio Property Manager

AppFolio Property Manager is cloud-based software that automates and simplifies routine chores for property managers. It’s an all-in-one platform for handling leasing, fee collection, maintenance requests, and accounting. If you’re a property manager of any size looking to streamline your processes and provide a better tenant experience, AppFolio is the way to go.

Best for: Property managers of all sizes can streamline operations and enhance the tenant experience with AppFolio Property Manager.

Key features: Tenant screening, online leasing, rent collection, maintenance tracking, and customization are AppFolio Property Manager’s key benefits. The software’s integrated accounting and reporting features help property managers track funds and performance.

Pricing: It charges $1.25 per unit per month for buildings with 50 units or more and $1.50 for those with fewer than 50.


Buildium is a cloud-based residential property management tool that streamlines operations and improves the tenant experience. The program streamlines renting, repair requests, and accounting.

Best for: Small and medium-sized property management firms that want to streamline their operations and stay on top of their properties will benefit most from using Buildium.

Key features: Buildium manages fees, upkeep, leasing deals, and accounting online. The software’s owner portal displays financial records and job orders.

Pricing: Buildium costs $50 per month for up to 150 units and more for more. 

28-Condo Control Central

Condo Control Central is a web-based property administration system developed for HOAs and condo complexes. It equips users with a means of coordinating and paying for shared facilities and services.

Best for: HOA and condo association managers who want to enhance resident communication and management operations should use Condo Control Central.

Key features: Contain resident portals for online communication and work orders, amenity booking management, financial features, and so on.

Pricing: Condo Control Central charges $1 per unit per month for basic features and $2 per unit per month for advanced features like online payments and amenity booking control. 

27-Caliber Portal

Property managers and landlords use Caliber Portal to handle their properties and tenants in the cloud. The platform centralizes leasing, maintenance requests, fee collection, and accounting.

Best for: If you’re a property manager or landlord looking to streamline your processes and provide a better tenant experience, Caliber Portal is the tool for you.

Key features: Caliber Portal offers online leasing, upkeep management, fee collection, accounting, and customizable lease agreements. 

Pricing: Caliber Portal’s base monthly price is $1 per unit, with higher rates for more advanced functions.


Property managers and landlords use SenEarthCo to handle their properties, leases, and tenants online. The program centralizes rent payments, maintenance requests, and accounting.

Best for: Small to medium-sized property management firms that want to streamline their daily tasks and portfolio management should use SenEarthCo.

Key features: SenEarthCo offers online fee collection, maintenance management, customizable lease agreements, and accounting.

Pricing: SenEarthCo charges $1 per unit per month for basic features and $2 for extra features.


The cloud-based real estate platform CINC helps agents, teams, and brokers handle leads, listings, and transactions. The platform integrates lead generation, client control, and marketing automation.

Best for: Real estate professionals who want to streamline workflows, produce leads, and close more deals should use CINC.

Key features: Tools for generating leads, managing leads and clients, automating marketing, and handling transactions are all central aspects of CINC.

Pricing: The monthly cost of CINC begins at $499.


PayHOA is a secure, cloud-based payment processing tool made with HOAs in mind. The platform has features like real-time reporting and automated charge calculation to make Internet transactions easier.

Best for: HOAs that want to streamline payment handling and enhance financial management are the ones who will benefit the most from using PayHOA.

Key features: Online payment processing, automatic charge calculation, real-time reporting, and private labeling are just some of PayHOA’s many useful features. 

Pricing: PayHOA’s pricing begins at $1 per transaction, with no initial or recurring costs.

23-Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct is a web-based property administration platform loaded with useful tools for building owners and managers. 

Best for: Accounting, renter vetting, and rent payments can all be handled through Rentec Direct.

Key features: Important functions include tailorable reports, upkeep monitoring, and portable software. 

Pricing: The lowest priced option is $45 monthly.


Propertyware is all-inclusive software for managing any kind of property, from single-family houses to apartment complexes to large commercial buildings. 

Best for: To automate processes and improve contact with tenants and owners, Propertyware is ideal for property managers.

Key features: Powerful bookkeeping and financial management, online payment and leasing tools, and adaptable reports are just some of the highlights. 

Pricing: Monthly fees start at $250 and go up from there depending on the number of units. 


AssociationVoice is a web-based service that equips homeowners organizations with a set of resources for running their businesses and keeping in touch with their members.

Best for: AssociationVoice is ideal for HOA boards and property administrators looking for a unified platform to better serve their communities.

Key features: Features such as smartphone apps, community websites, and online payment processing are particularly noteworthy. 

Pricing: Unit-based pricing begins at $2.95 per unit, per month.


TownSq is an online system that helps HOAs keep track of their daily activities and keep in touch with their members. TownSq is a mobile app that allows users to automate a variety of chores, including maintenance requests, community announcements, and access to real-time financial data, all while fostering community engagement.

Best for: TownSq is ideal for HOA boards and property administrators who wish to enhance resident communication and streamline administrative processes. 

Key features: Mobile apps for both tenants and management are among the system’s most useful additional functions.

Pricing: Pricing is different based on the population size of the locality. 

19-Vinteum Neigbrs

Vinteum Neigbrs is a web-based service that helps HOAs coordinate their activities and stay in touch with their members. Users are able to automate requests for repairs, monitor the status of open work orders, and get information in real-time from the platform. 

Best for: Vinteum Neigbrs is ideal for HOA boards and property administrators who wish to streamline maintenance operations and enhance resident communication. 

Key features: Important functions include a mobile app for both tenants and landlords, as well as a system for recording maintenance requests. 

Pricing: Pricing begins at $1/month/unit.

18-HOA Express

HOA Express is a web-based software solution that helps homeowners’ associations better serve their members and interact with local people through improved website and communication features. Associations can use the platform’s many organizational tools, such as event schedules, sign-up forms for volunteers, and data storage with encryption. 

Best for: Smaller neighborhood associations that need a simple system to run their daily business and keep in touch with their members will benefit most from HOA Express. 

Key features: Features such as online document storage, group chat, and customizable website designs are highlights.

Pricing: For up to 100 residences, pricing begins at $29 monthly.


ResMan is a comprehensive HOA management system that can be accessed in the cloud. From accounting and upkeep to marketing and tenant relations, the platform covers it all for real estate professionals.

Best for: Property managers looking for a flexible, all-in-one option to streamline their operations and enhance their relationships with tenants should consider ResMan. 

Key features: Accounting, leasing, maintenance management, and resident portals are just some of the important features. 

Pricing: Prices begin at $1 per unit per month and go up from there depending on the total number of units.


SiteLink is a self-storage property management system that runs in the cloud and offers comprehensive services. Less face-to-face interaction is required with SiteLink’s contactless rentals because tenants can hire and pay for units digitally. In addition to facilitating the monitoring of unit availability and pricing at various locations, the platform also provides real-time inventory management. 

Best for: SiteLink is the best option for self-storage facility proprietors and managers who require a dependable and powerful system to oversee daily operations and enhance the tenant experience.

Key features: The main functions are contactless renting, handling payments, managing stock, and interacting with clients. 

Pricing: Prices start at $70/month but increase with more units.


You can manage your residential and business properties with ease using SimplifyEm, a cloud-based property management software. Users can take advantage of the platform’s many time-saving tools, such as automatic rent collection, expense tracking, and work order administration. Users can also monitor financial success and base decisions on hard data with SimplifyEm’s flexible reporting.

Best for: Small and medium-sized property management companies will find SimplifyEm to be the most cost-effective and user-friendly option.

Key features: Key functions include managing tenants, keeping financial records, keeping tabs on repairs, and generating reports. 

Pricing: Costs begin at $12/month for up to 10 units.


The software supports users in selling and leasing as well as accounting and maintaining their properties. In addition, users can analyze their financial and operational success with the help of PropertyBoss’s flexible reporting and data analytics features. PropertyBoss’s goal is to streamline the property administration process for businesses of all sizes with its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set.

Best for: Medium-sized property administration firms that want a comprehensive software system to improve productivity should consider PropertyBoss.

Key features: Among its many useful functions are rent collection, lease monitoring, renter management, advertising, and lease administration.

Pricing: Prices start at $150 per month and go up from there based on the number of units you need.


RealPage, a complete cloud-based property management software, benefits multifamily, single-family, and business property managers. RealPage’s tools simplify processes and improve communication with tenants, property owners, and outside vendors. The platform’s leasing and accounting features can simplify rent collection and fill vacancies with qualified candidates.

Best for: RealPage is ideal for owners and managers of multiple properties who need a flexible and adaptable system to coordinate their efforts.

Key features: HOA accounting software, leasing, marketing, and upkeep administration features are among the most important ones.

Pricing: Prices start at $1 per unit per month and go up from there depending on the total number of units.


The digital platform evaluations assist users in meeting safety requirements and keeping up with maintenance schedules. Users can also monitor the status of repair requests and open work orders with Smartwebs’ work order tracking system. Document management is another feature of the platform that facilitates the safekeeping and swift retrieval of files and other written material.

Best for: Smartwebs simplifies property inspections and work order tracking for property managers and owners. 

Key features: Work orders, documents, and automated inspections are key elements. 

Pricing: Starts at $99 per month.

11-Yardi Breeze

The platform’s accounting features include rent gathering and processing automation, report generation, and transaction management. In addition, Yardi Breeze’s move-in, renewal, and tenant screening tools for leasing administration help users streamline their leasing processes. In addition to work order tracking and repair request administration, the platform provides features for maintenance management.

Best for: Yardi Breeze is a low-cost and user-friendly property management system that is ideal for smaller and medium-sized property management firms.

Key features: Online portals for residents and homeowners are among the system’s most prominent characteristics.

Pricing: Prices commence at $1 per unit per month and go up from there depending on the total number of units.

10-AMSI eBuilding

The property management features of the platform include the ability to draft and monitor leases, handle lease renewals, and automate rent collection. It also has accounting tools that allow users to better keep tabs on their finances by recording transactions, creating reports, and automating a number of routine tasks. Work orders, maintenance requests, and preventative maintenance can all be managed with AMSI eBuilding’s maintenance administration features.

Best for: Property management firms and building owners looking for a comprehensive platform to handle their properties will find AMSI building to be the best option.

Key features: Some of the most important functions are resident and owner portals, accounting, and administration of leases and repairs. 

Pricing: Monthly rates begin at $100 and increase with each additional unit.


The platform’s property management features let users handle the entire leasing process, from screening tenants to collecting payments digitally. Accounting tools automate financial processes, report creation, and account management. Entrata’s resident management features allow residents to coordinate, track service requests, and relocate. 

Best for: Entrata is the best option for property management firms in search of inclusive software.

Key features: Features such as automated leasing, accounting, resident administration, and marketing are also important. 

Pricing: Pricing begins at $1 per unit per month and increases with higher volumes.

8-MRI Software

Property management software for residential, commercial, and mixed-use buildings is provided by MRI Software. 

Best for: Investors, property managers, and homeowners looking for a unified platform to oversee all of their assets benefit most from MRI Software.

Key features: Leasing and HOA management, accounting, facilities management, reporting, and analytics are just some of the important aspects.

Pricing: The final cost depends on the specific merchandise and its options.


Tenant screening, lease management, routine maintenance, and financial reporting are just some of the tasks that can be streamlined with the assistance of ProMas. Users can plan maintenance and keep tabs on job orders with the platform’s maintenance management features. Users of ProMas can produce financial statements, monitor expenditures and income, and design unique reports thanks to the software’s flexible reporting and accounting features. 

Best for: Property managers, homeowners, and real estate investors looking for a complete answer for handling their rental properties will benefit most from ProMas.

Key features: Online reporting, financial processing, and advertising instruments are the main characteristics. 

Pricing: Costs begin at $50 monthly.

6-Rent Manager

Accounting tools in Rent Manager let users keep tabs on cash flow, generate reports on financial performance, and plan for the future. It has tools to help users screen applicants and manage lease agreements, as well as features to help them plan and monitor maintenance tasks and work orders.

Best for: Property managers, landlords, and real estate investors looking for a complete answer for handling rental properties will benefit most from Rent Manager. 

Key features: The tenant portal, online payment processing, and custom reports are some of the most important aspects.

Pricing: Monthly plans begin at $80.

5-AssociationVoice (Community Brands)

The document management system allows users to store and share important community documents, and communication tools like mass emails and text messaging help users stay in contact with residents. AssociationVoice simplifies community administration and boosts resident satisfaction with features like online payment processing and a mobile app for residents.

Best for: HOAs and property management firms seeking a complete answer for community management will benefit most from AssociationVoice. 

Key features: Features such as online accounting, document sharing, and file storage are also important. 

Pricing: The community population affects the final price.


With the help of the maintenance management system, homeowners are able to keep tabs on work orders and plan for proactive maintenance. Users are able to better handle vacancies, leads, and lease renewals with the aid of the leasing administration system. Utilizing Netintegrity, property managers can improve efficiency, save time, and enhance their service to renters.

Best for: Netintegrity is best for property owners who want all-in-one software that simplifies daily operations. 

Key features: Accounting, maintenance, job ordering, and leasing management are important.

Pricing: Pricing varies based on the number of units managed.


Clubs and groups use MemberClicks online. It can be customized for membership management, new member applications, communication, event registration, and more. The platform can be a membership-only website and social network or integrated with a current website. 

Best for: MemberClicks is a highly recommended cloud-based membership administration, event registration, and online social community platform for small associations and member-based organizations. 

Key features: MemberClicks’ event management module is a powerful tool for creating personalized registration and payment systems.

Pricing: MemberClicks’ monthly base rate begins at $312.50.


Cloud-based Regpack can be used to manage registrations for meetings, courses, and even memberships. The platform’s overarching goal is to offer a complete service to businesses that have an urgent need for rapid enrollment, payment handling, and information gathering.

Best for: Regpack is ideal for groups that need to manage memberships, events, and programs with a variety of cost structures, forms, and payment schedules.

Key features: Regpack allows groups to easily create individualized registration forms for gathering participants’ contact details and other relevant data.

Pricing: Unlimited users, tasks, emails, and reports are included in Regpack’s $125 admin license price.


Raklet is a comprehensive cloud-based service that is revolutionizing the club and event planning industries. Contacts, payments, activities, and communications can all be managed easily and efficiently with its help. Raklet’s CRM features allow for better member administration through the monitoring of interactions and the promotion of community involvement via private social networks and intelligent forms.

Best for: Non-profits, clubs, associations, colleges, and event organizers are just some of Raklet’s ideal users. It’s a good fit for small and medium-sized businesses that need an easy-to-use cloud-based membership management, event planning, and member communication option. 

Key features: The information you store with Raklet is safe and encrypted, and you can reach the company’s helpful staff via email or phone any time, day or night. Membership dues, donations, or ticket sales can all be easily processed on the platform, and contact can be bolstered with multimedia-rich email messages. 

Pricing: Raklet’s Essential plan starts at $49/month, while the Professional plan is $99/month. 

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